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I signed up last week and I have called to register my availability twice already... I even sent emails... I just want a temp office job bro... Guy seemed excited to onboard me but I haven't gotten any temp jobs yet

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did you remember to shower, shave, and abstain for marijuana? they always act excited thats their job. maybe they were just excited to get you out as fast as possible because of your smeLl?

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I think that I looked pretty nice when I went in. I wore a nice outfit.

They had some office positions available on their website. Administrative assistant, receptionist, etc.

I just submitted some applications. I'm gonna call to pester them in the morning.

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>I looked pretty nice when I went in. I wore a nice outfit.
Post pics

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no you perv

Bumping bc i still need answers

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It’s all a scam, you will never get those cushy jobs. They all hire attractive young women for a reason.

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They will offer you warehouse, trucking or delivery jobs. I’m not even kidding.

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Well, they aren't making any money from me being on their rolls but not working.