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i just graduated college with a bullshit business degree so now i have to get a job. What should i do for the rest of my life? im not 21 so i cant be a truck driver yet and im too colorblind to be a merchant mariner.

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I don't think non-colorblind people realize how limiting it can be for occupational options. For something that I almost never even think about or even notice day-to-day it's affected my life choices quite a bit.

I have a background in inspections and got away with it because my specific employers didn't give a shit. But it's a bad career path not just because the work sucks but also bigger, more serious companies will all have colorblindness testing for inspectors.

I've been out of work for a while but I'm self teaching coding. So I guess that's what I'm going for

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the next thing you know is that whatever you do is not what you can do for the rest of your life. You do that over your 20s into your 30s, and when you are mid 30 you are going to have what pop culture calls a midlife crisis, as you realize you really cant continue doing what you are doing for th rest of your life. The average Millenial has a 20% chance to commit seppuku over it, the average zoomer i guess 40%

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i feel like im having a "midlife crisis" now because i cant neet and dont know what to do

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So a zoomer I guess. At least give waging or doing anything, I mean, become a scam activist or drive Uber, a chance to disappoint you. Offing you at the start line makes you a tranny. At the very least become a Nigger and scam welfare

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You've got a business degree, what are you even asking?
Aim for white collar bullshit jobs. Start as a product manager wherever, become a middle manager ASAP, then take your time climbing director and maybe VP somewhere if you know how to network. Job hop every two years unless your current employer is going the extra mile to keep you by promoting you AND bumping your salary significantly.
You'll become a master of the Microsoft Office suite, you'll be fluid in group presentation. You'll communicate effectively with your peers and higher ups, while not entirely neglecting the little people under you, in that you will largely take credit for any and all of their work while still appearing to generously promote their corporate visibility.
Most importantly, this only works if you know how to maintain eye contact while talking to someone, have a firm handshake, are tall enough, and can keep a pleasant conversation going with literally anyone for at least 5 minutes.
I'm assuming all of that was already covered in your classes, but it bears repeating.

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is that supposed to be a sed statement to replace the one string with the other?

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What else am I supposed to do? I can't find the "edit" button on this weird reddit clone.

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you could always do Doordash or UberEats to earn some buck and get into defi gaming or boomer stock day trading them. It's worth to give a try to some waggie to build some real character and while you do that you don't have to give up with hobbies and making money. If you played tft before treeverse is a good game that is currently partnering with some good platforms like superverse. Maybe worth giving it a try

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only way I'd do dd is if I could steal ppls food for dinner lol

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do onlyfans girl, I know you have pussy

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>midlife crisis,
better brace yourself for this, its inevitable.

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if you wanna make it anon you have to put in some leg work. literally.

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honestly always a little surprised those fuckers haven't rugged yet.

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it's so fun to say "make an OF" and when the bitch makes the of is time to slutshame her
Gotta love these day's moral compass

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why would they? they have dozens of games using their token, week after week of new games and you can actually sell and buy the token as you see fit.

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also its listed on binance, the most used exchange in the whole wide world.

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people love the OF girls, whatya talking about?

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ah yes, the "I'ma get a tattoo and pierce my ear stage"

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download sfm models of sonic characters with big, highly detailed feet. make feet porn pictures and upload them to e621, rule34 xxx and other sites. gather a degenerate fanbase in two months, give or take. open up a patreon.

live off of making porn pics of sonic characters feet.

>why sonic characters?
big, degenerate, autistic and suspiciously wealthy fanbase. also applies to my little pony and overwatch.
>why feet?
not as much content as regular porn. people will pay extra just to have more of it.
>what sonic character is the most popular for this?
aim for amy and rouge.

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Just become a cashier for a while. Adapt to wagging and then actually start looking into a career path. Take it ez man, that's been your life till now, taking it ez, switching things around super quick will only make you extremely depressed.

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eat rice and beans after finding some part time gig a college kid would get, use as little money as humanly possible. dca the rest into crypto. trial and error till you get your first x10.

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Oh it's right next to the Follow and Upvote/downvote buttons to the top right of every post. I think you need 4chan Premium for that though.

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nice post

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you were not ever a neet if you're a 20 year old who graduated college you're an institutionalized normie fuck off

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btw... demoralization bot chose a pic it thought would show suicide but its two lads drinking booze out of a shotgun barrel. try harder next time. anyways... wtf am i still doing here?

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kek did this with a buddy of mine but forgot it was loaded and he blew his fucking head off...just told the cops and his parents he was sad over a girl

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What do YOU want to do the rest of your life?

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im not a robot
nothing desu. driving trucks maybe

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That sucks, anon.

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>STEM field
I doubt OP has a pussy.

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>business degree
>stem field
This is your brain on overseas

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I honestly thought he said an engineering degree.

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Pick it up until is too late nigga, go on, pick, it, up.