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i think chainlink is neat

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i do too
neat for use as a feces receptacle that is xD

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>Built to last, not just to launch
>I’m in it for the tech!

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Were you under the impression that crypto companies pumped for no reason?

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I actually truly believe that Chainlink is quite cool.

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i think chainlink is a scam

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If you're in for the tech, you should be looking into Supra intralayer.

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SWIFT also thinks chainlink is neat

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This. So much this. Upboated good sir.

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Why is the price going down?

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uhhh duhhh, the elite (((Group))) of suppressors are dumping btc to suppress link :^) newfag

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link is shit is neat if you use it as a stable coin.
SSNC interoperability with all (or most) networks give more utility like very few things I've seen before.

So yeah fuck link.

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as long as its mainstream it will sell, no matter what it is.
Now link in the other hand... yikes.

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larp thread
literally just a samefag shilling who in their right mind would post on 4chan as he's fucking a prostitute

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>i t-think chainlink is-

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It is. There are only confused link threads about where did the shill go and pissed off bagholders thinking about roping at any given second

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here we can see some reeducation center doing the impossible and the work of god

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and fuck link

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you mean a toilet? or just plain septic tank?

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omg who would have tought?

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fuck you so much you fucking piece of shit. die

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its funny, for each thread saying they like chainshit, there are seven wishing they never ever invested into it and fourteen more talking about buying memecoins on pinksale, its like the sudden linkie sentiment got so destroyed that you idiots are no longer masters of this board, its funny, really