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>Basic Information
https://gmetimeline.com (up to 2021)

>Daily reminder

>Mandatory study time
>The Everything Short
>Naked Short Selling and Systemic Risk
>Failure to deliver

>SEC 10-K Annual report FY23
>GameStop Investor Site

>What will happen if Citadel becomes insolvent?
DTCC with 60T USD, will pay as the final boss with FDIC as the insurance

>Real-Time Trades
>Current Trade Halts + Short Restrictions

>All other news/DDs/etc
DRS Guide:
Avoid DSPP (more information under legacy links):
HF/broker class action lawsuit evidence:
SEC GME/meme stocks report:

DD Compilation:
Quarterly Movements, Equity Total Return Swaps, DOOMPs, ITM CALLs, Short Interest, and Futures Roll Periods:
Cellar Boxing:

>Temporary alliance with reddit and jews to take down other jews, we can go back to hating each other later
>reddit DDs don't take them for fact use your brain
>Check your broker and clearing house to ensure you're not rugpulled

Last time on /GME/: >>58476925

As always:
>sneed hedgies

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Still comfy waitin' and holdin'.


GameStop Info
>Complete corporate revamp by Ryan Cohen
>Debt free with positive increases and reductions (see ER); $1.199 billion cash and cash equivalents on hand + high inventory

DRS & Computershare
>~75.3 (18.825) million shares 25% total held by Mar. 20, 2024,
>~75.4 (18.85) by Nov. 30, 2023, ~75.4 (18.85) by Aug. 31, ~76.6 (19.15) by Jun. 1, ~76.0 (19.0) by Mar. 22 Vs Cede & Co
>Previously 71.8 (17.95) M shares DRS'd by end of Oct. 29, 2022, 71.3 (17.825) Jul. 30 22, 50.8 (12.7) Apr. 30 22, 35.6 (8.9) by Jan. 29 22
>and 20.8 (5.2) by Oct. 30, 2021

>Shorts never closed and there exists more fakes than real shares
>'MOASS' is a matter of time

Further information can found by reading the OP or DYOR!
Reply to this pasta for any confusion.


Other news/reminders:
Tuesday RRP: 468.344B, 76P = 6.162B per (roughly)
Wednesday RRP: 443.779B, 74P = 5.997B per (roughly)

>4-for-1 Stock Split - Form of a stock dividend (Record: Jul 18, 2022; Dist. 21st AH)
>Q3 23/FY23 Earnings 8-K/10-K
>2024 Proxy Statement: Stock given in comp issued as RSUs that vest in quarterly increments over 4 years.
Annual meeting Jun 13th
>798 pg SEC doc confessions of FIs/MMs/HFs/DCEs/Swaps Counterparties etc on short selling transparency

>100 page comparison DD

>Legacy links
https://www.gmedd.com/report-model/ (Nov 2021)
>Use archives
Avoid DSPP:
>GME shorted percentage of float as of Jan 15th, 2021: 226.42%

Please don't feed spammers and sliders.

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More tricks happening on some brokers like trading212 where it showed it going up as high as $62 during RTH

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Thanks for the thread, friend!

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My family was begging me to sell yesterday and I smugly told them no. Today they're relentlessly shitting on me

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would be happy if it just stayed above $50 forever and moved up 1% a day

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Kek stupid dumbfuck hedgies

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I finally see it now

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Dump in ah. What tricks are they up to.

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You could have bought a new car and bought in much cheaper but hedgies would be glad that you did

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Check for votes if you haven't already voted for the June 13th GameStop meeting. Most will email or mail you about voting while some (like Degiro) will need you to contact them. Proxy voting should be available to holders in the following:

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Hepcats...Fucking Kek!

You guys, you kind of got fucked up by us today didn't you? You're in the "Getting Fucked by Us" Business, and Business is Fucking Booming! We are still getting you in AH too! Dunking the everloving SHIT out of this Fucking stock? What problem presents MotherFuckers!?

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I'm just gonna quietly leave while their pensions and social securities get drained for israel

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Tomorrow will be a very green day. We’ll be eating steak this weekend

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Kek, UBSies, clearinghouse memberies, market makeries, financial mediaies...

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It's called the Fucking having credtionals and proper Qualications tricks MotherFucker! That's what the Fuck this is.

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While I’m not surprised it stopped going up, I am indeed disappointed as I want my money now

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AH gonna spike to $60 within an hour
source: I want it to

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take profits you dumb fucks

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"us" huh

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>tweets every 30 mins
>every 15 mins
>every 7 mins
>every 4 mins
>every 1 minute
MOASS Monday. Check em

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Shut up Bitch

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>not recognizing dunkposter

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Reminder that if you own more than four (4) shares of $GME, you don't believe in the MOASS.

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oh, we will take profits alright

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Not even rent free, Jim is giving money for it to live there.

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it's like 21/22 all over again

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We will seize the means of making profits instead

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Is this from the Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League game?

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No pokemon crystal

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but we are here
stupid faith has worked in the past and i hadnt wagmid yet
verification not required

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reminds me of

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Another Public Service Announcement From BabyTron Yo! >>58478089
Boomers Can't Even Get Hip To Some Real Tunes, Hey DumbDumb, Were DunkDunking On Your Short Position To Teach You Geriatric Hippopotami Some Lessons About The Savannah!

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shut up bitch

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GME+BBBY bros. we're eating soon.

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wtf is ppshow? huh?

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I gotta admit I did not expect them to be able to push it down again, but we are still up so much that a squeeze is inevitable, and options will blow this up so hard next week we are going to WAGMI into the stratosphere. Stay comfy frens, anime tiddies will come for us all.

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talmudic magic
always is

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Is this really just a reshuffling because of crypto hair cut?

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>pls sell all but 4 shares sars..

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Shut up bitch

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semitic shenanigans

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4 shares in every available broker
just in case

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we will make it wednesday

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Be there.
Or be square.
Friday PreMarket.

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Ryan Cohen cannot be left alone to his devices! Indecisive, from crisis to crisis. The best thing he can do for the apes is turn n’ go back to selling dog toys and crates!

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Why sell and subjugate yourself to capital gains taxes?
Why buy again to sell in less than a year for a higher tax rate?
Are you stupid or something?

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i dont get it

>> No.58478180

It's going to be
It'll blow your socks off!

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based Deltron listener. vnr

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Go ahead and drop the price back down to $10, I fucking dare you.

>> No.58478184

You will, soon™.

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>karma police
>chasing a guy down
>he finally gives up
>lyrics are "this is what you get when you mess with us"

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>all of this schizo posting
im redy

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if you familiar with Rondo duo, you know we'll get more than just the anime titties.

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No fear, only spite. Fuck you Wall Street.

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Left is 2021, Right is right now

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They will ask for mercy, but none shall be given.

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It is the nature of things to repeat at greater magnitudes

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If they’re dumb enough to ask for mercy after all this I’m going full on sicko mode

>> No.58478228

so youre saying i missed my chance to sell again?

>> No.58478233

I'm saying the next leg up is next week

>> No.58478234

No he's saying that rip to $80 the other day is gonna look minuscule in comparison to what's coming.

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All they can do now is try and shake off the weak willed pussies. The true holders aren't going anywhere.

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based thread, based baker, wgami!

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You did secure a seat of honor in Valhalla, right Anon? You aren't a GMEdwit doomed to sit at the wobbly table while better men sing songs of glory and throw table scraps at your head, right?

>> No.58478249

ok but I don't get it either.

>> No.58478251

So if the pattern repeats (huge if), it should bottom out around 20 before another sneeze?

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you also sniped the fuck out of me last thread kek

>> No.58478256

I did but I didn’t get around to drsing. Will I still be seated next to you fren?

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fuck 'em. sausages.

>> No.58478264

Will I make it with 70 stockies? My average is $20

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I can't wait to bankrupt israel

>> No.58478269

no but only because if you only have 70 shares after fucking 3 years you are clearly not in the correct level of insanity to make it off this

>> No.58478270

DRSd chads will all make it

>> No.58478271

Depends, can you live with 70 million?

>> No.58478272

so kitty is dumping now?

>> No.58478273

If his average is 20 he’s clearly insane enough. Probably just poor.

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Tom hardy is the fuckin man

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me too anon holding until tkd

>> No.58478279

am I a millionaire yet?

>> No.58478282

Two more weeks

>> No.58478283

I can’t drs due to my brokie

>> No.58478286

yay im gonna wagmi

>> No.58478291

I’m 40k in DEBT brother

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Still wish i could've bought in at 10, but also still wagmi

>> No.58478295

im in debt from buying Warhammer 40k too

>> No.58478299

well earlier a guy was saying debt is actually a good thing so you're in the clear, as long as you're buying ASSETS

>> No.58478300

to who anon? debt jews? credit card jews? college financial aid jews? why pay the rabbis back? fuck 'em.

>> No.58478301

Why do you think they demanded a full count from the dtcc and cancelled the stock? You’ll be fine.

>> No.58478306

Government Jews

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Fidelity chads keep winning

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make funny line go back up now

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File: 224 KB, 582x927, 91AC4639-1614-4B34-89FF-8C5201D387A4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Bros we are getting out-schizoed. All schizos to the frontline immediately.

