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Alright, so every frog is mooning rn. Just bought popo that launched on eth yesterday and even this shit made some Xs. Looks like 2021 and the complete shitcoin mania is almost here... Pepe, apu, okayeg, and now Popo. It doesn't matter what you buy. WAGMI frog bros!

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this is scam dont buy

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Why? Explain

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I bought every frog expect this one. Ca?

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why didnt u guys tell me about this


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Actually, someone shilled it here, yesterday.

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I was browinsg all day yesterday and I never saw it

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Bad luck, anon...

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It got deleted real quick and took off

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My POPO is doin a lil sumptin

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GAYPEPE on gate.io .. 570k mcap only

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this has potential, but what securities does it has?

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Will check that also, I thx

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looks tooo gay to me

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oh shit, popo is pumping again!!!!!!

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i bought some popo. time to lock these thuuuugs up!

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Seems jeet free. The tg is comfy

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Good time to entet

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Bought some more in this dip. Feels good

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Yesterday my Popo tokens were worth $500 and now they are worth $960, what happened?

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This scam has stalled out and is going nowhere.

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What coin do you hold?

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I'll buy this after the rugpull and community takeover so start a new thread when we get to that point

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Im here to give a checked to every single one of my anons who listened to me way back in january when i told them kendu was going to moon this month, you guys deserve it

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The only three frogs that matter for the upcoming cycle:
1. Pepe
2. Apu
3. Okayeg

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Buy DUA, listed on MEXC. Stake it and earn NAI tokens. The team has so many surprises for the community and even added major teams to lead the growth of DePIN and RWA.