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I wish the LINK never came to me

I lost 7 fucking YEARS of my life. I got into LINK when I was 25, I am now 32 with almost nothing to show for it compared to other crypto

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7 YEARS? How the fuck haven’t you made it yet???

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the worst is yet to come

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crypto stopped making money as a whole since 2018, easily.
Just don't buy SOL or FTM early. What do you have to show in 2024? nothing.
Why? because crypto is dead besides BTC & ETH

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I'm you except about to turn 50. Could be worse. I am worried LINK is going back to $6. I'll have a fucking nervous breakdown if that happens, no question. Why can't it just do one last victory lap to $60 so I can fuck off? I'm going to be dead soon.

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I'm literally this but with super kek, I wonder what went so fucking wrong

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yup. you have wasted the most prime years of your life, 25-32. must sting. enjoy growing old, praying for link to moon enough to pay your old people medical bills

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>he bought an ERC 667 memecoin that he learned about from a cambodian frog recipe forum

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So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.

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>crypto stopped making money as a whole since 2018, easily.
wrong, there were plenty of opportunities in 2020
>Why? because crypto is dead besides BTC & ETH
there were plenty of opportunities in 2020

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check the LINK price

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made more playing lrds than i did in the past 3 years staking link for a year or so. yes you are deeply stupid for staying in that shithole for seven whole years (if you are not larping which i hope you are) but at least you are waking up to it. there's stray linkies to this day still eating their shit up despite ccip already being dead in the water.

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why do coom artists draw mudslime bitches like this? they are all ugly, way darker and dirty.

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valid question for all linkies to be fair. daily reminder there's people that have been in link for pretty much a whole decade by now.

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Lebanese people are whiter than you, shitstain

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You staked for three years. You are a sucker too

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but anon, the real gains were the frens you made along the way

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true if you ignore doge's sudden rises in popularity. if you ignore the sol/base coins. if you ignore eth stagnating. if you ignored certain shitcoins.. etc. all of this happened in the past few months and part of last year alone btw.

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oh dont pull me this fucking friendship power anime shit CUZ I HATE YOU ALL FAGGOT FUCKERS

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>about to turn 50
jesus christ grandpa

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Thats doing it easy mode when you compare it to link

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stop fuckking crying you made a long term bet that didn't turn out right. granted you should've had a plan B and a plan C but whatever big deal. you are still very young you can do it faggot.

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58 to like 8. you cant go any lower. though this shit is a stake only shitcoin now so yeah maybe by 2025 well see it in 6 dollars.

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he's using gandalf, bitch

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how the fuck did you.... never mind you're a linkie, of course common sense doesn't work with you, i would've given up half way during the first year and started buying memecoins directly from pinksale or tried dca, what were you thinking

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one cannot reason with a stinkie linkie dinkie doo :} they are beyond help. in many ways, they want to fail...

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Do not grieve. Your wealth lives on inside Sergey Nazarov's belly.

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faking new lows again

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why didn't you take other options? i literally made 200k on this bullrun by taking any shitcoin i could find on dextools, you should have checked your options man

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Chainlink made me a multimillionaire cuz without it I would have never gotten into DeFi.
I have more money and LINK than I know what to do with.
the last 7 years were truly magical.

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One of Link's biggest influencers tweeted and posted his sell trade this morning I expect a chain reaction. Link is going to dump massively.

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larping stinkie
you are poor

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yeah i saw that too
stinkies going down

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lmao nice projecting and cope m8

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>y-y-you're projecting
lol ok stinkie

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lol ok poorfag

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lol ok larping stinkie linkie dinkie doo :}

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I too been here since 2017 and still haven't made it
That's now 7 years...
holy shit

I have 250k... should have had 2.5 million

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you could have made it if you weren't such a stupid stink :}
you have no one to blame but thyself

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It won't do that because literally tens of thousands are waiting for that exact thing to happen and have sell orders already lined up from $30. The sell pressure from Link and a lot of coins that rose quickly and dropped just as fast 3 years ago will be hard pressed to excel imo

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LINK is gone, PYTH DIA and SUPRA are the trending Oracles.

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I've been in crypto since April 2017 and I never made it either. In fact I'm almost completely broke now. The best it got me was 6 years of living as a neet but now I have a 6 year employment gap on my resume and only about 1.5 years of runway left before my net worth is zero and I have to find a job again. My life from now on is probably going to be a lot worse than it would have been if I had never gotten into crypto.

