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everyone is already rich and has made it off crypto except for me. i've wasted my prime years finding moonshots and only putting in $10 because i'm a fucking pussy and if that wasn't the worst, i'm now forced to give up 80% of my day, my dreams, and goals for a fucking job. what a waste of what could've been a great life.

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Incorrect. Most people have not gotten rich off crypto. You see 10 posts about people making bank on crypto, but don't see the 1000 people who lost money. Your perception is skewed.

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The next bull run is literally around the corner, pussy

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Yes, you have to gamble big
In late 2016 I gambled half my savings, around 4k, and bought four Bitcoin before it hit $1,000 again
I remember freaking out because it immediately went down like 20%, but luckily I just held

Kept buying over the next few years, didn't sell any until we reached 60k

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>except for me
I have been trying for 4 years now, the only good thing I have for now is my maga bag, you are not alone

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I hate to tell you this anon, but if you haven't already made it at this point, its too late.
Bitcoin and crypto is already saturated, and most of the potential gains are behind us.

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if it helps ive put every penny ive ever earned into crypto and am still wageslaving because i bet on the wrong horses (LINK and ROSE). if i had bought BTC ETH AVAX SOL or even DOGE i would've been a multi-millionaire

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>everyone has made it off crypto
Peak delusion. A few people got lucky yes, but countless others have lost thousands and thousands. Many have lost their life savings. Consider yourself lucky that you didn't end up in the gutter chasing the gambling addiction.

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I went from 3k to 68k then to 1k back again
It will happen against at some point
I also bought 40 BTC in 2011 and spent it ALL on drugs
I would do it again tho
Methylene was just too good

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I agree. Crypto is dead, normies are already aware that it's all a scam. That's why you won't see huge upside movements after a new ath is broken. The market just ran out of dumb people. Maybe in 10 or 20 years where a new generation of ultraconzoomerswcoomers are born? Idk

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Feels bad to tell you but I really made it with VINU on the dogcoin wars

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Don't listen to this poorfag

All og /biz/ralies have secret discords. Last bull run the leaf chapter of our group pooled money together to buy a new build condo building for us to live in and rent out to wagies. In Vancouver, so the rent is great. We live in single bedroom condos on top floor, while they live below us.

>he had over 3 chances to make it. And still he remains poor.

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sounds pretty gay ngl

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this, i told my coworker who is furious frequently about how his future was robbed, etc. I told him i made a killing off of spotting opportunities in various markets and that THERE WILL ALWAYS BE ANOTHER 100x. I made him read the paper on Newton, learn fundamentals, exit plan, etc. He found a ticker that is ripping and he originally shilled to me. I'm so fucking proud of my boy, but I cant inflate his head or he will return to emotional trading. MY GUY (and I) IS ACTIVELY WORKING TO FREE HIMSELF FINANCIALLY. NEVER GIVE UP

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nah we're still having opportunities to grow op, just look at the pajamas situation, a bunch of tokenless retards just banded together and made the nastiest token known to man, they somehow got the endorsement of both the co founder of youtube and the one from twitch and now thanks to the cat meta it's becoming the next apu, just from a bunch of retards like you wanting to make it
if that's not peak schizofrenic behavior that could make you crazy i dont know what is

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learn your lesson and buy bitcoin now
yeah it's not so cool to buy 0.0001 BTC instead of 46 gazillion shitcoin meme but in the long run you'll make some