>> No.58478331

Yooo. Kenny g. This not cool man what ya doin bruh
Huh huh yo
My names gmeezy and I'm here to say, Ive been DRSing in a major way, every single day, my power grows stronger, I don't think hedgies can hold on for much longer
Your names Kenny g but they call ya mayo
You feel the fire when you hear my ape flow, got 10k shares I'm never gonna let go, not when you finally shut down the algo, not even when wall st becomes the ghetto because you underestimated the power of the autismo, now ya down, stuck, you got no plan, can't borrow more shares from ya main man, 2 more weeks you'll be rottin in the can, probably wish this sh*t had never began. No cell no sell, but cell means jail for all the crooked hedgies who failed
instrumental break dog this sh*t is FIRE
I have no master plan, only diamond hands, pump and dump it brah I'll just hodl again. Bitches go nuts for purple donuts, I'll sell you a fractional if you suck on dose nuts, today is the last day you'll ever have mayo for lunch, cause in the slammer they got a different kind of mayo, man.
Huh yeah g man, g, mayo man, this a diss track. Straighten up fool act your age, g, redeem your actions bruh. Ayo shoutout to RCeo
Gmeezy OUT
drops mic

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stupid 36 stablecoin

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File: 3.01 MB, 1971x1298, for_distinguished_member.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reporting for duty reporting for duty reporting for duty reporting for duty reporting for duty reporting for duty reporting for duty

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Funny line is going up. Cohen doing a corporate action shortly. None believers will NGMI true believes are going to WAGMIKAKOKEN x100

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the other option is he's been bored as shit and making all these vids while waiting for his NDA to expire and now he's gushing 3 years worth of hype blue balls onto social media.

>> No.58478341
File: 289 KB, 1200x800, 7260f4029a132bd3f31bba33ddca6246.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why does reddit now hate their golden boy? Has he posted memes that offend them?

>> No.58478343

It’s too late to buy, right?

>> No.58478346

Why the fuck do people care so much about him. Cool, he reactivated in time for the leap expiration, but what's the hype about? People who have held for the last 3 years are not susceptible for that bs. He was important in 2021, but now? Only retards idolize other people

>> No.58478347
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There is time yet to claim that final glory. The winds carry tidings of Hræsvelgr the Corpse-Gulper. They say that to embark on such a journey now while the enemy thirsts for precious liquid would be a feat of great renown indeed. Though if you speak instead of the hidden quest that only the wisest and bravest dared to undertake, rest assured that your deeds have been recorded.

>> No.58478348

Probably won’t make it in that case

>> No.58478351

They will probably doomp it again tomorrow morning in desperation

>> No.58478353

This is not ss if that’s what you’re thinking

>> No.58478354

it's not too late to buy

>> No.58478355

>It’s too late to buy, right?
If you want to make money, yes too late. You can buy puts though! Or sell the Fucking shit out of this stock!

>> No.58478356

but it sure is to drs
>you will get jewed

>> No.58478357

Most people are retards. You should have learned that after the covid lockdowns and clot shot madness.

>> No.58478360

People want to blame someone else other then themselves for their own actions. Also people are way too impatient and i have no sympathy if they lose their shirts because of it.

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>> No.58478374

Sure that seems likely but you are missing the point of them still. He's not been hacked, he's been hired by GME as a hype man, hence the gag order. The timing of this has not gone unnoticed, or do you think all of this is a coincidence

>Full year profit
>q1 earnings shortly
>leaps / wedge expired
>DFV emerges
>GME announces a Particular stock they held to a loss

If you believe Gamestop bought a stock that had a massive loss, but didn't hold crypto to a loss in hopes of future earnings, because they see value in that stock, DFV starting a countdown tweet storm of every 30 minutes then 15, then will be 10 then 5 etc for a reason, with thr leaps now being doubled, Cohen is about to strike and shitposting is his style. He is the team behind DFV's tweeting. Cohen has wanted to tell them to eat shit for 3 years. Through DFV he can

>> No.58478376

Plastic crack is a hell of a drug.

>> No.58478385
File: 158 KB, 966x1500, bereave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58478389

>GME announces a Particular stock they held to a loss

>> No.58478392
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>DFV posts a video referencing ThePPShow
>GME maxis immediately start claiming they never cared about DFV

>> No.58478395

Shut up Bitch

>> No.58478396

Im indian please fucking help sir im indian Im indian please fucking help sir im indianIm indian please fucking help sir im indianIm indian please fucking help sir im indianIm indian please fucking help sir im indian

>> No.58478403

I told you last thread, raj.

>> No.58478405

Such anger... You seem upset.

>> No.58478406

In a report they stated the reason their earnings were so subpar is because they were told they had to report a "particular stock" they were holding as a realized loss even though they hadn't sold it.

>> No.58478407

Why would he be considered an asshole?

>> No.58478410
File: 30 KB, 500x277, 1666367218509649.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Last earnings report. New SEC rules state they have to put the loss they incurred in the earnings but they listed it as "a particular stock". They hold a stock under an NDA which is Butterfly-DK-XX one of thr offshoots of BBBY. DFV referencing the PP show custom music solidifies this fact it is former BABY company which will hold the NOL's of BBBY and Teddy is coming, something else DFV has referenced.

Everything I have said all along is right and I will now being to accept your concession tours. You know who you are.

>> No.58478411


>> No.58478414

Got it

>> No.58478415

You do not understand I am fucking Indian

>> No.58478416

DFV needs to be Fucking arrested! Immediately! He is manipulating this Fucking market and we need a class action lawsuit files against him to Fucking take his everything! Nobody ever forgot all the money he original stole when he stole on the Hedge funds that got caught slippin!

>> No.58478423

With the amount of shorts out there, you think it even matters if some random twitter idiots sell? Let them miss the ride I say, just makes the new GME elite more elite and selective. I think they are fucked beyond anything as it is, and nothing short of half or more holders selling it all could save them.

>> No.58478424

they dint you fucking retard, you think two posts = reddit
go back to your curry

>> No.58478425
File: 293 KB, 466x377, oldman.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I missed the dip today because I was helping my mom deal with a scammer who tried to drain her bank accounts.

I had to settle for a buy at 38

>> No.58478428

is this a copy paste of one of your posts from an earlier thread?

>> No.58478433

hes right. would have been much nicer to just go to 100k over night. not this spam that allows everyone to fomo in.

>> No.58478439

>fomo bad
Glow more

>> No.58478444

wtf are you talking about
easy to tell who the tourists are here by the fact they don't appreciate a lil' memeing

>> No.58478445

u stupid? is fomo a necessary part of a squeeze?

>> No.58478447

No but you clearly are

>> No.58478448

>Squeeze deez nuts faggot
Shut up Bitch

>> No.58478452

Holy fuck Ryan DO SOMETHING

>> No.58478453

You almost fit in, almost, kek

>Verification not required

>> No.58478455

>ould have been much nicer to just go to 100k over night.
>no this is better
fuckin zoomer

>> No.58478457
File: 94 KB, 869x1024, 1639524610595.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a hunch they aren't doubling down on shares so much as alot of their swap/married puts/etc bullshit is being unraveled and they're being forced to open normal shorts to maintain the price at this level, so we're finally seeing the actual short position appear on paper now. In truth is has always been there hiding under the shadows like a massive behemoth.

I also think they aren't finished, and that we are in fact higher than 10X the float short.

>> No.58478459

Whats the point of this xbox live their reply?

>> No.58478460
File: 1.67 MB, 1440x2613, PART OF THE PLAN.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why did DFV say "part of the PLAN"? Is he saying to switch shares from book back to plan?

>> No.58478461

post your share count, kiddo
you one of those fags who think 10 shares presplit was a lot

>> No.58478467

Agreed. I seeing this being a slow squeeze for a couple of weeks, as much as I’d love for it to shoot up to 4 figures overnight.

>> No.58478468


>> No.58478470

Hes talking about the chinese navy

>> No.58478472

I have more shares than you have pubes on your lil asshole.

>> No.58478473

Tf is the autism puzzle piece notification?

>> No.58478475

Fucking digits is percent fucking chance of fucking moass tomorrow, we're all gonna fucking wagmi so fucking hard it's fucking unreal.
Don't start taking me for some sort of a cunt.

>> No.58478476

do you think they can drop us back into the wedge?

>> No.58478484

where is chart-anon

>> No.58478491

If they could drop it back down to 10 that'd be great, I feel like slurping some.

>> No.58478493

he is 100% posting a position update, then we fly

>> No.58478496

Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?

>> No.58478498

>do something. stop posting on twitter pls
kek you wish, hedgie

>> No.58478504

his poisition is he personally owns more than half the freefloat

>> No.58478508

>GME is up 120%

>> No.58478511
File: 233 KB, 1920x1080, 2024-05-15 23_18_23-.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am here pondering something.

This channel seems like something detached from the massive peaks, they seem like peaks which have been caused by a PM pump then dumps during market. Psych 101, they goaded people into selling with a fake pump while they could afford it while doing their swap / LEAPs maneuvering. We re naturally going up but it looks like $30 or so is the new $10. I am expecting some earth shattering news imminently. The timing is completely planned. We are never going back into the wedge lol that ship has sailed. We're in bar country now. This is the 5 day chart

>> No.58478515

You should Fucking sell!

>> No.58478518

Ah sorry do you mean wedge or chart anon? I am wedge

>> No.58478524

I’ll sell my dick into your mouth

>> No.58478527

Everyone here bought too late it's ok tho

>> No.58478531

The funniest part is them still fudding alone in their personal thread for 3 year.
i keked bitcoin 1 time 6 year ago and unirocaly forgot they exist

>> No.58478533

shut up bitch

>> No.58478539

This. Knowing full well i was making a bad idea i bought in at 55. My only consolation is the stock i sold to buy gme has gone down all week

>> No.58478544
File: 609 KB, 690x981, WAGMI.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Friendly reminder to stay hydrated while HODLing $GME!

Still Comfy!

Still holding!

>> No.58478545
File: 33 KB, 405x720, 1715812067053.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ken Griffin you have 0 yil

>> No.58478549

are they just halting every time it drops a couple percentage points? they’re just breaking the law in broad daylight?

>> No.58478553

nobody drs'ed sold though.

>> No.58478554

I agree, they flashed $80 in the PM the other day so they could slam the price down during regular market hours with halts in an attempt to create panic sellers. Right now they are definitely trying to shake out anyone with weak wills. This is brand new territory we're in and it's clear that the gme holders are standing firm right now.

