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Native frog of Twitch going to millions and people who were late to Apu are going to be late again. Biz never learns.

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APU is the only /biz/ coin

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What coin? Just fucking tell me so I can throw $500 at it. And is it eth or base?

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okayeg on base. Dyor.

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you guys fumbled hard launching on base, the scam chain

if you were on eth id throw 100k in it, why would I put a penny it's just waiting to rug like everything else on that curry chain

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CB smart wallet and base summer are ahead of us. Good times to be on Base.

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This. I've grown tired of base. Nothing sustains in that chain, everything goes crashing back down and then crabs.
Until I hear real info about the wallet, like a concrete release date, I'm going to just ignore base for now. That's literally the only thing propping up base coins and at this point it's just vaporware.

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What's wrong being on ETH? APU and PEPE seem to have zero problems, you don't know for a fact if base will get a pump because of a wallet

"base summer" what the fuck is this cheerleading term

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I have my Eth on Base because the fees are 1000x cheaper than the skeleton’s chain. Fuck paying $10 to send tokens.

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I bought this at the absolute bottom when it dumped somewhere around $100k mc… I only threw like $100 at it though so it hardly matters. Kek. I still like seeing it go up though. I like the frogs

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Everything is cyclical in crypto. The other anon is right. Base summer will be a thing and we’ll pump a bunch of retarded shitcoins to retarded levels there. This is a good bet. Bananas too imo.

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You mentioning that banana coin eliminates all your credibility, didn't they get proven over and over to be dumping on the community? you fuckers swallowed anything they said like yes men. If you're gonna win anyone over don't throw yourself under the bus.

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Yeah maybe… it’s the only other base coin I have so I plugged it. I don’t live in the tg or have any idea what being said there. Don’t really care

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If you’re buying memes on Base, Toshi is the only one I’d put money in. It’s a legit company with a real team and a huge community. They are developing real blockchain utilities as well. Toshi is the name. Toshi is the ticket. The cat is blue. Bid the blue cat.

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Imagine missing out on this retarded looking frog

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ashbie to the moon!!

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I hope not, besides frogs I still have a couple of dogs to sell, I'm still waiting for dexview to give me the signal for that

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Source on this?

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not a terrible argument however there is a distinction btwn base and solona. base isnt the jeet chain- sol is. base is still native the eth at the end of the day. this looks to be the next apu-do with that what you will

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Is this some elaborate joke? Base is the #1 curry chain there is... what the hell anon, get yourself together, as soon as one whale sells it's over, just like last time

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sol is the curry chain. base is just a baby-

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Many will wish they bought QAN this early

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There's half a million in liquidity, one whale won't do much damage.

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Fuck you ashbie. Popo on eth is the real low cap gem with apu whales onboard.

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Holy shit it's mooning

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Wtf, i faded it at 1 million because i thought its too high for a Base shitter. Is this some cabal play?

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It's the last frog to complete the trinity to take on the dog trinity. It's Pepe, Apu, Okayeg VS Doge, Shib, Floki. Frog trinity vs Dog trinity.

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don't worry, 90% of holders don't seem to know this meme which is even funnier. none of the faggots in the tg are using the memes where it came from. this hobo's gonna make me rich.

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do i need to use coinbase wallet? or does it not matter what wallet i use?

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You just need to buy or briged Ethereum to base and buy on uniswap you could use metamask, or the uniswap app on the phone

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wow its pumped so much already though,
where is the next support?

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It’s actually performing extremely well despite being on base. It’s not even shilled on here very hard and it’s still managed to do really well.

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This coin is completely organic. Very lucky there werent any kol's in this early otherwise it would have died. Whales are ironhanded and can't effect liquidity too much if they dumped. Congrats if you bought early. Next we are going to take out the chicken. This will be the no 1 meme on base. Watch and learn.

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the euphoria when we flip brett will be glorious

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I still don't understand how to buy base coins. I'd rather not

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>Are you missing out again?

Awfully quiet in here all of a sudden...

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This is exactly my problem as well and I received my tokens as part of an airdrop.

How exactly in the hell do I buy the "base" version of eth?

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Are you missing out again?

Popo on eth. Is still under 1 mil

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Looks like the new floor is taking shape right now. Team also sold a bit for marketing and are now cooking. Big things ahead. It's only getting started and cheerleading term or not, base summer is not a joke and we're positioning ourselves to be one of the biggest winners. At least jump on TG to feel the energy before making your decision on this.

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In metamask, just click the blue cricle that says "bridge" and then bridge from ETH on ETH to ETH on Base

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I recently got 12M of these, what can I expect sirs

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A very large omelette

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Smart move. Right now is honestly literal best entry. Before huge market pump. Not too low marketcap that price is a bit more stable and not a rugpull. Low mkt enough to make life changing money before shoebies ape in late