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This board is so fucking dead. We could probably get a permanent BAT thread going if everybody promises to bump it every morning or something.

There's more exciting stuff going on with BAT than most of the other shitcoin vaporware nothing coins being posted on this dead board.

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True. It's exciting that the browser (MAU/DAU) is growing.

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>We could probably get a permanent BAT thread going

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Bat threads had the hottest chicks and asses around.
I hate BAT but I LOVE their threads!

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Unfortunately I think jannies permaban thot poster's thot posting nowadays


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Carbon is way better

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I don't even know what that is but I also don't really care

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Surely those fags can't still be going. Brave is having challenges enough, I can't imagine being the johnny-come-lately dogshit 2nd.

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No point really

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>that chart

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bumping this because it's a dead board so I might as well

when are we getting on chain SOL rewards?

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Is there any hope for us or are we going out worse than even the most deluded of Arkies?

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Basically just waiting on the rising tide that lifts all boats. And Brave obviously is much stronger in a bull market when everyone wants the attention of the crypto enthusiasts. Other than that I'm disappointed in team's marketing efforts.

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>We could probably get a permanent BAT thread going if everybody promises to bump it every morning or something.
why the hell not? well not that it matters now, with btc dumping so hard no wonder this board is even more dead than usual.

I just hope market corrects itself and there is actually a alt season, I need my ssnc to pump hard to make it even with all y other bags.

Breathe some life back here ffs

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>with btc dumping so hard no wonder this board is even more dead
just go back to r*ddit and stop acting like the kewl guy fucking retard

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BAT is kinda dead since 2021 honestly.
It's fun. still, the memes they made. It's like a ghost community by now.

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can't imagine holding that shit

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permanent BAT thread? why? so we can shit on them baggies?

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no freebies, just cents and famine

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baitposting and its consequences was fucking disgusting, jannies will rather allow literal MEN being posted and no one bats an eye.

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>that pic

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why not? board is dead as fuck. I can check once every few days and just bump the thread

>can't imagine holding that shit

it's Hell

>Basically just waiting on the rising tide that lifts all boats

seems like that's BAT's only hope at this point

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Community call was good. BTW, Brave Talk won't let you use YT videos that are 18+ like this one:


Or maybe it's YT enforcing it.

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Hmm, I’d say FUN mastered this one, having 200k people tune in for an AMA is quite an achievement

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The FunFair token?

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Rick Steves partnership inbound?

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I'm so excited for you guys

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Thank you.

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Who is this retard and why is he excited for BAT-baggies anyway?

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TP, where you at? I wanna start a podcast where I get onlyfans hoes on, then berate them for being onlyfans hoes. Big draw for the chud market, trust me. So babe, be a peach and gimme an in PRONTO

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> So babe, be a peach and gimme an in PRONTO
TP is a man, bro

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So what?

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True. I missed the implicit fact that you're apparently a faggot. Just like BAT holders

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well, in all truths, Brave does pay you like a buck and some change a month in BAT doing the same shit retards have been doing for years with the Pi app and not getting anything for monetizing ads for themselves and not giving you a cut of the action. for shits n' giggles i tried it out for a month and yeah, after tapping out ad after ad after ad after ad on Brave's search engine after ad after ad after ad, i only received a measly $1 and some change. Brave is also schizo af. if you image search something you get like 5 pics lol. it's literally 1000x's censored than google (i think it even runs on chromium lmao) because if anything is remotely trackable that isn't ads they support, it gets blocked

so, yeah. i've been making $10-$20 a month easy using microsoft edge/bing searches for years. BAT and Brave are a joke

i honestly feel bad for anybody bagholding this shit that hasn't tried Brave's shitty search engine yet

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Kek. Baggies

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Startups often suck compared to entrenched competitors. Welcome to Earth.

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Whatever, baggie :)

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How much did you lose on BAT? That's the only reason that explains why you post here.

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Bruh - how much have you lost?

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Question with a question. Brilliant.

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I lost nothing. All my BAT is for free. Unless you count the unrealized gain i could have claimed. You're turn. Nigger.

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I hold around 1.1M BAT. Probably should have used the money from BNB to buy a house in Portugal or something. Life comes at you fast.

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Just janniecoins are alive for weeks, even months
notice how memecoins like VINU threads dies out of nowhere

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Geeze. 1m BAT? How have you not killed yourself?

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1) My wife loves me
2) Just spent 3 months in Europe.
3) I make a lot of money

You can always make more money. Some people don't retire not because they like their job but WTF are they going to do with all that free time (besides alcoholism)?

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Your wife is a man

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where is coomposter

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Jerking his ladydick off

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this is what roughly 40% of 4channer NEETs have always done. their moms convince them they have some sort of mental illness, get diagnosed by some ghetto gubmint-sponsored doctor, she and her son live off his disability checks, he gets free medical care for life as long as he doesn't work, so he went straight out of high school retiring, but mom typically works as a bookkeeper for a local laundry company that deals specifically with hospitality services or a DMV clerk or some shit-tier job, but once she dies, NEETboi's $1,500 check isn't going to cover everything. he'll have to get a job making at least twice that amount just to make it

he could've used those checks to further his education when that time comes, but nahhh. instead he blows it on expensive gamer chairs, battlestations pcs and monitors, donates to thots, lives off goyslop, thinking mom will never die and he will be able to live like this forever lol

so, in the end, NEETboi with zero job experience in his 50's will likely be that old, balding graying, fat dude behind the grill at McDonald's or wiping off shit in the restrooms of his local hospital. at least he'll already be familiar with the McDonald's menu LMAO

and when he finally is able to collect social security in 15-20 years, there won't be much there for him, so he'll literally have to be a wagie until he falls over at work with a heart attack

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This thread is still up? kek

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Baggies gonna baghold

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>basic attention token
>internet com puter
who comes up with this retarded bus lingo?

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$40 eoy r-right?

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40 cents
- Luke Mulks

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>unironically seeing ads and thinking your time is worth less than $20 for it

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Just listened to this week's "BAT community call." Talked more about memecoins than they did about fucking BAT. Kek. The absolute fucking state. Scammers.

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Brave abandoned BAT for Covid posting. If you bought in you deserve to stay poor

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I was told $40 a piece was programmed into it though... can I get a refund

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Brendan needs a martini and Luke needs new golf clubs so no dice bucko

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why can't I mine/earn/farm BAT?

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Are you brown? If you aren't you can't hold BAT