>> No.58478556
File: 110 KB, 395x395, 1658968707218603.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based comfy $GME Holders tend to make (((some))) mad

>> No.58478559
File: 112 KB, 782x759, what.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Shills or bag holder started faking stuff

>> No.58478561

You could look up why stock halts happen or you can invent exciting headcanon about it that makes you feel like you're an underdog fighting the system

>> No.58478562

$100 is my EOW price

>> No.58478564

I thought they blew their load keeping it down from 80. My mistake was fomo ing and expecting premarket to blow again, buying the second I saw a bull flag.
They even waited a few minutes to dump to make sure the people who saw the bull flag's trades went through first...
Dirty hebes...
It couldn't have been natural as no one would dump right before a bull run and miss that better price unless they were manipulating...

>> No.58478568

I dont remember the name we assigned to them, the one who had the price ceilings that declined to 0 that we surfed until we hit a breakout which pushed us to the next ceiling.

Im just curious to see how that looks now that we've broken out

>> No.58478569

AMC: Original Recipe and AMC2 enthusiasts really are the same, aren't they?

>> No.58478571

So 25% of the float.

Unlikely institutions either which is a futher 30%.

>> No.58478573

What's a stock halt?

>> No.58478572

Go back meltie faggot

>> No.58478574

REMINDER! Fucking let me hit you with some Fucking knowledge! DFV made 95% of his original profits from GME off of Fucking options you Cocksuckers! He bought and hit his Fucking calls!

>> No.58478575

so what is everyone doing with what they made from the short squeeze?

>> No.58478576

i finished masturbating so I turned off my vpn, so forgive the new id.

I cum and look at the charts at the same time, dont judge me.

>> No.58478579

shut up bitch

>> No.58478595

Pilgrim to Nazareth. Then doing the kingdom come prayer when I’m located at where Jesus was crucified.
The tribe will seethe.

>> No.58478596

>hit his Fucking calls!
yes, but he caught kenny off guard. You'll never pull it off with financial pajeets working 24/7

>> No.58478601
File: 335 KB, 3440x1440, 2024-05-15 23_35_19-.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We are never going back in the wedge. What is interesting is the last fee days are a mini sneeze almost perfectly, expect a 2nd pump and let's see if the "fedwire" goes down again.

>> No.58478604

What was RRP today?

>> No.58478618

its pretty clear to see somthings going on,

A particular section of cashapp is currently experience difficulties at a very suspicious time. (I dont use it, a friend does)

>> No.58478619

a purple circle of 76M shares paid for by buying protective puts at the top
and he drsed it

>> No.58478620
File: 17 KB, 743x612, cashapp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

forgot image

>> No.58478621

I have to wonder... with everything happening in the last month, going back down to 10 (formerly 40) and DFV returning, if things are playing out so similarly to 2021 could this be a manufactured event? Is it possible that they've found a way to let the MOASS happen in a "contained" way? I'm only speculating because the way things are playing out seems too... expected? I dunno.

>> No.58478630

never teliing my folks until i ddfinitely make it. spare me of having getting shat on.
how many you holdomg now?

>> No.58478635

either it's a trap or it's MOASS.
if it's a trap, 40 might still replace the old 40 on the other side.
i'll HOLD or HODL

>> No.58478638

jewish shenanigans

>> No.58478639

his fund is pumping your bags

>> No.58478640

who cares, why even think about that, you hold and sell when the number is stupid high
if it doesn then whatever you only have 10 shares anyway
it always seems to me the people in this thread with the most fear and questions are the people with sub 100 shares, you don't have any real money in this game anyway

>> No.58478643
File: 189 KB, 320x492, sm13.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

one of us

>> No.58478644

idk why people think position or DFV even matters. MOASS and upswings are all due to hedgie shenanigans and unable to control it. Retail buys literally don't matter atm, we either fly or don't. He posts for the sake of keeping the holders here in a good mood.

>> No.58478645
File: 170 KB, 1080x1136, Screenshot_20240515_185003_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it joever for me bros? I just want to make it is all.

>> No.58478647

the only thing that seems against that theory is it was really embarrassing for the hedge funds. Like they were crying on tv embarrasing which if it was controlled they might not have done that

>> No.58478648

Werent they worried about contaigen back in 2021 with gme? Maybe they are ready for everything to crash and banks to fail?

>> No.58478650

This ramp up has put a lot of eyes on the stock, so lowering the price will only increase the number of buyers. I'm not sure if it's possible to "contain" doubling the short position every day.

>> No.58478651

>no name was ever given, this is also not an original creation
this one?
top line can be ignored
that line was added (iirc) because it kept rejecting each peak the whole way down, but was not considered like the others as an actual channel.

>> No.58478654
File: 244 KB, 400x410, 1711049711690397.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


strong together

>am I HODLing?
you betcha

>ever selling?
heckin no!


>where we going?
to the moon

burning up

based as fuck

this is

Bots just mad because we figured out a way to make literal infinite money. That's why everyone is trying to shut us down. The government knows that once we figure this out, their tyrannical hold on society is over. We'll be able to buy anything we want. This is far bigger than any of you can comprehend. You know how the FED has been printing pretty much limitless money? We're going to be doing that, and we won't need the government to sign off on it.

Free healthcare? Covered. Student Loan Forgiveness? Even better: paying people to go to college instead. That's just the tip of the iceberg. Where we're going, we don't need fiat.

You all need to remember this. Us gamers know that when you keep on finding new opponents in your path, you're going the right way. This was never about the money. It's about making a statement to the evil rich elite of wallstreet and ethics in financial journalism.

When we reach the moon, you paperhands are going to be REEEing. But even you faggots can get your redemption arc if you act now, when the moment is darkest and all hope is lost. Remember when Finn was trying to run away in Last Jedi? Well like him, you have your chance to show your bravery and BUY THE FUCKING DIP. We're in this together, and you can be the hero just like all of us too if you're willing to take a stand for justice and the little guys.

Tomorrow is the fucking day bros. We're all in this together. Remember, the moment we realized that there's more of us than them is the moment we won. This is Occupy Wallstreet 2 and the rats festering in those big pretty buildings know we mean business this time.

>> No.58478657

They can't "contain" my absurdly high ask price so it doesn't really matter. Either they hit that number or I wait til they do. Any potential manufactured mini-squeezes before then are just a fun distraction to pass the time.

>> No.58478659

>On Robinhood
You had 3 years to wagmi and you chose to ngmi

>> No.58478660

>People didn't believe in the 3 years since
>People don't believe now that we've had irrefutable proof that the DD is correct
I mean I know they aren't really people but still.

>> No.58478662

I'm not afraid at all, I just like speculating.
>Maybe they are ready for everything to crash and banks to fail?
Maybe, they should know by now that some sort of financial catastrophe is unavoidable so they probably took all this time to position themselves out of harms way and throw firms like Citadel under the bus.

>> No.58478665

these are the people that freak out in this thread and if you ask to see their share count its equivalent to what I spent on a weekend of drinking
If you have less than $10k in this stock youre essentially a bug

>> No.58478667

So it'll totally happen for real this time in 3 more years?

>> No.58478670


>> No.58478671
File: 45 KB, 433x418, 1670926766633571.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

NPCs believe what they are told to, not what they can clearly see.

>> No.58478674

Is the company known as GME have a good ESG score?

>> No.58478677

>have $10,001
>see you later poors

>> No.58478678

sure, have all the scores

>> No.58478680

nooo i dont want to be a bug

>> No.58478687

Kek. Under appreciated.

>> No.58478690

Kingdom come prayer?
>fake Christian detected

>> No.58478693

but really, get out of robinhood, They fucked you once, they'll fuck you again. Open a fidelity account and buy a few more if you can so you have coverage and initiate a transfer from fidelity. They're required to deliver in 3ish days.

Try to have shares available so your covered. Dont sell from robinhood, it will take a few days to get your money back

>> No.58478696

I have 2 shares in RH only so I can sue them for chicanery?

>> No.58478698

I have one share in robinhood exclusively for chicanery lawsuits

>> No.58478702

wtf it just halted in AH

>> No.58478710

Bros, I don't feel so good

>> No.58478712

Either every share is worth "phone numbers" and a hand full will give you generational wealth or you're ngmi. $500 ~$1000 isn't that much even with 1000 shares after taxes.

>> No.58478714

you're not supposed to leave the anal beads in your ass that long, have your dad take em back out for you

>> No.58478715

I just took a big ol dookie so i feel pretty good

>> No.58478716


>> No.58478717

You can tell none of these meltie faggots have ever watched one of DFV's old videos/streams. He makes these movies meme all the time

>> No.58478718

we at least doing an ath right?

>> No.58478722

after hours are completely pozzed
pre-market is where the talmudic magic is at

>> No.58478723

A predditor seems to think that an announcement will happen this week and that the news leaked so that is why the stock has been surging. Regardless, this seems to be the perfect time for RC to take the killshot. DFV hinted at the "plan" twice today. His tweeting could very well be leading up to the announcement, which would mean that he is involved directly with the company now.

>> No.58478728

A HALT just flew over my house!

>> No.58478729

>buy low
>wait for the meme skyrocket to shit like 70+ again
>then short sell it until it goes back down to the 30s
How is this not an infinite money maker?

