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I basically just watched bitcoin go from 69k to 15k in 2022 and had money on the exchange ready to buy but just never bought in.

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Same desu senpai

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who is this semen demon

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How does it feel to be retarded

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I realized I missed the bottom and waited for the recession so that I can buy at 15k but it just kept going up and I became sidelined lol

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How are you gonna cope when it goes to 1 million

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I'm an ETH maxi now. ETH will surpass BTC

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>inflationary slow piece of shit that costs hundreds of dollars to transact on when busy will be the future of finance
Lol no. Solana does everything Ethereum promised better and cheaper.

Solana/Bitcoin will be the winners of this cycle. Solana will flip Eth this cycle too.

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Yeah doubt it. First mover advantage, you retard. Plus sol gets congested all the time

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now everybody will buy back in hard if it happens again. in other words, it won't happen again. the big boys at the top won't ever be that fucking generous again. i did buy some at around the 15k-16k range but obviously it wasn't enough. well, it was enough where i'm still in the green, but not as much in the green as i'd like

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Solana got congested with meme shit all the same

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dogwifhat is dying now like the solanapfoan scam

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>Solana got congested with meme shit all the same
And that’s why I made a strategic shift and swapped all my SOL for Eth, the real king.
Then dipped my toes into Kava, its staking reward is wild.
Nai caught my eye too, real estate with crypto sounds based.
>never looking back at that moon dust

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defi with billions of tvl will stay on eth. nobody is locking up billions on a chain that can go down for an hour and end up with bad debt and bank runs. but solana will be the chain for memeshit

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It's funny/interesting how people on this board are still vehemently anti-Solana, like they can't move past whatever L1 shitcoin bags they married.

Solana is obviously huge and only getting more and more popular. The shitcoin casino is just getting started. Yet people on this board still act like Solana is some kind of unproven vaporware or something. I used to think /biz/ had alpha but now I've realized it's been left behind.

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It's worth analyzing why. Part of becoming a good trader is optimizing your thought process.

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That means you don't have a make-it mindset. Don't even try to invest in crypto, you'll just lose money.

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Anon is simple, after the bitcoin top sell everything and buy back one year later

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> wud

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I wanted to put 12.5% of my IRA into BTC at around 16k, never happened (fuck fidelity) and i missed out on easy 4x

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You're what people might call, a retard, and there's nothing wrong about being one, okay? I did the same with eth and I'm probably gonna do the same with anything else too, gladly not with truf

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that's why I gave up and started getting into the alt casino. Now my chance is holding runes and $ssnc :/

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How does it feel making same mistake over again watching AAST below $2 and not buy

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it's a blunder but you still have time to redeem yourself, as long as you don't miss out on XRP or SUPER everything will be fine.

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he does not have time to redeem himself, BTC is never going below 50K again

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>had money on the exchange
You shouldn't leave money on exchanges anon.
Kikes could shut the exchange down, or shut you down, if you're racist.
It's happened desu.

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Do not be feeling two bad sir. I am selling 50% of my load at 28k and am regretting it every day. Thank you cvome gain.