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why aren't we pumping with Bitcoin, ETH and SOL?

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Red koin full pain always

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>mfw sold at $30 trying to reaccumulate around $20

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its a ghost chain and all the new eth L2s using eth as gas make it obsolete similar to matic

>muh subnets
>muh tech

nobody cares, SOL won the memecoin market and eth won the big money defi market. whats the point of avax

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lmao even

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not gonna lie i bought this shit because of the anime girl, i thought she was cute. you fucks better pump my bags!

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yea, i wish they fixed l1 instead but oh well, from what i understand avax tried to copy ether by making subchains or some shit like that

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It climbs imbecile, and more than BTC in percentage.

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You dumb nigger, they didn't even have that coombait until 2023 or something, they were advertising it with Pepe before that.

You fell for the Tuskish scam, enjoy the taste of Mehmet's dick in your mouth

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>and more than BTC in percentage

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your post is retarded on so many fronts
no one won shit, not even bitcoin.
crypto is still in its infancy, and the storm hasn't even come. When it does, your shitcoin that shuts off with the flick of a switch will cease to exist, and I will be eternally laughing at (You) faggots.
>why should amex exist when visa and mastercard exists
do a flip

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bump for AVAX ghostchain

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also have this Sports Illustrated AVAXchan

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i miss the beach party thread it was very comfy

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Avax coming back is going to be beautiful, been DCAing all week, Push is next moonshot, gotta keep those coins safe
I fucking love those gem, never selling

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Fuck this crab dumping piece of trash coin. Going down faster than you can say double spend.

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imagine how sweaty her feet get in those tennis shoes haha

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Why would roach token pump?

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They should've posted the good slop cats.

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Because everyone is all about the new hotness, aka icp. Why would you go with the old crippled girl when you can have the new model hottie.

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>My super bags are doing more than my avax bags
>It's been like this for 2~ months now
What gives? I thought the avax devs started pushing for their shitcoin ecosystem and everything to compete with sol and base. Where did that go? Where's the interest?

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why is the sniff meme so popular in this board? pussy smells bad, assholes smell like shit and feet/armpits smell like sweat. how many twisted freaks are in this board really? have you ever sniffed a real woman beofre in the first place?

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Sadly all the shitcoins on avax just feel plastic and void of soul. The appeal of PEPE was how grass roots it was. DOGE too, etc. Souless shitcoins are destined to fail. Nothing actually big ever came out of SOL or BASE because they don't have any community in the first place, just people that buy and sell.

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people are waking up to the fact that rwa shit is a huge waste of time
>says "imbecile"
pretty funny desu

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>crypto is still in its infancy
And yet we stagnated about 10 years ago. Tell me anything that has come from crypto in that time besides useless trash like NFTs and staking platforms.
>You don't have patience crypto is still in its infancy it'll take over in the next two hundred years!!!

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shit's deader than the platform literally called "fantom".

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>HAHAHA it says $COQ! Sounds like... *pfttt*... LIKE COCK!!!! PFtthhahahahahahah so funny xDDDDD :D
>generic dog shitcoin #1041924581230140
>Unappealing trash with "inu" in the name to attract reddit mouth breathers
You are right. Shit does fell 100% soulless.

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Avax has nothing going on for it and only its most borderline retarded diehard fans still say "the tokenization of everything" accompanied by that one copypasta filled with articles from 5+ years ago of "important" people mentioning avax as a pass-by thought.

its over. literally.

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insufferable fucking faggots. all of you

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for me, unironically and being kinda embarrassed of it, it's always RETARDIO

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avalanche needs a lower inflation rate

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AVAX is gonna moon for sure, but I'm still slurping it up along with QAN. Their pump is gonna melt faces, no doubt.

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>dog shit VC coin
>L1 eth clone gas token
>no actual use cases that is novel or unique
>emission schedule designed by a crackhead
>50% of tokens in circulation with max pain emissions
>every major backed project has to have a roach
>completely misses the zeitgeist of every bull run
>Daniele Sestagalli literally made AVAX last cycle and rugged it at the same time

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Fuck the dumping peice of trash
Going down faster then you can say double spend

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smart contracts you dumb nigger

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not when we can actually buy new coins that will outperform them. oracles like Supraoracles on top of my list.

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> we bet on the wrong horse avax niggas

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Low T, unironically.

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n-word used

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Turkish scam chain.

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How do you call this pattern on HUSKY?
Whats it called? Thanks in advanced.

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Was that shit made on fucking Pinksale or am I retarded?

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don't miss out on staying musky with husky.
18M mcap to a 212M mcap in 3 months & has a great community

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it's at $7M mcap and if you try to sell, you'll get prices for $5M mcap

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ETH is solid. I'm DCAing and restaking on Yield Nest for amplified yields.

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It has a huge number of token unlocks going on recently. impossible for it to pump with that much selling pressure. rebuy it in december

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You're a based Pajeet. I've diversified with DUA, NXRA, and QAN. Not gonna hold only AVAX in my portfolio.

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Emin betray AGAIN