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What are the normies in your life saying about crypto? Are they even talking about it? How about meme stocks?

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>What are the normies in your life saying about crypto?
Nothing at all and they won't say anything until it reaches a new ATH
You don't need to keep making these threads retard

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they think it's a scam and that a byte cannot have intrinsic value

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saw this on a very popular SpongeBob fb group. normies only associate crypto investing with losing money but they will all flock to exchanges when it reaches ath and get dunked on

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>it kills the planet
>only bad people do stuff with it
>muh capitalism

when it goes up they are mad because they are too stupid to do anything harder than installing an ad blocker let alone buy any. how many people do you know who can install an ad blocker? that's easier than installing the simplest bitcoin wallet. how many people do you know who can connect to an IRC network? that's easier than using uniswap. it went up, that means some fucking nerd got rewarded for being a giant capitalist dweeb, so fuck them.

have you seen those escher drawings of the stairs that don't look like they're supposed to go up forever but they do anyway? this is what it feels like inside the normie's brain when you try to explain the relationship between inflation and money printing. they won't get it and they won't get crypto.

normies instinctively look for whoever appears to be the leader, and they will only do what the leader says is okay. the leader didn't say that crypto is okay and that makes it uncool. when it goes down they are glad. they didn't get punished for doing the uncool thing, someone else did. they get to watch the capitalist dweeb suffer and they enjoy it. every normie has been programmed so that they feel they must performatively hate capitalism to seem cool.

they also haven't been updated yet on deplatforming. to a normie, anyone who was financially deplatformed must have done something to deserve it. so you'll have no luck convincing normies that any decent person will ever need censorship resistant money. the leader didn't say it was ok to think that. I don't know how many leftist causes need to be targeted by deplatforming until normies get the next software update, but it's probably a lot.

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Reddit spacing

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unfortunately, indifference

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normalfags don't have any money

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They think it's a scam and/or used by criminals.

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Most normies would be interested on making shitcoins on Pinksale i guess

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I've heard from some not so close acquaintances talks about btc and p2e games, I've tried not to dip in so much on those convos cuz I'm very shy and try to keep my convictions and my cards pretty close to the chest, but I did try to explain in very plain and simple words how to dip in into crypto. I know gamefi is not everyone cup of tea but thats what they were talking about, I ended telling them about other options like doge and pepe the most popular memes but they insisted on doing gamefi and said they were gonna look into investing in super. some people really cant be helped it seems.

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i don’t even know where to buy crypto. everyone’s always talking about it and im just so lost with it

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You don't need to buy it, you can mine it for free

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They still think that the Bitcoin CEO run away with the money and everything was a scam after the FTX bullshit

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If you are newb just use binance, then try to look for better ones, you have a lot of reading to catch up

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satoshi sakamoto is a fake. not even asian

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most normies dont even know what or who is Pepe.

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>>it kills the planet
>>only bad people do stuff with it
>>muh capitalism

and can make me rich quick, fast and quickly.

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you'd be amazed how many tourists there are in twatter saying that some bumass animation is the real lore behind pepe bro it's PAINFUL to see

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So fucking true, also for lots of crypto bros here, they do the same time and time again with every token that moons.

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Nothing and they're all broke

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>crypto bros
someone get this nigga outta my chan man damn

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Normies dont even game bro.

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normies don't even know what a ledger is, why bother with them. they always get in with 0 experience once ath hits and it's all downhill from there (downhill which is accelerated by said normies in the first place mind you)

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I'm the poorest nigga in my circle

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What are you doing on Facebook in 2024? What are you doing on an spongebob shitposting group on Facebook... In 2024?

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both assumptions are true though

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kinda wish anyone i know actually knew what "defi" even meant to be perfectly honest.

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>investing in super
Fake and gay

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