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Dopamine running low need new moonshots...you know what to do. Ideally 500K or less and the lower the better

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Come and do the needful SIRS kek

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>you know what to do
yeah when I want someone to do work for me I just say that and magically it gets done

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go to dexscreener
sort by newest and buy something
then let me know how it goes because ive always wanted to try this strat but im too much of a pussy to do it lmao

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Are you new here? People always share their meme gems. Its fun. These threads used to reach like 300 replies easy

Here is my contribution it just launched on ETH yesterday

I need MORE though and so do you

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refer to


I do this all the time brother. If you get in early enough $100 can grow relatively quickly. Sure its 100% gambling but like its just $100. Some people drop like 5 or 6 figures into memes.

I would say just make sure liquidity is locked and the contract is renounced. Easy. Then join project TGs

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Someone else must has some good tips or gems to share? I posted mine. NGRMN is hilarious surely there are other fun lowcaps you people have found

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Obvious Popo on eth is so obvious. Launched today. Backed by APU whales, and there is a dip rn, so you can slurp.

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That is actually kind of funny...Memes HAVE to be funny. The more outrageous and hilarious the better the gains imo

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>bro what if apu but a cop xD
get creative with your shitty tokens
you nerds have no originality, its always what if pepe but X or what if reddit dog but Y

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nobody needs your stupid original memes, lol. Everyone will be copy-pasting frogs all the cycle till the end of it, don't even doubt it. And most of these frogs will be successful. This is how it was with the shiba last cycle, and this is how it will be with pepe this time

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sorry meant to tag you


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Keep the discussion and gem posting going. Jannies changed their behavior in a positive way and understand that MEME token posting is a part of biz. As long as it doesn't take over the whole board. Its fun and adds tons of value and traffic to the boards.

Keep posting them I'll check every token mentioned myself at least

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This is true but there CAN be novel spins on old ideas. Everyone likes cats, dogs, and frogs. They appeal to a large mass of people. Dude look up H.P Lovecrafts Cat on DS. Don't search him on google whatever you do. Lmao

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want something that really gets the blood flowing?
buy some banana and squid ;)
huh? you want to make money?
oh i don't think i can help you then...

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People can also discuss strategies or tips to find low cap gems or what makes a token a solid find etc


Liquidity locked
Contract renounced
I try to stay away from whitelists
Check the Go Security

What else?

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Okayeg on base is juuuust getting started

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Squid is a solid moonshot, it’s right around your range but it’s also a stable coin since the community is diamond hands. You could wait for a lower entry point but the community always has a plan, so it could easily pump to a few million. Realistic target is 100m, but it could go higher than that.

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im retarded. is there a website where i can plug in contract address and check if these criteria are met

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$popo is one i just aped in btw

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For Ethereum: popoeth
For Solana: bookofslavsportal

Those are my 2 picks for this week
Both led by known devs with solid previous projects

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$4chan on eth. The pumping has just started.

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Dexscreener brother...check the Go Security tab. It will look like this image tagged here


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I should say the Go Security on a specific token's Dexscreener link

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I saw the $popo thread last night and aped in. Still at a good entry price imo

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I bought a bit after seeing that italian retard from Apu there. I think this has a bit of potential but not much.

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I saw it this afternoon
This is clearly going to 20m

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I honestly have faith that it will

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Also for locked liquidity it will have a lock symbol near the liquidity number which means they can't pull the LP token and then steal all of the ETH from. Although you should defintely check telegrams for evidence about how long the liquidity is locked for. Pic rel shows the lock symbol. They locked their liquidity for 100 years.

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Popo is funny as fuck and also a frog so it's gonna send, the way literally every single frog from okayeg to Apu to pepe to peepo has.

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As far other tips buying memes or other good projects keep posting them!

Many people say that buying memes you should be going for 50x+ or 0. Its so easy to sell to early. Its kind of like a lotto ticket but with better odds I guess. Lol Everyone has their own strategies but I think that is legit.

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Unironically Kendu Inu
Yeah, it's another dogcoin but DOGE and batdog devs are on it too

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Nice...give me more! I personally have HP Lovecraft's cat (NGRMN). POPO is kind of fun but higher MCAP than I was hoping to find.

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Bro I thought it was a joke when I heard he named his cat that. Its hilarious times were fucking wild back in the day. Lmao

Pic related is Lovecraft coming up with his cat's name. Lolol

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I'm tired of aping in on memes on ETH and SOL and Base and BSC and TON, and at the end getting REKT like hell! Getting solid shit with utlitiy like DUA and NXRA cools my ego.
But wait, you pajeets need to add me to your insider memeshit groups.

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DUA and NXRA are all about RWAs. Know your game and know peace.

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Then this thread, which is specifically about memes, wasn't for you is all brother. Surely you can mention your projects elsewhere