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Day 1028 of snailposting every day until BTC is at 100k

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wen moon

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Broooooooo, I'm back. At least for a little while. I was gone because of this e-mail verification nonsense, total waste of my time dude. I'm sorry I didn't get to congratulate you on Day 1000 little bro, so I'll do it now. Congrats snail bro, here's to many more. Godspeed, lil dude.

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It's about to start bitbros. China is about to wake up it'll pump further.

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already starting

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I just SOLD

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This is fuckin epic breh

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I fucking love you snailbro

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checked and sold, I need a little money to pay the rent (and 550 dollar white girl escort service with girlfriend experience and rimjob my anus)

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Nothing is going to happen you delusional Mumu.
This is just another Bart fake out.
The Hongkong ETF was a total dud, just like your hyped up halving.

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i am with you mumen rider

welcome back

Do you exercise? When you workout your increased strength will make those grocery bags feel like feathers. Also: kys

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thank you, love you too

thank you, and lol

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big move today
100k by the end of june is in the cards

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I love you snail bro

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I love escorts so fucking much my wife even watches me fuck them (she’s confined to a wheelchair and can’t have sex so this is wholesome not degenerate).

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I don't know why this made me laugh
Your wheelchair wife is a coomer, you two make a perfect couple