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hey look, it's an honest stinkie :} props

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He can still make it with AAST, but I dont think he has the balls

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>crapto stopped making money
imagine being this much of a cuckcoping nigger to excuse yourself saying this shit I literally made $400 clean just flipping $ssnc in its ATH. Now it's slurpable af with the current dip, but there's so much better shit honestly

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>i was 23 in 2017
fuck we're getting old

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the sands of time slipping through the glass :}
will link have its singularity before it's too late?
so many link marines are unable to procreate due to lack of funds :}
hope it moons soon...

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same brah
im 30 now but ive only regressed mentally since buying chainlink

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What was the adoption of the internet like before Broadband?

Blockchain tech is going to accelerate considerably faster than the adoption of the internet but I bring this up to give some perspective.

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Post the tweet so I can laugh at him.

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dude why would u quit your job unless you had like 5MM+ wtf.

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You still have the chance to buy FTM and AAST. Stop wanking around.

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Dude just divert half into NEW, can't miss coins like AERO and ONDO.

Key word is NEW.
1) Stop being an ideologue
2) Stop ego investment via LINK community (XRP too)
3) Stop living the past, and
4) get paid.

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Similar experience here. Thank god for APU though.

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I feel the same way bro. the dumps.never stop. We are so tired and all of us OGs are selling into the next pump. I was in a thread last week detailing a scheme to offload our bags quietly onto retail the next time it gets to $16. Don't say you weren't warned.

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Same, I was in the same boat as OP a month ago and finally broke the shackles from my 2016 utility shitcoin and went all in on Apu.

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So all the OGs are planning to sell at 16? Holy shit that’s a good find, I might have to try and sell before them to front run the lot. Sick and tired of this underperforming shitcoin.

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No, you're wrong. I made money this year by investing in Krest after its listing on MEXC last year.

>It surged x100, and I wouldn't be surprised if Peaq performs similarly well this year. I'm not expecting an immediate spike, but I believe in its long-term potential.

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Fucking kekar4ah

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I genuinely feel bad for Linkies. In a logical world, LINK would have been a top 5 project because it’s one of very, very few that aren’t vaporware. But people would rather pile onto trades that are shilled by twitter influencers and have a lot of momentum, regardless of how bad the fundamentals are. Pretty much all crypto AI tokens are laughable, yet a few of them with the most hype will most likely bypass LINK this bullrun, which is insane.

Hopefully most of you sold 10-20% of your stack and went into hyped dogshit after the last bull showed that we live in a clown world driven by hype and not a logical world driven by solid fundamentals

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Which part of "token not needed" did you not understand? LINK JUST WORKS. It doesn't care if you hold your meme token or not. It doesn't do reflections, you don't use it to pay. They added staking just so the most obnoxious zealots would shut the fuck up.
It's a great tech BUT IT DOES NOT NEED YOU.

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Whatever funds u have left, just learn stocks and invest. Either put it into long term holdings or very safe option trading like call debit spreads. You idiots really need to learn risk management.

You too, regard. Stop hopin for the unicorn to piss in ur mouth. Just figure something else out.

lol, are the plenty of opportunities in the room with us? If there were, we wouldn’t see threads like these pop up every day with people regretting their decisions.

I feel bad for crypto holders in generally. These people couldn’t explain to you why they invest in the things they do. Total herd mentality.

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keep buying the shit that you see that is being shilled in this fucking website, like SSNC, or LINK, istg people just like to lose money at this point

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holding LINK so long was a retard decision. fucking fold everything and will just look out for something better like SUPRA.

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meme coins are up 30% from the bottom

LINK up 3% today :(

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I dumped it a really long time ago, am into DOT, AAST and XRD now

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Why did you invest in a JSON parser that still didn't even do THAT yet at the time you bought?

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>almost nothing to show for it
So it sounds like you are still in the green despite LINK's underperformance. Turning a profit on investment is always a good thing. Sure it could have been better, could also have been worse.

>compared to other crypto
Statistically speaking, if LINK had not existed, you would have invested into some other altcoin and you would have lost money.

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>duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude despite tons of evidence to the contrary….you just CANT make money in anything besides my HECKIN cuckold cult


THE Cuckolds of crypto

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Anon, SUPRA's coming to dethrone Link, and PEAQ's gearing up to be the DePINs' home base. Check out these new projects with massive potential and sell your Link to me while you can.

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I sold my Link and copped a fraction of Tesla on Eloop, making bank off its daily revenue streams.

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post trades

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i also did the same. i'll be holding DOT and Nai for a very long time

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i also made some good money off shitcoins too.
but for now, i'm focused on earning from my contents monetized through Hydro without ads.

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Are you a retard?

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This OP made it onto rekt plebs tg