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It's happening

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Wait wait wait, has your entire hail marry for this (((cycle))) been to ride on the "boomers buy my bags" (((narrative)))
Its over

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Its only over after they bought
Remember we made these boomers buy our funny 0 1 combination we called "internet money" for endless billions

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Yeah. Even more reasons to stay clear of these crapto scams in whatever form they come

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L O N D O N ?!
Who cares.

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No economic activity there, only migrants

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crypto is the antithesis of jewishness
oh it's you
now it makes sense

you're a jew

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What? Just piss off to shitter, your tg or wherever to advertise your scams, just not where I am. And yes, all of crapto is scams, no exceptions, perfectly interchangeable,l at no cost, no value

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Yes, who cares what happens in one of the major financial centers of the world

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Look who's back, the 'crApto' guy.

I can literally see you talking like this to other people in real life and no one is laughing about your pun and everyone is thinking 'that retard really thinks he' s funny, poor guy'

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There are etfs and etns for literally anything, even animal shit (organic fertilizer). Some casino listing one for your crapto in an etn or etf fee scam means nothing

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ETPs? Exchange traded pakis?

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Exchange traded "products" an even shadier category of scams than etfs and etns

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Etn I assume are exchange traded niggers then?

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Anything that increases demand for ETH is good. These LSE ETFs will attract much more investment than the Hong Kong ETFs because property rights are stronger in the UK. If the US goes to war with China over Taiwan those Hong Kong ETFs could be confiscated. The LSE ETFs are much safer.

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Yes, because thats what notes are, niggers

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Too true. I hate the capital of my own country.

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>t. Rich old decrepit boomer with nothing else to do