>> No.58478730
File: 89 KB, 1106x1012, e90.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are we expecting it to be at on Friday? I might just dump my whole paycheck into it and say fuck niggers

>> No.58478736

It's the bit inbetween AH and PM where we seem to get +25% consistently. Volumes dropped off a little, but the amount of shorts opened in the last few days just to keep it sub 50 is insane

>> No.58478739

there will alway be retard buying option to fund them, wish is extremely ironic since they could have just bought 2 week ago the same number of share without risk

>> No.58478741
File: 2 KB, 141x75, infinity.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pic related is a realistic possibility

>> No.58478745

Bruh why are your id's so similar

>> No.58478750

>have a good ESG score?
Yes, 0

>> No.58478752

These are the words a based individual. I am thinking about moving a lot of my holdings to a broker that has extended hours. My plan is never sell my DRS'd shares, then I want my ISA for dividend stock reinvestment to fuck the tax man forever on my income, then my broker holding is for buying the house and spending cash. I want to sell my broker shares for the best returns and it seems even in a moass we require extended hours to maximise gains it seems. Fucking CS still in the literal 1990s with their systems, running in house no doubt on an IBM ibex As400 dinosaur and doing manual DAT tape backups every night

>> No.58478761
File: 174 KB, 684x576, my name is CARLOS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so you're saying you open your short position, initiate a squeeze, engage in a pump and dump scheme and then close your shorts? you seem to have things well in hand and not some kind of 'johnny cum lately'

>> No.58478765

I hear that is good for generating liquidity

>> No.58478766

My theory is that DFV is going to follow in RC's footsteps as an activist investor and has been invited by RC to sit on the Board of the GME-BABY spinoff. DFV is going to announce a double-down on the newly formed security at that time (assuming GME doesn't want to keep the ticker, GME). The new stock could be called TDDY/TEDDY.

>> No.58478771

>GME-BABY spinoff
They're going to buy it from Dream on Me?

>> No.58478774 [DELETED] 

Hype lasted all of 3 days

>> No.58478780

Buy what, the IP? That was all that was sold in the end.

>> No.58478782

this shit will go on for a while now no breaks on this train.

> there are $120 calls for 3 fucking dollars

>> No.58478783

It's so calm.

>> No.58478785

Roaring Kitty deserves to go to jail for this. I thought Andrew Tate already was in jail but he should also go back. Pulte seems harmless enough, he's just fat and to my knowledge didn't manipulate the market like the other two

>> No.58478788

Baby got bought out by their manufacturer.

>> No.58478790
File: 96 KB, 300x154, imready.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my business partners seem to enjoy that im always long in my positions. I hear their previous Indian & hedgefund short positions are constantly disappointing.

>> No.58478792

anyone have the picture of all the avatarfags hanging out at the GME club?

>> No.58478794
File: 611 KB, 799x740, 4stock minoto.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Still Holding.

>> No.58478795

Perhaps it's a new brand, then, but that's where this seems to be leading. The latest DFV tweet even has a picture of an infant's silhouette on the matchbox.

>> No.58478797

you mean 3 cents

>> No.58478798

Stupid question, but if the short amount is that many, and it's impossible for hedgies to close, why don't other hedgies jump in and take a bite?
Or all of them have a deal in the back of never backstabbing each other?
What about foreign firms?

>> No.58478799


>> No.58478801

A buy out is a form of merger, are you implying that BBBY went through some form of M&A?

>> No.58478804

All good questions but you're a hedgie shill for asking them

>> No.58478807

Thank you for the link. Will review and reply.

>> No.58478808

Because they're all connected

>> No.58478813

It's a valid question. The point is Ryan Cohen has been silent about the plan he is cooking up mainly, a few hints here and there but they have been begging for info. Hedge funds are info brokers who make money off info quicker than the next man because they use AI to scan 8K's to make markets move. The GME price has been on an obvious market decline and double bottomed at $10, so institutions and whales have bought in finally, it's ogre for Citadel.

>> No.58478815

So yeah hi hmm hmm yeah so like you might haven't heard but like hmm yeah you know spoon-feeding time is over

>> No.58478816

>BBBY went through some form of M&A?
No, the buy buy baby brand's intellectual property was sold to cover BBBY's liabilities.

>> No.58478831

Uhhh reddit nigger baggies? Looks like it's dying?

>> No.58478833

So you were incorrect when you said they got bought out.

>> No.58478835

The thing I never understood about any of the BBBY grift is like what actionable items can a consumer do at this point? I cant buy into it at all.

With AMC it was pretty clear they wanted me to dump my GME to buy AMC but now that ship has sailed, I dont understand why even its pushed so heavily

>> No.58478837

>Ryan Cohen has been silent about the plan he is cooking up mainly
It's a good thing because his plans have all failed
>shut the NFT marketplace down, no NFT divvy
>shut down the GME wallet
>closed one of the two Amazon sized fulfillment centers

The only thing he has done right is slashing wagie's compensation and benefits

>> No.58478838

Oh I know where GameStop is going to get the money

>> No.58478843

>Ryan’s plans all fail
Not true, he had a plan to sell children’s books to idiots and it went off without a hitch

>> No.58478844

The IP was sold but the shell of the company was renamed to DK-Butterfly-XX

There are about 17 or so companies all codenamed, which are all different parts of the business like Harmon, baby, Bbby etc. When Fraud is proven then damages from the old board will pay the debt waterfall, if GME owns shares they get a fuck ton of cash plus shares in the new entity, which if it's a controlling share along with the warrants, bonds and other things that RC ventures own, then Ryan owns all the DK-Butterfly effectively. If Teddy then reverse merges as a private firm, buying GME by swapping shares back and forth then it now owns BBBY/Baby and all the NOL's. If the have the NOL's shareholders are made complete. If that's the case, I am going to have Ken Griffin made into a lampshade and Steve Cohen will get the rollocoaster into the grinder for real this time

>> No.58478846

>the “baby shelf”... permits an issuer with $75 million or more in aggregate market value of its... “public float,” to use a Form S-3 registration statement to conduct a primary offering of securities for cash.
>An issuer with less than $75 million in public float may only utilize Form S-3 for a primary offering if the issuer (a) is not a shell company and has not been a shell company for at least the 12 previous calendar months (and if it was a shell company at any time, it must have filed its current Form 10 information at least 12 calendar months previously reflecting it is not a shall company), (b) has at least one class of common equity securities listed on a national securities exchange
>the issuer must identify (and subtract) the number of outstanding shares that are held by “affiliates.”... Most often, but not always, an entity controlled by an officer or director will also be considered an affiliate.
>If an issuer is subject to the baby shelf requirements, it can only sell one-third of its public float during the 12 calendar months immediately prior to the sale...
Interesting, but how do you see this applying to GME, anon? I saw some language that can be tied to TEDDY, but that company has no common equity security listed on a national securities exchange, which means any "baby shelf" action tied to it would be at minimum twelve months away.

>> No.58478848

>I dont understand why even its pushed so heavily
Narcissists can't not take action, even when there is no winning move (a strange game). The concept of a zugzwang, or worse, when there is no action available at all, causes them to physically itch and sperg out on twitter for catharsis.

>> No.58478849

Bitcoin always does that

>> No.58478851
File: 110 KB, 508x504, RC babby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

babby's first buy-out, checked

>> No.58478856

No, bought out is the correct terminology for transferal of an intellectual property.

>> No.58478857
File: 21 KB, 241x248, Inhales your donation.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The thing I never understood about any of the BBBY grift is like what actionable items can a consumer do at this point?
The BBBY "grift" is being kept afloat by pic related.
Because his captive audience are BBBaggies. He needs them to keep on sending him money to watch him curse and give not-financial advice on his YouTube channel. He tried to pivot to GME a few months back but wasn't able to do so because of a backlash from him paypigs. He needs to keep talking about BBBYQ to keep his audience engaged. He can't jump to any other topic aside from BBBY and TEDDY.
Stop listening to he who inhales pennies. It's a way to raise capital. I don't want to jinx it but it will be hilarious if it happens
>what is "it"
Basically GameStop will be selling hedgoids the rope they will hang themselves with.

>> No.58478858

>>58478844 (checked)
I was fishing, but thanks for clarifying.

>> No.58478861
File: 949 KB, 1000x664, 1000009233.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>It appears the game has stopped, Mr. Griffin.

>> No.58478864
File: 1.51 MB, 1768x1189, 148857.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I cant buy into it at all.
>I dont understand why even its pushed so heavily
You failed to pass the test. You will sit at the wobbly table with the children and the shield-maidens. No songs will be sung in your honor.

>> No.58478865

You have zero power here you dumb nigger, your eternal lying, bullshitting, pasta posting and samefagging days have failed you. It's literally ogre for you. You lost. You could have paid attention but still to this day you failed to pass the most basic of cognitive tests. You utter fucking retard

>> No.58478866

>they bought out the IP at auction
Doesn't really feel correct, does it?
>They purchased the IP at auction

>> No.58478868

shut up bitch

>> No.58478871
File: 36 KB, 477x468, 1715643930960617.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58478873

>Stop listening to he who inhales pennies.
Do you mean Lauer? I haven't really been following him, though I do have to credit him for bringing dark pools and alternate trading systems and artificial price discovery and PFOF bids to light. He was instrumental in helping us establish some of today's known fundamentals.
>It's a way to raise capital. I don't want to jinx it but it will be hilarious if it happens
>Basically GameStop will be selling hedgoids the rope they will hang themselves with.
They have $1B COH and virtually no debt, and are continuing to trim the company's liabilities (e.g., underperforming stores). I don't see why they would offer more shares when the goal is to constrain the float while DMMs and their hedgie lapdogs continue to magically conjure and trade millions of synthetic shares.

>> No.58478877

I would ask precisely the same thing about why Niggerfaggot would devote 70% of his fudding fudding a stock that literally no one can buy. The moment I saw him and 45 singing the same tune I knew something was up. They’re literally still invoking it just to fud it when nobody can buy it.

>> No.58478880
File: 160 KB, 590x491, 1715798119545545.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Total gatekeeping nigger death

>> No.58478882

Lauer is just a more sophisticated (read: non-retarded) PP.
> I don't see why they would offer more shares
Because someone (a lot of someones) has to buy them and, as a holding company (Chohen is authorized to slurp whatever stock he sees fit), GameStop needs money in order to slurp and become a BigHoldingCompany (4u)

>> No.58478881

>Doesn't really feel correct, does it?
No it's literally the correct definition, to purchase the entire stock-in-trade and the goodwill of (a business).
You're conflating it to only mean the holding company. Acquiring the exclusive rights to an intellectual property is a buy out.

