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i love chainlink

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I don’t. I be been holding for almost 8 years and its still not 1k yet

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Piece of Shit

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Have any holders been as dedicated as the linkies?

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Only XRP holders, as much as linkies and XRP people argue they will both be used. Both will make people pretty happy once the new system comes into play.

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chooky dev here to address the chooky hate just bought $000001 of chooky and it's already 10x'ed this is the next pepe but on base chain so it will be way bigger

don't miss out or you'll be a chooky loser #chookynation #pepeisdead #basechainisbetter

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I hate chainlink so much

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I sometimes consider the idea of going back to that, but I also don't want to fix what is not broken, all my shitcoins in dexview look good and besides I only have to watch, I'm fine for now

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Only difference is chainlink is actually being used

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Well damn I never thought about it that way let me just check the pr-ack!

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haha chainlink

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