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What are your friends and family saying about crypto right now?

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>Bitcoin to 2 million
>Litecoin to 25k
>XRP to 2k
>Ethereum to 35k
They are very bullish.

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no idea. I don't talk to anyone about crypto except you guys

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And yet they don't buy anything

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Nobody is talking about it

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you're a normalfag, retard-kun

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I don't have any friends, that's why I'm on here.

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Met a guy last weekend that's a freaking fanboy for XRP. He was hating me for not liking it much. Bruh, 7 years with barely any gains at all.

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Nobody of my normie friends, family or coworkers are talking about it
They all think that Bitcoin went bankrupt and everybody was scammed back during the FTX crash.

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Nothing but I saw a Solana hackathon vancouver Hoodie at my gym. Very cringe.

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My mother has mentioned seeing on the news that BTC has mooned. Thus marks the top, or the beginning of the extreme normie FOMO.

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Radio silence
Bitfuck to one limbillion by Christmas

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My mum got mad at me because I told her that I have a Bitcoin debt and that now it's way more expensive to buy Bitcoin

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They don't need to know I'm a ZOOMER holder, they will disown me

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i was with them all weekend at a bachelor party, every single one of them said they wouldnt touch it

its amazing how early we are

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All my Dad’s boomer coin friends are hyped on Ethereum

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nothing, they are sidelined forever it seems

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Nothing for the past year.

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My father started investing into it, I want don’t want to show any overt interest because ever since he started he’s becoming an unstable retard. How do I get into this shit?

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Is he the one telling everyone that Bitcoin is going to $180k?

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Don't forget Link to 15 dollars

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The only normies I know who have crypto only seem to own mainstream shit like XRP exclusively.

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there are ads on TV and some friends who were into crypto starts to talk about it again
some family went into ETF because I told them about
otherwise yeah no one told me anything about crypto so far
so it's very mid so far

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No he’s more in on etherium or whatever the fuck its called.

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my uncle mentioned it the last time we had lunch with him, I don't know what it could mean at this point, everything is pumping, my kendu is staying the same and even more memecoins are showing up, why do they know about it?

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The normies you know are bankers or jews??? Only they buy XRP

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Full on
>my 0.5 eth are going to make me a millionaire.
>Anon can you pay for the coffee I have no money with me

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the normgroids at my church have been diamondhanding this garbage for years

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This, lol
Be sure to take profits

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out for drinks last night someone mentioned Bitcoin when i was talking about bad investments. I ignored them.

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Same here, but my mum REEEEEing about crypto. My frens are all in too deep
A fren of mine already sold his soul to Xrp, but I believe a basket with many fruits is the best, i gotta spread my cheese across different coins.
My bags are heavy with Btc, Xlm, Ocean, and some web3 moonshots like Push Protocol and Filecoin .

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A few asking me about low caps I talked to them a year ago...So I think normies are about to ape in
He is stuck in the past, many are actually. I think ETF are gonna pump ETH now, and after that RWA and Quantum crypto

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My dad owns some but doesnt understand it, he just bought in 2019 when I told him. One of my uncles is into meme coins (at least when I last talked to him in 2021) and im like 99% sure one of my cousins is a frogposter here because he mentioned link before to that said uncle.
Other than that I have no clue what my other family members crypto opinions are.

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my friends are just grabbing memecoins and not doing anything else but looking at charts on dexview, while I'm just trading, it's weird to have people so close to me knowing about this

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friends are saying nothing or still saying that bitcoin is a failed investment as if it's still been dumping since FTX. my dad and uncle talk about it positively but they've both been into investing for a long time and have been paying attention, so idk if they really count as normies in this regard

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They seem to think XRP is "legit" and "institutional" so they feel confident buying more and more, even though most of them are still underwater. I ask them what about BTC and they reply something dismissive like "forget Bitcoin" and that's that.

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They're frustrated with their bags and are about to sell because they didn't become rich overnight.

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My brother holds BTC and ETH on Kraken and is struggling to move it into a wallet. My friend read (and misunderstood) the new EU regulation on non-custodial wallets and now wants to move all his money into Monero. Based desu

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Nothing. No one even said anything when BTC broke its previous ATH in March. This feels so weird, this feels like the highs of this run have so much further to go than any of us realize but dude we're already at 70k

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They still hate crypto so there's time before the summer craze

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"it's not real money"
"you didn't make any money until you sell it"
"what is this ?"
"i don't get it"
"yeah, basically you own nothing"

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My family literally pay with AAST, they are more of crypto users than holders

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I'd say we're halway there towards mass adoption, the other day my friends at work (huge nerds since we work at retail) were talking about the possibility of using AI to predict how crypto could change prices. If they're already predicting tools like flur.ai i'd say they're starting to open to the idea of investing in crypto, there's still a long way to go tho

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most are trump voters supporters and love the current meta with trump so they are bullish

they also drool over the idea that they can support trumps donation wallet by having a shitter in their wallet

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Even the friends I have who dabbled in crypto during the last bullrun aren't saying anything. You'd think there'd be more FOMO with how Bitcoin broke its ATH during a bear market a little while ago.

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thank you fren for your support
>no homo

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My friends are asking about Trump coins, so that's the meta for the next few weeks at least, possibly more

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I'm not talking about crypto because I don't want to get robbed by anyone I know.

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who thinks this way.
That said I have told my girlfriend but she is from a rich family and thinks crypto is lame because it doesn't add any value to society , so I think she'd only try to rob me for revenge if I cheated on her or something.
and she doesn't know how much I have or that all of my net worth is in crypto.

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>Even the friends I have who dabbled in crypto during the last bullrun aren't saying anything.

I bet they're still holding crypto but just don't want to talk about it because they either don't want to get robbed or they don't feel like they've made enough money yet to feel good about themselves. For example they might have turned into dino coin community members and still be way down from the lastall time high.

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Only people in crypto so far is institutional and degenerates. The midwits haven’t joined yet. We’re at media attention now. Get ready for the big one next month. ETH at 6k in one day