>> No.58478883

Another sign, no? TEDDY (Ryan) is the CHAIRMAN (of the Board) with a KITTY behind (supporting) him.

I know he likely posted it to mock Cramer but it also seems to serve a higher purpose.

>> No.58478884

>I don't see why they would offer more shares
Wasn't there literally a buy back code that got flagged? Weird to do a share offering while doing a buy back at the same time, especially while having 0 debt and 1bish cash, especially when the CEO in charge of all financial decisions has openly spoen about how odd certain companies buy back policies have historically been. Really massages the macadamias.

>> No.58478885
File: 207 KB, 1290x2335, 5sckl1ywzm0d1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think its pretty clear this is in response to cramer

>> No.58478886
File: 111 KB, 857x900, E0E181EA-73D3-44D8-93F7-C00AE778BD5F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58478889


>> No.58478892

>here's an eight post treatise on why it actually pertains to BBBY

>> No.58478894

Kitty posted PP’s intro music in a tweet today.
Be happy anon, if the BBBaggies are right, this is about to get retarded.

>> No.58478895

Hmm, interesting now that you put it like that. If they want to raise cash for further investments, it could be very interesting. And RC has styled himself as Warren Icahn. Very interesting. I would love for DFV to be on that Board. No one can doubt his ability to dig for treasure.
That is one of the theories, but I think the anon above may be on to something. It's worth considering, at least.

>> No.58478898
File: 610 KB, 1500x1500, 84610.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This words of this hero have been recognized by the All-Father with digits and his deeds shall be glorified in song.

>> No.58478900

>PP’s intro music
Was it PP's intro music though, as in was it his OC? Or did he just pilfer it from somewhere else and then used it as his own?

>> No.58478901
File: 126 KB, 582x923, 128A57E3-79F8-4686-8876-AD4C469E1FE7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone got a Chubb rn?

>> No.58478902

>reeeeeeee no I hate the bbbaggies so much that I a gme holder would be upset if somehow those bbbaggies were right about literally the most obvious hints being thrown at them
It’s almost like they don’t actually hold gme

>> No.58478904

what is PP's

>> No.58478907

>to purchase the entire stock-in-trade
They didn't though, most of that was used to satisfy creditors. The only things bought via auction were branding and copyrights. A buy out would also include liabilities, which would eclipse dream on me's balance sheet significantly.

>> No.58478909

>it's a direct response
>cramer tweeted 2:18 pm 5/15
>roaring kitty tweeted 11:39 am

Damn bro is using his crystal ball again to roast Cramer

>> No.58478910

Arguably BBBYQ’s biggest “influencer”, he does a web show and in person events with Pulte.

>> No.58478911

who cares about the DFV posts...

>> No.58478914

kek even msm is starting to say DFV isn’t what started this. holy shit we really are going to make it. wait until the normies start harassing all the actors from the dumb movie if they haven’t already. then it’ll really be joeover.

>> No.58478915
File: 301 KB, 1196x597, Gamestop Hathaway shareholders meeting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

experiencing percolating liquidity issues

>> No.58478917

If Bbbaggies start the show then they deserve an apology from everyone who shit on them

>> No.58478920
File: 65 KB, 631x842, 1715031533794424.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Wish the best for the bbby guys that they get retribution, but it just doesnt seem to be worth my headspace at all. There's no actionable items for me to take, no way I can invest in it. The only thing they seem to want is my attention. The exact same way that shitty mobile games or modern news articles want. Im probably just gonna buy more gme thanks.

>> No.58478924

I just want everyone to celebrate together. Anyone in the BBBY play should be in GME too. More than I told you so’s I hope to see “you crazy son of a bitch” while on the moon.

>> No.58478927

I wouldn’t blame maxis desu 45 is a truly nefarious nigger. I would just be disappointed that they didn’t figure it out sooner so that we all could collectively join in the I told you so and if I’m completely wrong and I misread all the clues being fed to me we’re all still wagmi in gme.

>> No.58478928

Again you're conflating a buy out to only mean the holding company. They bought out buy buy baby.

>> No.58478930
File: 93 KB, 420x420, hm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If the towelfags miraculously coming back from the dead rapes the hedgies even harder, I'm all for it. However, until something actually happens I'd rather not hear about a dead stock in the gme thread. Is that too much to ask for?

>> No.58478931

Fair enough, can’t jump in can’t jump out. The only reason you should give a fuck if you want is because if BBBY is right you win extra hard on GME.
>Probably gonna buy more GME
Right there with you brother.

>> No.58478932

There was a time when you could’ve bought some shares for literal cents.

>> No.58478933
File: 9 KB, 171x176, 1633148406278.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>BBBaggies acting like they're somehow a part of what's going on here, and shitting up the thread with the same copy/paste garbage as usual
has the stock shot up in value recently or something? oh wait..

>> No.58478937

If RKKG wasn’t plugging ppsneed I’d agree with you

>> No.58478940

Anon, Chubb is an insurer, a big one at that. It provides mostly specialty and commercial insurance policies (trucking/shipping is what I personally know). It's highly likely they sold a policy to BBBY when it was still alive and was not paid what was owed to it. Berkshire Hathaway also sells insurance policies, except Berkshire also sells consumer policies (home/auto/small business) so they have a wider base. However, BH also sells commercial policies. Buying shares of your competitor to eventually get a controlling stake (and later acquire it to extinction) is how you corner your portion of your market.
It's the byproduct of autism.

>> No.58478943

>Action movie fight scene, protag somehow getting choked out, reaching for weapon
>Weaker sidekick (BBBY) hits villain on the back of the head but gets BTFO'd immediately
>Protag recovers, finishes fight

>> No.58478945

Is it possible with the LEAPS expiring that the plan was to unwind all of the shorts but this sudden surge in hypes literally make it so the hedge funds cant unwind without critical losses? IE they unwin in such a way as to not show their hand and it was ruined by memes?

>> No.58478947

You literally can’t lose. If BBBY was wrong you can smug post and if BBBY was right you get exponentially more gains on GME. The only thing you potentially missed was Towel money but you should have Game money anyway. Just be comfy and enjoy the tinfoil while we ride on up.

>> No.58478948

>plugging ppsneed
Did he make that intro music though, or did he find it elsewhere?

>> No.58478951

Lol bbby baggies lost all their money and are never getting it back

>> No.58478952

The exactly my theory. I fully believe the timing in this recent run, the return of DFV and the start of 2 crucial trials that will lead to discovery are not a coinkydink.

>> No.58478953

It would be one hell of a coincidence I guess. The music is from a video game though:

>> No.58478954
File: 164 KB, 220x220, 1654010359271.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nobody ever recognizes that whether you have 1 or 999999 shares, you will not make it unless you have the WAGMI mindset.
Fear is the mind killer Frens.

>> No.58478956
File: 81 KB, 1080x1080, 58471.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58478957
File: 1.66 MB, 3176x2748, 1688323849601415.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't want an apology I'll have more money than most maxis and some of them, being autistic as fuck, will seethe forever about it. Still, it's better to be a retarded maxi than a retarded newb trader getting fucking wrecked on all the other basket sideplays. Although now that I think about it, maybe that's why someone would be a retarded maxi to begin with lol

>> No.58478959

I highly doubt king BBBaggie made it himself
However if it wasn’t a direct reference would be too much of a coincidence to be plausibly believable

>> No.58478960

Could also add to the theory that GameStop will announce something new but the news leaked and that''s what really caused the hype stock surge. Giga cohencidence

>> No.58478962

Yup. It'll start next week.
Pre-market friday at the earliest.

>> No.58478964

It is not an original song.
It is however a heck of a “coincidence”.

>> No.58478967

Bought out means "bought outright". Explain how someone can but only the IP outright.

>> No.58478970

What a cope. Get fucked hedgies and msm journos

>> No.58478971

>it's plausible
I was going to make a joke about the elements of BBBY "DD", but that has been run to the ground.

>> No.58478973

what the hell is the Cohen Crunch? nobody has called it that so far. is DFV actually predicting the future?

>> No.58478975

Yes anon were sort of talking about what GameStop/RC are going to announce. It’s what’s got the glowniggers so antsy. It’s why we’re seeing government intervention fud and price anchoring. I swear I hadn’t seen that form of fud in months.

>> No.58478977

>Bought out means "bought outright".
>Explain how someone can but only the IP outright.
By buying the exclusive rights to the IP.

>> No.58478979

Hedgies in a death spiral.

>> No.58478980

So not outright then. Thanks for playing.

>> No.58478981
File: 1.48 MB, 2220x932, anon_stream.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where's the stream?

>> No.58478984

>So not outright then.
No. Exclusively means the IP was bought outright by the acquiring company.

They bought out buy buy baby, not BBBY.

>> No.58478985
File: 139 KB, 986x705, WAGMI cereal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Cohen Crunch

>> No.58478986

Because there are no assets and all that’s left is basically a trademark. Baby as an IP might have some value simply because it’s literally “Baby”
Imagine if Sneed went out of business because his seeds and feed went bad. Would you pay for the rights to the Sneed IP? Of course you would

>> No.58478988

I havent sold me shares yet and dont plan to anytime soon because I am somewhat of a MOASS truther but I gotta say, you cant unironically believe the single share price to go up to 8 digits. Do people not realize how fucking insane a 10 million dollar share would be? Even if the hedgies are forced to buy at even 1 million where would the money to pay it off come from? Nothing on earth can cover these costs. I dont see the peak being above 1000. 10000 if things go apeshit.
I mean, 10 million? What the absolute fuck? Thats like a 1000x the total crypto market for one single company. No one anyone believes that unironically.

