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So I could buy this put a trailer on it with some solar panels and retire?

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No trailers. It has to be a "manufactured home." Additionally, you will have to pay for power, water, and septic hookups.

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Neat. I've always wanted to have a street number of 0.

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It don look like there is any grid power that can be hooked to

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Maybe that's what he meant.. you'd have to pay for power, water and sewage to somehow reach your property.

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The area is still under development... you can see that there is a dirt road that can be used for access but that the actual county road hasn't been built yet.

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No, you do not need to connect to the grid, city sewage and water. You can make well, generate your own electrify and fig a septic field

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> 0 baths.
Jeets lived there

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Holy shit I need to verify now? What the hell?

I grabbed a half acre a while ago. Not sure wat I'll do with it eventually but it's my dirt.

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>all o' dis cuud be urs citibo! ust sign zeh paperwerk.
In a real note though, having this much land and setting up just storage silos and a good cabin with Starlink and a decent septic tank company investment, either solar or air panels and a greenhouse for carrots and potatoes. Truflation has shed some light on how fucked is to find decent housing and healthcare so if you got that money and have the 400k remaining I'd get a prefabricated cabin in there, or what i just told you

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>with some solar panels and retire?
maybe some windmills too if city allows it.

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you can build alternatives. they require maintenance but its not imposible.

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not much of a worthy piece of land unless you got the money to put some love into it. And by money i mean easily +1M

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>Truflation has shed some light on how fucked is to find decent housing and healthcare

they said that todays is the best moment to buy housing or property. But its so goddamn hard and expensive, it can redpill you on how fucked up we are in the future if you dont prepare.

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Only power. Water I can just buy gallons. I also can simply shit in the forest, big deal.

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All hail truf, bearer of the truf word.

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alternatives? What are alternatives for you?

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>Prefabricated cabin
I got something better already.

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being a landlord has been the only way to make some money without wagging your life away

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why not go get a feeling for your dirt. bring a shovel and dig holes. it's fun and you may find something cool.

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>you'd have to pay for power
Windpower and Solar panels.
Septic tanks and even miniaturized water treatment. Its possible, but not cheap.
You can build tanks and pay for the to fill them, reuse rain water and such

Not perfect, not cheap, but doable.

There plenty of ways for living off the grid.

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>getting a decent house for less than 100k total
muricans love to fucking COMPLAIN

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I still can't fucking believe Amazon is selling tin cans for 50k. No wonder people aren't reproducing anymore.

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why are you bitching so much about muh power and muh sewage lol citybos can't think outside the box for real. solar energy, sun's scorching hot anyway. converters. dig a good hole in the ground and poop there. god damn.

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at least get half an acre