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does anyone know a good way to kill your self?

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are you in like middle school and are playing with your allowance money or something? I had more money than that in my school lunch account in the early 2000's

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zoomers having a breakdown over $200

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i thought the GME/AMC boom would make me a millionaire. it happened for other people. why not me.

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Post nudes

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They were true believers who bought before the pump.
People like that get to dumb on noobs and paper hands who only started paying attention after the original holders' bull case already played out

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it’s just not fair dude. my recruiter lied to me and said i would get a 40k bonus army (didn’t get). i got into a financially abusive lesbian relationship right after i joined and lost all my savings from basic. my parents used to beat me. ITS NOT FAIR ITS NOT FAIR ITS NOT FUCKING FAIR!

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The tried and true method is to go all-in on Chainlink and then let the price action slowly kill you.

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whats that

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>it's not all bad
>everyone else is broke too!
Aim higher retard
Post tits

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>got into a financially abusive lesbian relationship

WTF is this larp

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can i copy your trades please dude please

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Don't do it anon, you will get back on track in no time
Godspeed desu

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Sure, just buy, hold and stake BNB until September 2025.

Good luck lil fella.

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>OP assblasted over $17
don't even bother investing before 25 and with less than $10k

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>copy trades.
If you looking for a money shot. BB looks ripe for a long call.

Sorry about your shit life bud, life really is unfair.

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what are you some boring accountant who has never been in a financially abusive lesbian relationship?

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>lesbian relationship is abusive
color me shocked. SHOCKED

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thank you friend. who do i need to make friends with to know when a stock will go up in value like that again?