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Is this true? The only way to get rich is to make other people work for you?

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Pretty much. I mean you're simply not gonna run a million dollar business all by yourself.

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yeah, look at highly productive people who worked in isolation. extremely rare and very lucky for any of them to get rich. Tesla is a good example. We owe so much to Tesla but he was poor his entire life. Such a hermit he never even married, maybe never even dated. Imagine having Teslas mind and 100 employees how much you'd accomplish and how much money you'd make in the process.
Our civilization has corruption as all do, but fundamentally wealth comes from providing value to others. One person can only do so much. If you have employees then you can have more customers (or more product to sell) and you are not only providing value to customers, you are providing value to your employees. The amount of wealth you can create scales much faster if people work for you.

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100% true

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>le workers did all all the job
thousand of years crying like faggots and they still end up with a superior/ruling class in a hierarchy struncture because they're either to busy or retarded to actually manage the collective workflow of an entire economic system.

No, workers did not all the work, you need an upper class and you will always create one out of need.

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then do it if it's so easy and doesnt require hard work. start a company and just become profitable enough to hire people. easy.

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yes, and there is literally nothing wrong with that. Managing people is a skill too.

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>leaders would be useless without people to lead!


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If it weren't for people complaining and pushing for a better world, you'd be living in a fucking cave right now. Chances are you work some cushy office job that only exists because your great grandparents bitchd and fought for better working conditions. Now you think you getting paid a livable wage to work a 9 to 5 is due to your own merits alone, and not a gift that was given to you by your forebears. People like you should b eliminated from society. You only try to make it worse for everybody, including yourself

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What was the purpose of the forefathers sacrifice then? If better living conditions wasn't the ultimate goal?

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>workers did

how was I able to get these workers to start working for me in the first place? I needed to provide them with an incentive right? Where did I get the money to pay them? It didn't magically appear out of nowhere, I had to work and risk for it, you stupid faggot

retarded commie

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risk makes you rich

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except you arent pushing for a better world you're pushing for a retarded one

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Those are actors who have bartending and waitress jobs on the side to pay their rent and who got paid a couple hundred bucks each to take this set of stock photographs, but I get what you mean anon.

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one person bitching is irrelevant, a million people bitch starts to have an effect.
all your rights post WW1 was cause people were bitching after a shitty gay jew war, be glad youre not a construction worked without any safety nets in manhattan midwit

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>tfw I run a million dollar business by myself

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Your reading comprehension tells me you're lowest class

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it's called working smart

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>Chances are you work some cushy office job that only exists because your great grandparents bitchd and fought for better working conditions.
This is what economically illiterate socialists actually believe.

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It's not the only way. But it's the easiest way.

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The whole point of being "rich" is the negation of dollar for dollar labor ie "hard work". If the wealthy were more honest about this it could result in reforms of economic power relations between themselves and the rest of society, so they have to perpetuate a belief that your poverty and their wealth are deserved.

In a sense this economic "karma" is true, as the rich get that way by intuiting signals from the system under which they live (for instance, receiving a .01% fee on 10,000,000 transactions per day) and the the poor are acting on different signals within the same system (for instance, micro-loans and door dash). It's *which* signals you're taking that determine your eventual position under same system.

Now, we could say that not so many people would be rich and not so many poor if not for a constant auditory, visual and unspoken social bombardment of signals to part working people from their money, which normal people can't and shouldn't be expected to resist.

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This is true but the society itself leans away from these reforms which were essentially aberrant. If not for the threat if communism (or if the wealthy had known how little a threat it actually posed) a lot of socialist and progressive reformers would have been more often gunned down than arrested. My point is two hands worth if people owning 90% of a society's wealth is historically normal, not historically weird. You have to arrange aberrant conditions to produce the aberrant results you're looking for.

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>fundamentally wealth comes from providing value
this is true sometimes, but i dont think its fundamental to anything at all. Like money isnt real

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I didn't worked hard, VINU did for me with my own money

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That's fucking Communism, right there, that pic. Just No

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>The only way to get rich is to make other people work for you?
yes, unless you have really attractive genitals

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wealth, not money

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Smart contracts solve this problem, yet retarded leftists hate crypto

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Nah! Another way to get rich is to restake the fuck out of ETH. It is underrated right now and EigenLayer is killing it followed by YieldNest.