>> No.58478994

based and freepilled!!!

>> No.58478996

I want to make it clearr that I'm not replying for your benefit, because you are clearly retarded, but for the other anons who may be reading this, to summarise, a part of the whole is not the whole (obviously). So buying a slice of an apple (the IP) does not mean that you have bought and are iable for the debt of the company (the rest of the fucking apple). Therefore, outright (Definition: wholly and completely), does not mean a part of the company seperate from the rest of the obligations, and in fact it means the exact fucking opposite.

>> No.58478998

I've always said that if there is truly a diamond-handed wall of traders that refuse to sell, it'll just result in government intervention that gives everyone enough money that only the true loonies will still be upset that they couldn't hold to the point of global armageddon.

>> No.58479002

And if you haven’t DRSs you are NGMI

>> No.58479003

And what happened when Sneed(Enron) was proven to have defrauded investors?

>> No.58479005

There were assets, everything asaociated with buy buy baby went to dream on me and everything else went to Overstock who then rebranded to make use of the more recognizable brand name.

>> No.58479007

Kitty said hold sign until further notice. That implies a notice, I think we’ll know when to make a move.

>> No.58479009
File: 138 KB, 1198x826, Black Frog.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Checked. I do nigger. It's their problem to figure out, not mine.
Capcha: MAY GP

>> No.58479013

>Therefore, outright (Definition: wholly and completely), does not mean a part of the company seperate from the rest of the obligations
Again, they bought out Buy Buy Baby. In totality, assets, liabilities etc. Not BBBY.

>> No.58479018

Outright is a legal definition for (((fucking everything))), debt, liabilities, furniture, everything. You can pick and choose what to buy, it's literally just called buying. If you wanted to "buy outright" that means you're taking everything. There was no buy out, but portions of the company (IP) were bought. It's not hard to understand.

>> No.58479020
File: 1.20 MB, 1801x894, for_valued_user.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.58479021

Years of litigation and shareholders get dick.

>> No.58479022
File: 69 KB, 736x471, 15648962400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

autists, assemble

>> No.58479023

>you wanted to "buy outright" that means you're taking everything.
And they did, everything associated with Buy Buy Baby.

>> No.58479025
File: 116 KB, 1080x956, Screenshot_20240515_172154_Brave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Market makers are already playing with more money than the entire global GDP by inventing debt and trading that like an asset. It can go as high as I want.

>> No.58479032
File: 25 KB, 526x526, the-owner-of-the-photo-said-i-suddenly-woke-up-at-night-and-v0-wdsc5kuwxtzc1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just stopping by to say WAGMI.

>> No.58479035
File: 50 KB, 640x610, 254FB083-AD70-4178-A788-71AB30D2BA4F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kitty post:
Source video:

Skip to 3:30 on the second video for a laugh :3

>> No.58479039

For how much, again?

>> No.58479041
File: 419 KB, 1170x522, IMG_8786.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You’re misinformed about one of those details. I can wait for the other but can the people who are connected to that fraud also wait if they were also at once involved in the same scam(celler boxing) with gme?

>> No.58479042
File: 624 KB, 500x375, 1715731878153595.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sir this is an infinity squeeze

>> No.58479043
File: 71 KB, 850x400, 08372.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This Brunnmigi explained it many winters ago when you were but a whelp.

>> No.58479044

Found it

>> No.58479046
File: 181 KB, 1170x217, IMG_8787.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58479052

$15.5 million.

>> No.58479054

Were they made whole?

>> No.58479055

Money isn’t real fren. Someone made it up a long time ago.

>> No.58479061
File: 130 KB, 1326x514, Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 01.28.18.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No that was just for the trademark and digital assets. Also how did Dream on me somehow find 15.5 mil when their revenue is only 25?

>> No.58479062

Me personally? I’m buying a Nissan GTR

>> No.58479068


He says in the stream "It's not a short squeeze."
So, what is it then, gamma ramp? He says it's all AH

>> No.58479069

You with little faith. Simply put: it is not. Our. Problem. They have to find a way to pay.

>> No.58479072

I’m not sure about that but I know that if I do get a payout for my bbby somehow before moass I will be buying a whole lot more gme with it. You’re welcome for that if you actually do hold the stock.

>> No.58479075

TowelCHADS… I fucking kneel…

>> No.58479077

Whats it gonna do tomorrow??

>> No.58479081

Dumb you should reinvest

>> No.58479083
File: 909 KB, 524x480, 1616112020044.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58479088

Here’s the roadmap:

>> No.58479089

Dump back to $20

>> No.58479091
File: 22 KB, 248x249, 1614695998467.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unironically 2 more weeks

>> No.58479092

based and same. Either a GTR or a lexus LC500 with a liberty walk kit on it

>> No.58479095

>if I do get a payout for my bbby
So instead of using the money to buy more GME, you bought BBBY, and are now banking on maybe getting something back, to then buy more GME?

>> No.58479096

below $30

>> No.58479097

Imagine the slurps…
Genuinely we’re in the timeframe when the real two more weeks has either already passed or is just about to happen.

>> No.58479100
File: 409 KB, 1000x1200, moona.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We'll be on the moona by Joona

>> No.58479105

Nigger I bought bbby with literal cents. I wasn’t buying any gme with that. Also the clues were to obvious. You can’t be mad at me for being schizo enough to notice.

>> No.58479108

Be great to have a moass in time for my birfday next month

>> No.58479110
File: 82 KB, 554x496, 1657167922930.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You mean Androoomeda, fren.

>> No.58479115

Sounds like you just have low impulse control

>> No.58479122

Me me me... my birthday is next month guys! Are you 5?

>> No.58479128

Welcome to the Fray

>> No.58479129

>RK keeps posting about patience and waiting and loss of control.

I’m liking this new season.

>> No.58479130

Meh. I’m also autistic and notice patterns better than most people. Like a notorious glownigger teling me what and what not to do. Once I realized that the same person fudding the infinity pool, fudding government intervention, pretending to be an insider to get me to form an llc was also completely unprompted bringing up bbby I figured it out.

>> No.58479135

I stopped celebrating my birthday at 25. I hate being the center of attention and tell my friends not to give me gifts. I know some 30+ year olds who still go mental about their birthdays. They seem like man children to me.

>> No.58479136

Fat tranny baker got lost looking for his mommy's teeth

>> No.58479137

>I figured it out
By buying BBBY?
>it was just cents doe
>he didn't buy at 5

>> No.58479143

Yes. Now cry about another man’s investments.

>> No.58479142

>No that was just for the trademark and digital assets.
Ie Buy Buy Baby.

And they would have borrowed from a commercial lender.

>> No.58479144

>about another man’s investments.
You mean former investments

>> No.58479145

So that's everything? Are you saying they wouldn't also need to buy inventory for example, or leases?

>> No.58479147

I can smell the cum on your post dear boy, grow fuck up already.

>> No.58479152

You.. you.. like to smell cum?

>> No.58479153

We’ve literally already gone through Enron. Are you going to continue being disingenuous? While we’re at it can I ask why you would spend as much time as I know you have in a thread for stock you never bought? You needed to kek baggies that bad? It’s gonna be real awkward what comes next.

>> No.58479155
File: 35 KB, 112x112, 1648772202698.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been gone from these threads for 2 years, why is the combo dominated by a bankrupt stock that doesn't exist anymore?

>> No.58479156

If they’re still doubting after the hints today they are shills or emotionally invested in not seeing. Don’t worry, they’ll see what’s up very soon.

>> No.58479158

It’s the fragrance fat batty boys give off when you pass them in the public the aroma, always the same.

>> No.58479159

The bear was posted at 2:31pm chicken-butt

>> No.58479161

DFV out there riling up the baggies and decided to rope the BBBaggies into it as well. Why, we'll never know. It seems mean spirited after what Ryan Cohen did. A man died

>> No.58479163
File: 167 KB, 659x525, phteven.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

watched the first hour on 2x speed (shit is 5hrs.. I'll let the reddit autists find something more tangible and wait for it to circulate) but from what I've seen:

>talking about his short squeeze thesis
>saying the price action at that time (went up similar to what just happened this week) was definitely not because of a squeeze (which I'm schizo guessing means "this current price action isn't a 'squeeze' either" maybe? not that I thought it was but I think MSM was pumping articles saying it was)
>laughing at bears talking shit and doubting the stock
>praising Cohen a lot
>talks about first part of his thesis where Gamestop pays off all their debt and has tons of cash to spend
>second part of thesis is Gamestop reinvents itself (within the gaming industry however, doesn't specify mergers or anything like that)
>says the market doesn't care what fair value is, it can run above it if it feels like it

my own note, the stock exploded 16 days after this video (not saying it's a countdown by any means, just more info)

>> No.58479165
File: 77 KB, 909x656, 1852C4AE-9028-4425-A96D-C954B84CC94C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because we know GME is going to the moon soon, the more interesting discussion is if the towelheads are involved.
And to be fair, the hints were fucking spicy today.

>> No.58479166

A bbbbaggie roped?

>> No.58479169

>already gone through Enron
Uhuh. So Enron shareholders got some restitution a decade or so later. Unknown if they were made whole.
>can I ask why you would spend as much time as I know you have in a thread for stock you never bought?
But this is a GME thread?

>> No.58479170

Gustavo Arnal fell to his death from an office building. Ryan Cohen was seen in the vicinity at the time. The whole thing reeks but was quickly swept under the rug. It's a big tribe and we aren't in it

>> No.58479171

how many true diamond hand apes are there in the world? 100k?

>> No.58479172

Are those the hands of bbby holders?

>> No.58479174
File: 1.30 MB, 245x165, 6FA8CE4C-2DDE-41CE-AED9-57025F420C0E.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rumours of Keith/45’s death appear to have been exaggerated

>> No.58479175


>> No.58479176

I’m not talking about this thread Todd.

