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How do you guys sleep easy with the market crabbing, work more than 6 hours and even have a life? the halving didn't do much and at this point I just fear for my retardio
I can no longer sleep for more than 4 hours, has using sleeping pills helped anyone?

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sounds like this game isn't for you then

I have nearly my entire networth in crypto losing or gaining around $50K on any given day and I sleep like a baby. no pills or drugs of any kind, just straight up raw dog autism

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>has using sleeping pills helped anyone
it helps me when im stressed, i dont know if it can cause addiction but at least its useful

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Just close your eyes for more than 15 minutes in silence dude, it's not that hard

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i only watch video game retrospectives and fall asleep after 2 minutes, it's the strongest pill i have.

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When your shitcoin profits get to a point where you start losing sleep or needing drugs to function, it’s time to take profit and just sit in BTC for a few months

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after being in this shit for 6 years it just doesn't bother me
after the first couple months I just stopped waking up in the middle of the night to stare at charts

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>has using sleeping pills helped anyone
those little shit are adictive

I think you need to fix your mindset on crypto bro
I ever came in expecting to become rich tomorrow morning.
It's a long hard hairy way to the top.
I do my research, invest money and just wait. I cant be 24/7 watching charts, I would go crazy man.
Also it helps to not put in money you cant afford to lose, if you cant do that maybe crypto is not for you.
Set yourself some profit margins, that way if a coin dumps you sell and cut your profits/loses, if it goes up then buy back in, that's what I've been doing with $ssnc since it launched, getting some small good profits.

Read some Seneca and just calm your tits or something.

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>How do you guys sleep easy with the market crabbing
If this is a market crab why would I lose sleep over this? at best my folio stays the same...?

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these kids nowadays don't have the guts to endure whats needed to make it.

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All in btc. Work for the post (work 4hours and get paid for 8). Gym and sauna everyday.

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apparently it is

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Stoicism is very practical philosophy, and it actually works, good middle ground between I do what I do cuz I care and I dont give a fuck cuz I dont care.

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dont waste your words bro, this is natural selection. Op is gonna rope anytime

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>that's what I've been doing with $ssnc
that shit it's been a roller coaster I would have shorted at the first low

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its a new coin, doing baby steps. What actually happens in the next bullrun defines its potential

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I used to care about money, so i couldnt sleep.

After losing thousands and gaining it back i stopped caring. Just let it sit and watch from time to time. Set up some sell/buy orders and dont bother, otherwise its just mentally draining.

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I have a good career, a small business, and investments in other things. So my entire life and wellbeing isn’t riding on some dog coin like I’m 14 or something.

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i sleep aight
since i dont put all my life saving on this shit
but i also spend using my head, i know whats work it and whats not at the moment
for now ill keep waiting and learning more AI stuff and await more news coming from TAU and other services
one day faggot
one day ill reign supreme
mark my words

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way ahead of you, i already invested and traded with agrs
come back when you have 20k at hand

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get out of crypto you dumb pussy , it doesnt work out for scared overleveraged faggots. just go wage at mcdonalds and invest in the s+p 500

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During last bullrun I held a coin that did multiple(!) 50+% retracements from local top during its run, the steepest being close to 90% bleeding for months after which it did a 30x. So this shit doesnt phase me anymore. Of course i was a dumbass so hardened by this that I didn't sell when we went into the bear but that's how it goes

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i usually can't sleep properly mostly because i've always been kind of a night owl (which is a cute term to say i have severe insomnia) but nowadays i sleep "well" knowing the halve's pump aaalways takes at least a few months to kick in. of course it did nothing, it's been less than a few weeks lol you are being impatient. netted my btc and some alts - truf, ondo, bnb, link (staking) and all i gotta do now is sit back and relax.

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What the fuck are you talking about, you can literally do the NEET tutorial on vk and survive just buying and selling launches on pinksale for profit every single day, in like 1 hour you're done and you can scratch your balls and jerk off the other 23 hours of the day. If THIS market difficulty is hard for you then i've got some pretty bad new for you bucko