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If I have sex on the clock at my WFH job, does that mean my employer is engaging in prostitution?

Asking for a friend, hehe

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Does it hurt your bussy?

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What's it like, bros?

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I wish I was gay I hate women so much it's unreal

Wet and stinky

Women are subhuman mole creatures

Hitler had the right idea. Never get married

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its the most intense pleasure you can ever experience. beyond imagination. in the moment it's like the whole world slips away and you are one with god, as if for a second everything is perfect. then, it ends and your ass is sore and you walk funny for days, your father refuses to speak to you, and women all want you to be part of their friend circle. solid 9/10

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sex having jew adolf HITLER wouldn't approve go to your room young lady no dinner for you scrumpkins

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>I wish I was gay I hate women so much it's unreal
I'm asexual, so by default I can't simp
but I also do things like betting part of my salary on maga, or memecoins in general, so I guess I'm just as screwed as everyone else

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there's no better feeling then cumming deep inside a tight pussy of an attractive woman