>> No.58479177
File: 3.60 MB, 3000x2754, schizoemoji.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If we're playing schizo, I think I found somthing in one of his videos:


At :47 there is a string of emoji's that run by the screen really fast. but I noticed somthing about them. They are using the emoji's in discord but theres errors in some of them. and there are small editing tweaks on them. They may be just errors or maybe theres now an RoaringKittyARG.

Most of the emojis use twitter/discords image set but there are some differences and most interestingly there are some he actively edited. any schizo's want to take a crack?

>> No.58479180

It’s the match that starts the fire, fren.

>> No.58479190

Is this not just copium for bag holders of a non existent stock?

>> No.58479191

Stock exploded 16 days after the video. The picture he posted was of stock price of 31. May 31 is 16 days after he posted the screen shot. Just so happens to be a Friday.

>> No.58479194

Black Friday

>> No.58479196
File: 1.78 MB, 480x366, ohyes.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58479199
File: 160 KB, 592x490, 65B9DF94-6DCA-4249-8DEE-3280233FD191.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nope, I am sitting comfy no matter what BBBY does. It’ll be double comfy if it goes the way of the towel though.

>> No.58479201

>wow this anon who always uses the same file names and has lied on multiple occasions about gme is now posting about bbby
>im sure he’s truthful and has no ulterior motive for whatever he’s saying since it’s too long and I didn’t read

>> No.58479204
File: 368 KB, 668x812, that.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58479209

Referenced by Kitty today btw

>> No.58479212
File: 15 KB, 602x278, DA0D8E5C-1B30-4CB3-9DBC-3DFE22D3430A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No matter what happens now, Wall Street will Founder, a day, 2 at most. All of this will be penny stocks.

>> No.58479215
File: 97 KB, 1086x378, thanks for the donation.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>lied on multiple occasions about gme
Such as?

>> No.58479224

Looks like I need to write up a shopping list

>> No.58479225


>> No.58479228

no dates but market impacting announcement by rcio on 5/17
this is why he couldn't buy the dip

>> No.58479230


>> No.58479231

There is so much more to that story lmao

>> No.58479237

My pet dog told me in a dream I had last night that the MOASS window is between 5/17 and EoM.

>> No.58479238

>no dates
>puts date

kill yourself

>> No.58479242

>fucking wrecked on all the other basket sideplays
You guys got fucked harder than AMC and literally brainwashed yourselves into thinking you didn't

>> No.58479243

5/17 is where all the tinfoil is at for something to go down.

>> No.58479245

just speculation of course but the dd on SS seems tight

>> No.58479246

We will know who was right very soon.

>> No.58479248
File: 48 KB, 621x585, 4fc~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't stop shidding

>> No.58479252

If your play was completely dependent on gme why didn't you just buy gme?

>> No.58479255

be careful, logic doesn't work on them

>> No.58479258


>> No.58479259

What's the point in even talking about if you can't even buy the stock or retrieve the stock?

>> No.58479260

>Are you saying they wouldn't also need to buy inventory for example
No it's their preexisting products that'd have been sold on consignment.
Those are BBBY's responsibility not Buy Buy Baby.

>> No.58479267

>no dates
>by rcio on 5/17
Literal AMCnogs except blue.
See >>58478857

>> No.58479270

what is this dd called? still on the front page of it SS?

>> No.58479274

all of DFVs tweets compiled into one video for any autist out there that doesn’t want to sleep tonight

>> No.58479279

>Kais O'keef
what a timeline

>> No.58479281
File: 445 KB, 588x742, 1625361842370.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did we ever figure out why DFV tweeted u/AVOCADO-IN-MY-ANUS?

>> No.58479284

Reposting and fuck u

>5 billion in debt down to 500 million
>billions in NOLs
>buybuybaby worth billions
>Teddy trademarked for baby stuff
>Fraud investigation into BBBY board
>Judge for BBBY chapter 11 mentions retail owning majority of the bonds which is highly unusual (ryan cohen)
>Ryan cohen mentioned as a creditor, debtor, and on other shit in the bankruptcy dockets
>BBBY second most shorted stock after GME.
>Bankruptcy annouced, BBBY trading for multiples its shares outstanding
>GME owns a security they have to report unrealized losses on despite not selling

Ryan is not letting BBBY fucking die and taking the L in the shorts war

>> No.58479287

What if you're autistic plus you're a Greek God physically? Is that like double retarded?

>> No.58479289

>Why now of all weeks would you think anyone in this general wants to talk about this batshit nonsense?

Because GME is finally popping off but we need something to deliver the killshot like an m/a.

Larry bought shares. Ryan didn't. Why? What's Ryan up to that he didn't buy before this massive run up? Is something stopping him from insider buying?

DFV said on video his biggest regret was not buying BBBY.

BBBY will have a successful chapter 11 emergence and if DFV discloses a BBBY position it'll break the internet. Obviously pure speculation.

I hold GME and have strong conviction in BBBY returning

>> No.58479291

>44.84% short volume.
>47.69% off exchange.

>> No.58479294

So what will DFV's posting pattern be tomorrow? I'd be shocked if he somehow still has enough videos to post more than every 15 minutes.

>> No.58479295

GME + BBBY pincer attack on shorts.
Believe or don't believe idgaf. Recent fraud investigation on the BBBY board members will further aid in resurrecting the company. Not to mention RC being in the play via bonds.

>GME owns a a security they must report unrealized losses on even though they didn't sell

Its fucking BBBY

Also GME elitists don't understand BBBY is the fucking pincer attack on shorts you retards. The holders overlap between the two stocks. RC never abandoned retail and did not rug pull BBBY. He had to go through the backdoor via Chapter 11 to acquire BBBY because he couldn't get it from the front door. Killshot soon.

All I'm saying is BBBY will return because it's a GME that flew under the radar as in its an idiosyncratic risk 2.0.

Ryan's not gonna fumble and let this ticker go when he can get his buybuybaby which he said is worth billions plus fuck shorts even harder in the stock basket.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

>> No.58479297

DFV also referenced Teddy in his reply to Jim Cramer with a Teddy bear sitting on a chair with another Teddy bear on the side.

One of his tweets had the song bye bye baby (buy buy baby)

He referenced ppseeds intro music

His Radiohead tweet has a baby card in hand


>> No.58479299

How the fuck can you have an open position on a non existent stock? Go start a BBBY general

>> No.58479301

Can someone give me a QRD on why some people are putting so much faith into BBBY? What exactly is the goldmine that comes with buying a home decor outlet and/or a baby clothes store? What about that appeals to a future-focused visionary?

>> No.58479303
File: 62 KB, 705x356, image_2024-05-15_223914974.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

your stock has 305m shares?
prove it
did you verify the NYSE execution on your local machine, using a time stamped server with signatures?
if not, then they can make 9999999m shares with impunity, you're just trusting that they won't commit fraud

>> No.58479307

you're playing a rigged game
you're seeing them rig the game in front of you
but you want to keep playing

>> No.58479309

I refuse to believe anyone who previously held BBBY is doing this. It's either the Snorter of Loose Change and his dwindling entourage or cheeky bored holder(s) having a giggle.

>> No.58479310

I had several thousand bbby shares and them shits are gone. How would gme receive value even if they did some crazy debt extuingishment

>> No.58479312


>> No.58479316


>> No.58479317
File: 513 KB, 530x299, truman.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58479325
File: 120 KB, 641x551, your move.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If it was actually rigged this all would have ended in 2021. I like buying the video game store stock because it makes people mad and the price can jump more than 100% in a single day, both of which are very funny to me.

>> No.58479330

This. A true MOASS would result in a lot of cash in a lot of hands. The real economy can bear the odd non-productive billionaire here and there. But adding several hundred thousand billionaires would crash the value of the dollar--even if that money didn't have to be printed. Suddenly, you would have hundreds of billions of dollars previously dollars sitting in hedge funds, now chasing consumer and luxury goods. Prices would skyrocket due to demand; that 15 million dollar yacht you had your eye on will now be 150 million dollars.

Smart people will immediately buy and bury physical gold, silver; invest in bluechip stocks, and property after selling GME during the MOASS.

>> No.58479331

not funny
how many times did you get halted yesterday?
how do you know they're not just cooking the entire CLOB?
you don't
you just cry "naked short" without any transparency

>> No.58479336

Not to mention he referenced a movie that had Bed Bath and Beyond as a plot point.
Gonna get weird, that’s for sure.

>> No.58479337

That sounds like a big problem, thankfully it isn’t mine

>> No.58479339

>If it was actually rigged

doesn't the shares DRS'ed + outstanding shares shorted not add up ?
it's 100% rigged
+ you're getting MEV raped on every halt

>> No.58479344
File: 245 KB, 805x798, Screenshot_20240516_115319_Samsung Internet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We have transparency. OCC report came out.

If it was hopeless, their naked shorting would be unnecessary.

>Pee pee poo poo captcha

>> No.58479347

>that 15 million dollar yacht you had your eye on will now be 150 million dollars.
Oh no!

>> No.58479348

Good catch, forgot to mention that one

>> No.58479349
File: 44 KB, 735x907, smug revy turtleneck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hello fellow anons let me use a bunch of specific phrases over and over again including slightly out of context to convince you it's over

>> No.58479350
File: 9 KB, 700x500, apu_shrug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So? What do you want me to do? I'll just keep holding until I can sell at the price I want to. Seems like it bothers you more than it does anyone else. It's already gone from 10 to 80 this month. If they want to drop it back down to 10, I'll just buy more.

>> No.58479351

once again I ask who are you talking to? are you typing and posting your stream of consciousness while bouncing questions off a schizophrenia induced hallucination of a dimly lit corner demon?

>> No.58479360
File: 391 KB, 650x650, 1715724122815052.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He's either a bot or a shill. Here he is fudding DRS in another thread.


