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>bought Apu ath this morning and it's dumping
You fucking faggots owe me $1000

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Thanks for ur sacrifice

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Fuck you, you said it was going to shib levels, I fucking hate you people.

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You bought the top retard what did you expect lmao, just hold and shut up and buy more all the way down unironically

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> Buys a coin LITERALLY at the highest price it's ever been
> Blames everyone else

faggots like you are insufferable and have no clue how markets work.

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I told everyone to wait for a pullback

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This nigga thinks assets go up in a straight line lmao

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how is anyone supposed to know its the top.

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You guys realize you're playing a zero sum game right?

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happened to me with "legit projects" like ALGO, HBAR, KADENA, CARDANO, FANTOM, etc. too many to count

shitcoin casino has made me more money unironically because all these coins are useless except the ones that let you gamble like ETH and SOL

Too late to buy BTC, it made pedos millionaires

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The funny thing is that it was palladius himself who rugged you kek feel blessed
But then he locked his remaining 5.5B tokens for 108 days. Thats something I guess

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Other memecoins are in a steady upclimb even if the market is shit

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This is probably a shill but if it’s not I hate people like you more than I hate extreme liberals. My favorite thing about apu is that they mock faggots that cry when the price goes down. This is how the process works: people buy crypto, more people buy that crypto, the ones that bought at the beginning sell, price goes down, new people see crypto at lower price and they buy, and the process repeats itself. Just hold Apu until 10b and stfu. Actually sell when it’s up like 2x and the rest of us will sell when it’s up 100x.

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You bought at 400M market cap?

Well don't worry, it'll be at 4B in a few months and then you will be complaining that you sold to break even when it went back to 400M

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If you don't have conviction and can't handle volatility, don't fucking buy retard. People are just trolling when they buy and panic sell the first dip, right? You can't be that stupid.

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>He bought the top

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People were making these threads at $40M mc too.
>reeee I bought the top! Fuck you guys you said it was going to billions!!!
We called them retarded then too