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Are you chasing shit coins or accumulating the dip on utility projects? What's the best investment strategy atm anon?

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It's a meme super cycle, so shitcoins only

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I only buy old dead shitcoins hoping someone will manipulate the market and make them go 100x while baggies don’t even pay attention to capture new baggies.

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I am done with memes for now. I moved my profits to RIO, CTI and AAST

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Rotating all my meme gains in to link and not having to worry about when a crash will occur

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I have enough LINK I need more low caps

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Good move.

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Check UTK. They are the best in crypto payments.

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I still think alphakek is undervalued or I would have sold

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That piece of shit is dying. AAS is doing some hot shit in that sector.

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Same but for a different reason, i hope to get a x10 out of nostalgia

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Just flip memes and enjoy the life

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it's POPO on eth

why do you even ask?

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Tsuka is about to flip pepe!

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Checked and agree on it

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Faggot, just go for Rwa! I thought we all agreed that will be the most pumped narrative

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GAYPEPE on Gate.io .. 560k mcap only

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African project. kek

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Ffs, you should move all from Egld projects

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That was my first impression too, but if they are gonna cover the whole continent it could be bullish af

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agree on rio and aast

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Buy michi on solana anon

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Wtf is this doing here with its poor tokenomics? Afriqarbitrage is better

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Wtf? are you watching the right charts?

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bitcoin and a few bets on memecoins
maybe a few % in alts you have faith in

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Have you even gone through its roadmap? You Indian pajeet

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now's the perfect opportunity to prepare for base summer. I'm thinking load up on dipped memecoins, blue chips. I'm also heavily betting on the erc20i narrative, it's a matter of when it blows up, not if

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Slerf is gonna do 100x from here

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The yet to launch marketplace might do this

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Sell in May

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Its arbitraging platform already trumps this.

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Do you mean solana meme?

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FTM ,but that shit like it's free money

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Crypto payment will be the most pumped narrative and not this

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Shorting Ethereum

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I think the real estate which is still in development also has a huge value

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I am overexposed to Mumu...

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Socialfi is the real thing

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Bsc projects>>> Egld projects

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>accumulating the dip on utility projects
There you are. Accumulating DUA, TON, SOL and DOT.

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I bought a macbook pro with this not long ago

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It looks like getting rekt is your hobby

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Popcat is pumping. $2 is programmed

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No shitcon for me, arch and aast only.

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TA looks bullish for this. 10x from here is very much possible

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Jeet you sold? NGMI

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Did you get any cashback from this?

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Fantasytop on Blast

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This might also go beyond the continent

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And go home.

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It is one of the best payment project that I've encountered

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Meme supercycle so getting a bag of biz approved tokens like okayeg, apu, squid, bananas. Also loading up on some solana shitters that should do well. Not forgetting pepe which is the obvious winner this cycle. Alt coin wise i'm balls deep in FTM, betting hard on their Sonic update

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Tsuka maxi

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I don't think it has rebates yet.

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If you aren't buying avi right now you will not make it

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Profit is profit

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I have been slurping the dip on these tokens alongside bnb

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I'm half AI coin and half BASE play.

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Friendtech is the alpha

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Paying rent with crypto will actually slap hard

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Bruh, forget those shitcoins, I'm all about stacking up on utility projects during the dip. Long-term gains, man.

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Smart move, bro. Quality over quantity any day.

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Bro, chasing shitcoins is for rookies. I'm loading up on utility projects when they're on sale and Avi aiint on the list.

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Ikr, imagine the bragging rights at the next crypto meetup. "Oh, you pay in fiat? How quaint

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Let me guess, link baggie right? Ngmi

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You know you're in deep with crypto when you start fantasizing about paying rent with it. I mean, who wouldn't want to impress their landlord with those sweet, sweet blockchain transactions?

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>It's a meme super cycle,
Enjoy it while it lasts. When I cash out I'd invest heavily in Eth, sol and any of Push protocol or nuklai, they've got serious potential to moon if they play their cards right

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Paying rent with crypto is not just convenient, it's downright revolutionary.

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ETH & OCEAN are my biggest holdings. Expecting massive gains from OCEAN as it continues to thrive in the AI and data economy.

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LINK is old school. How about some crypto payment gems? That's the next big trend after AI.

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Base plays definitely gonna melt faces

Wait until you learn about getting paid in crypto for publishing

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I bought some memes, Let's see how it goes. Communities are hyped. hoping for 10x.

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>Wait until you learn about getting paid in crypto for publishing
Is it with crypto? If not, it's nothing new.

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Who still bag Link these days? Based fags knows how to follow smart money where ever they go.

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Why bother chasing 10X gains in memecoins when you can get easy wins with less risk by holding AAST?

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it's called hydro online, the adsense killer, prioritizes publishers and don't kill their website with ads

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I am really enthusiastic about DEGEN right now. It's a RWA play which is a spirits brand that is tapping into the massive alcohol industry.

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You are smart cos they have low risk, high reward ratio.

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How are these publishers get paid? Crypto or fiat?

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Definitely. I laugh when I see channers limiting it only to africa when it has the potential to go global.

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if there's no cpc discrimination then it's a w for folks who're into it already

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i am a big fan of Doge but it doesn't hurt to try out a couple of other memecoin plays from time to time. I find the base ecosystem super interesting and it continues to get tons of attention.

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That's great. This will also onboard a lot of noobs into crypto as well.

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>What's the best investment strategy atm anon?
I'm not wasting my time with shitcoins. I'am all about dip accumulation on solid utility projects like Afriq arbitrage, Nexo and flux. DCA and stay comfy.

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Good luck with those sick memes.

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Couldn't agree more, mate. AAS is the real deal when it comes to payment projects. Solid tech and a clear vision.

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Well don't fret my dear anon, why you ask? because i've got all the answers for your current conondrum. You might look at this super shitcoin cycle and think "aw jeez man i don't know what to buy everything looks priced in" but what if i told you there's an even more priced in token out there that /biz isn't talking about? That's right, its a token that is backed by none other than shyoshi himself, that's right the man came from the bahamas to launch another project, and that's not even counting the saudi prince who is personally backing him, or the amount of old eth accounts that have been dormant for years and activated to buy some of this token.
Which token it is you ask? Well my dear fella, go search kendu on your closest dex and then tell me what (YOU) think

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Instead of wasting time and resources on these shitty projects that only have beautifully written whitepapers but with zero real life applications and utilities, why not find indispensable alts in areas like AI, DePIN, RWAs that have come to stay for good?

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AVI is still so effing cheap.
and OKAYEG is taking off right now, might do a nice few multiples.

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All alts are shit afaik. Stop deceiving yourself.

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Any base coin with an active dev and marketcap under 250k.

Some exceptions like UBPS/OKAYEG.

DGB about to pop this week too, staking finally ready and dev is gonna push marketing with own funds. He bought BTC in 2010.

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These are definitely not shits. Check their price action and lay side by side with future potentials.

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Still a fan of Doge after all that has happened? Y'all top dumb to be out here fr

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Wait for upcoming Supra TGE and ape in aggressively. You are welcome.