>> No.58479361

I enjoy bothering hedgies even more than I enjoy making money. If I make money, that’s just a bonus. No fear, no anger, I’m a buying and holding machine. Wherever I am, I must delete hedgie.

>> No.58479364
File: 598 KB, 1130x630, TRIM THE HEDGIE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I yearn for a world without hedgies

>> No.58479376
File: 1.49 MB, 338x338, cat-vs-cucumber6.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Kenny jumping out a window when he sees a humungous vertical green candle Friday PM

>> No.58479392

Would MOASS really end the financial system? Like how bad are we talking? Everybody losing their jobs and retirement plans? Housing market crash? Food shortages?

>> No.58479394

Ever seen that Chappelle show skit about the blacks and reparations? Itll be like that but with whites is what your saying?

>> No.58479395

Not my problem.

>> No.58479407

All of the above and most importantly the destruction of the illegitimate state of Israel

>> No.58479411
File: 219 KB, 608x741, What Hodling for 2 years does to a MF&#039;r.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't fucking care anymore. The rest of the world can suffer for all I care.
These vaxxed, tyrannical, nigger-cattle can reap the rewards of their ignorance.
As long as I can take care of me and mine, I'll manage.

>> No.58479415
File: 74 KB, 210x194, 1423941824015.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no matter what ANYONE says, what anyone posts, what anyone does. I will just buy, hold and enjoy living absolutely rent free in hedgies brains. Seethe. That is all.

dont @ me

>> No.58479416

back to $70?

>> No.58479421

>no one brings up bbby
>you do anyway
But why?

>> No.58479422


>> No.58479427

Because I was told time and time again that BBBY is GME related and we can talk about it in these threads.

>> No.58479428

I only own 200 shares but I enjoy hanging out with you guys. would need this stock to hit quadruple digits before I would consider selling

>> No.58479430

Wgaf? That's only $280 per share pre-split. We're not even talking srs bsns until we're at $250/share

>> No.58479432

I want the world to burn too, I just want an idea because in my head if it gets truly bad it increases the chance of government horseshit trying to reign us in. It effects what my immediate next moves will be when it happens. Like that other anon said, I'll will be making some quick purchases of good assets.

>> No.58479438

>There's no actionable items for me to take, no way I can invest in it.

There is if you're genuinely interested. Which is buying BBBY bonds. Only Etrade and IBKR have them.

I have a fat stack of pure book DRSed GME, fat stack of BBBY bonds, and BBBY shares.

>> No.58479447

>Inb4 im distracting you from GME

I don't give a shit what you do or don't do.

BBBY chads will be vindicated and the unnecessary hostility between GME and BBBY shareholders will be squashed, which many of whom overlap in their owned stock.

You autists will learn superstonk made you think BBBY was a distraction and fell for their psyops. Anons who saw through their bullshit lies didn't. Same with on biz

>> No.58479449

>6 blogposts to say buy bonds of a company literally being taken apart and sold in pieces as we speak
How do you propose they honor the bonds with no source of long term income?

>> No.58479453

These are kinds of posts that tell me you’re are not here in good faith.

>> No.58479458

>Smart people will immediately buy and bury physical gold, silver; invest in bluechip stocks, and property after selling GME during the MOASS.
money isn’t made, it’s transferred. most people lurking these threads the past 3 years, like me, already have their plans on what they’ll do with it. reinvesting into blue chips, back into gme, property or precious metals is a common theme everytime it’s been brought up. things might get scary at first but they will go back to normal as everyone starts spending the money. and unlike billionaires that just hoard their money, most people holding want to enjoy. shit, redditors alone are going to go broke in a few years with all the countless charity and shit they’ll be spending the money on. so if this was a shill attempt at price anchoring, please feel free to suck my colon through a straw in my asshole.

>> No.58479459
File: 68 KB, 440x440, Weasel_words.svg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You are a weasel. Noone has said that on any occasion. Time and time again we told you it was a distraction stick. It was only 6.6% shorted while GME was 226% (prior to this week)

>> No.58479462

unless we gap right over it

>> No.58479470
File: 39 KB, 453x576, 133704919024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58479480

>you’re are not here in good faith.
As far as some shekel sniffer's interests are concerned, you are correct.

>> No.58479496
File: 21 KB, 448x538, GLnZL9BXMAENjzi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based, however I do not give a fuck about your stock in my stock threads unless they become intrinsically linked. Until then its all speculation and it can fuck off.

>> No.58479497

He’s literally being sarcastic. If you don’t realize what he’s doing you may be a victim of his psyop.

>> No.58479498

>It's the Ryan Cohen's an assassin fud again
Keep it up and you'll be next, goy.

>> No.58479502

what does the new dfv post means bros
i think hes actually from the future

>> No.58479505


>> No.58479506
File: 1 KB, 125x71, 1642216618598s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>my stock
My stock is GME

>> No.58479509

Your question has already been answered by others in this very thread.

>> No.58479511

Cuz I do what I want, bitch.

>> No.58479512
File: 481 KB, 750x750, 1666961339661808.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

where the fuck is the baker

>> No.58479516
File: 52 KB, 480x372, 080808.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Like Jörmungandr the World Serpent, this Brunnmigi system of credit will eat itself. We are merely those given the means to feast and share the meat with our kin before it births itself anew. You are charged with sheltering others from Ragnarök. Will you meet this challenge with mighty deeds worthy of song or prove yourself just as loathsome as the Brunnmigi?

>> No.58479518


>> No.58479523
File: 7 KB, 210x230, st,small,215x235-pad,210x230,f8f8f8.lite-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are some good Blue-Chip stocks to buy after MOASS?
GME is literally my first investment, BTW.

>> No.58479525

>some good Blue-Chip stocks
land with water rights and fertile soil that is close to a decent school district and commercial center

>> No.58479527

Don't care. Not buying Defunct Baggie Bond. BBBY holders who fell for the distraction and went all in and later had emotional breakthroughs resulting in shitting up threads that do not relate to them with their delusions fell for Social Darwinism.

The fact they simply don't start from square one and buy GME again is telling enough.

>> No.58479528


>> No.58479529

This is why MOASS will never happen. The hodlers aren't good or righteous, they just want to see the world burn. Evil will not win

>> No.58479530

DJT, GTII and FNGR for more short squeeze plays after GME

>> No.58479533

>so you mean to tell me
>there are anons here
>arguing all night
>about a towel store that no longer exists
>and you expect me to just ignore that?

>> No.58479534

Crazy how this stock is my only hope. Scary but yet so, so, so comfy knowing what I know about this stock. I don't know what'd I do without it desu.

>> No.58479537

Wanting an evil corrupt system to break is not evil.

>> No.58479540

They're all gonna squeeze with GME. Every shorts collateral is gonna fuckin die and force them to close

>> No.58479541
File: 640 KB, 1800x1400, IMG_7199.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


t. corporate lawyerfag

>> No.58479543

It's going to drop back to $10 and he'll go radio silent, his pump and dump complete

>> No.58479544

He's been slacking off. He got used to when discussion slowed down and having to bake a thread every couple of days.

>> No.58479547

But wanting the innocent people living inside of it to suffer is. The robots were the good guys in the matrix

>> No.58479549

amc was shorted more than gme but you fags said it was a distraction anyway.

>> No.58479551

I don’t want shit faggot. All I said was it’s not my problem.

>> No.58479552
File: 95 KB, 940x936, 1674133495505088.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>*dilutes in your path*

>> No.58479556

Would it be sacrilegious for someone other than the Baker to bake the new bread?

>> No.58479557

You should be in the hedgies thread telling them this…… oh wait.

>> No.58479559

every time amc was diluted in the past a squeeze proceeded it

>> No.58479563

>The Robots were the good guys
Go fuck yourself, bud. Pro-human future, one GME at a time. Christ is King.

>> No.58479565
File: 293 KB, 309x840, i01_079.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58479566
File: 92 KB, 425x227, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

After MOASS I'm going 100% back into game at whatever price we fall to.

>> No.58479568
File: 132 KB, 1549x649, I can&#039;t Squeeze.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>every time amc was diluted in the past a squeeze proceeded it
one, weird way to say "followed it"
two, point where

>> No.58479571

am I a coomer i I saw a megaman-x themed dildo

>> No.58479579
File: 113 KB, 768x1024, 18561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Begone Grendel, 'fore you and your cursed mother suffer the wrath of the righteous!

>> No.58479581
File: 117 KB, 1080x2340, Burry LEAP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

was looking through my old gme folder and found that Burry was talking about LEAPS years ago. Does this mean anything to anyone?

>> No.58479587

it's not unusual, esl kun

>> No.58479592
File: 51 KB, 782x1024, IMG_3106.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58479594

I’ll make sure to put in a good word for you during the revolution

>> No.58479604
File: 182 KB, 760x955, Screenshot_20240516_131229_Samsung Internet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shut up, bitch.

>> No.58479609
File: 210 KB, 1280x720, Lift Cannon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.58479611

This. The people who currently run the world economy have our best interests at heart at the end of the day. They have the weight of the world on their shoulders yet they make a comfortable life possible for the rest of us. The kings of yore did not ensure their subjects had access education and healthcare and opportunities to better your station in life. When you NEETs steal this money, what will you to do better the world? Nothing. You are greedy, lazy, unintelligent racists who don’t deserve a dime.

>> No.58479700

DFV also referenced Teddy in his reply to Jim Cramer with a Teddy bear sitting on a chair with another Teddy bear on the side.

One of his tweets had the song bye bye baby (buy buy baby)

He referenced ppseeds intro music

His Radiohead tweet has a baby card in hand

Not to mention he referenced a movie that had Bed Bath and Beyond as a plot point.


Maybe another anon can link each line to the specific tweet but I dont have time for that shit

>> No.58479824

Fuck off with this shit BBBY is canceled and not coming back. Buy buy baby was sold off to some private firm that has nothing to do with GME or RC.