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No seriously guys... This is it. See you at 90k in about two weeks. Screenshot this post.

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I was thinking $75k in a couple weeks but maybe you're right

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We’ll be at 40k and single-digit chainlink within a week.

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>opinion that matters
choose one faggot

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You are niggercattle following the social e-norms in a forum made for circus freaks and rejects. Don’t like my posts? Just close your eyes.

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Hope so. I need to go back to Thailand.

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wew lad the feds are having a field day with your file. imagine saying this stuff while your identity is linked to them clear as day and consented to LOL

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I don't get why thailand is the made it place, any idea on what to do there without getting financially ruined?

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>the feeling when gravity labs releasing soon has as many chances of bitcoin getting to 90k eoy

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Well, I guess I have the money and the time to believe yet another lie, I'll leave my bags in dextools quietly while I wait for the promised pump, after all I had already accepted my fate

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That would be better since I bought altcoins at the dip, and hopefully, if BTC recovers, I'm gonna earn more on my FTM, DUA, IOTX, and ARB.

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What does it matter. Runes failed. Nothing will pump my $SNNC bags now. I am not exciting over buying overpriced BTC to maybe, maybe double my money. Maybe. Big if. Don't ask why I didn't buy sooner.

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>This is it. See you at 90k in about two weeks
I just want to ssnc go green fuuuuuck, that's gonna be a good one if it ever happens.

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>Runes failed
Fucking deserved

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>Don't ask why I didn't buy sooner.
cuz you fell for the antinarrative bro, that's what jews want.

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id like to have more money to buy right now but oh well. this will do.

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This bot has been around for like two weeks replying to every single thread. That or it's some autist with OCD that feels the need to have one of his responses in every single thread. Him being a bobo cuck is the cherry on top. Ignore.

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>muh nfts 2.0 failed
gee wonder why people didn't fall for the same grift twice!

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Feel you bro. It's hard to stop thinking about thai shemale dick. Cute and juicy, I love them.

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I truly believed in runes. I just want a good thing to make money FFS

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extreme cope propaganda

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did ocpd say this?

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>See you at 90k
90k what?

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>$SNNC bags now
you mean, $SSNC? anon?

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You could try the Tom Yum Soup

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Dont need to screencap this thread will still be alive in 2 weeks

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Anons that failed to buy the dip will cry river, AAST is about pumping