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Why do memecoins go x100 while utility altcoins struggle to hit x10? Crypto market's unfair, bro.

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>Why do memecoins go x100
They don't, as a whole. The number that do is very small, you're more likely to get rugged.

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You will get rugged. Goodluck.

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The true red pill is that all crypto are memes and have zero true utility

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How old are you? You are old enough.

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Ok buy memecoin lol

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Oh oh don't rush things

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idk why BIAO is stil going up when it's a fucking chinese memecoin ngl

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ask BIAO devs how their fucking chinese coins is doing so good

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>Why do memecoins go x100
1 in 1000 do 100X, then memecoin investors fuck up cause they're too greedy to take profits.

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>They don't, as a whole. The number that do is very small, you're more likely to get rugged.

b-but... the memecoiners call me stupid for not buying memecoins..

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It's not unfair. It all depends on your risk appetite

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memecoins are funny, it just that. but dont lie to yourself saying that they do 100x since they rarely do that good. In the other hand on a risky business utility rarely get rugpulled but they are less likely to do a 100x. Look at $lrds that's a coin that will never see a 100x but also will most likely get to zero.

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yes.... but.... they make me money so that's utillity!

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better set a margin to cash out and dont get greedy. that's why I sold btc at 70k

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wish they do release the token in a dex ffs-

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I still prefer altcoins with utility thats why am buying AAST

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Because there are so many lazy ass investors in the world that constantly keep spoiling the crypto market because they wanna get rich quick.
But I never worry about the market condition because I know where I am spending my time and money on - narratives such as AI and Restaking - having fun with YieldNest testnet ATM.

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there is 2 type of people in crypto

meme rotators and codecels

every time you buy a codecel coin you are giving money to a bunch of up their own asses devs in SF you are reinforcing the problem
this should quickly become part of your allocation strategy in crypto buy meme rotators coins, not code cels "projects"
the truth is that crypto revolution is a cultural phenomenon not a tech phenomenon the distinction cannot be emphatized enough
all the codecels that believe that crypto is about creating the most performant database (aka blockchain) are just the kind of people crypto initially was trying to free you from

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How does buying poopshitfart69420inu coin (hosted on a codecels blockchain btw) free you from anything? Furthermore, how are performant blockchains even imprisoning you? What the fuck are you talking about you brainless contrarian?

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Honestly, the second a memecoin has a utility it is actually kind of a bearish thing.

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>utility coins
>L1 AI blah blah blah
>being gay

>be not gay
>buy the meme coin because graph go up

crypto was always a meme. always will be

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Don't settle for less and avoid investing solely in memecoins. Consider exploring projects with real-world applications like Peaq Network for long-term peace of mind.

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>me after 3 cycles already

Though i only held btc and ether

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altcoins always. morons get rekt chasing memecoins. looking out for SupraOracles tge. just one based utility project to bank on.

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Fuck shitcoins, Qan is my choice everyday