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Do not try to trade crypto, time the market, or invest in shitcoins. I had over 30 btc a few years back and knew we would eventually go to new highs, reaching 100k and beyond, but I got greedy and thought I could outtrade the market. I repeatedly sold at what I thought were resistance levels, traded what I have for shitcoins, and am left with practically nothing now.

Trust me: do no trade, use leverage, or buy shitcoins. It's gambling. Do not go the route I did. I have nothing now because I was a greedy retard. Learn from my mistakes

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sounds like a skill issue

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What about x3 leverage? I just do that

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moral of the story: don't hold, holding is for retards and newfags
you should all stop being untermensch and embrace daytrading, nothing like the adrenaline to lose or profit per day with tradingview and truflation open

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Based. Trading is a scam and you WILL lose it all. Just hold btc and enjoy the 300k it will be at by November

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How much money/crypto do you have now? I wanna know exactly how much you lost.

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I buy on the way up and buy on the way down

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Well it’s all about choosing the right gems, and managing your portfolio long term, as well as knowing when to take the profits out too. I hodl fun and ocean, been scooping more whenever I had the chance to, and now I have 10x more then when I started. Greed can hurt you, but you gotta learn how to work around it

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I badly need $1.4k for my university admission fees. Today is the last date. I am totally helpless. Anyone feeling generous today may help me out with it?

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Fucking shitskin your last date was like 20 days ago last time I saw u begging here.

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I can only spare $120. Post your address.

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OP looks like this and says this

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Post a sharpie or similar object in your ass and Ill send you 150

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what about gamefi? I always wanted to make money playing games and wanted to try blocklords since its free and I love Civ games.

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300k by November is kinda far fetched.

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Biz is
>don't hold, holding is for retards and newfags
Also Biz
> Just hold btc and enjoy

The fuck you guys want me to dooooooooo

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>I repeatedly sold at what I thought were resistance levels
See that's where you fucked up paperhandboy. You were trying to time the top. What you need to do is time the bottom and JustHold™

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Do the opposite of what /biz/raelis tells you
Which means, listen to this post

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easy as that bro, buy low sell high

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>Trust me: do not make money, use money multiplicator, or buy money makers. It's making money. Do not go the route I did. I have everything now because I was smart and a diligent moneymaker. Learn from my success

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>It's gambling.

It says a lot about our society that "gambling" is still an easier way to make money in the course of an 8-hour day than working a typical job. And it's by a pretty fucking big margin, too. What do wagies make in a single day now? Because I've been sitting here for less than 2 hours and I've already made more than I did in 2 hours at any single job I've ever had.
...Sans inflation, I mean. We're all fucked there. Still, this is a disproportionate return compared to the cost of electricity and the amount of "effort" that it takes to do.

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MMON isn't only for smart investors but for new fags too. Solid base at a decent market cap and can run faster than #Dogwifhat did when the bull market kicks in completely

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How often do you lose? And how long do you usually wait?

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I'm a proud owner of 10k MAGA TRUMP bags, thanks for the advice tho

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>Trust me: do no trade, use leverage, or buy shitcoins
Shut your mouth anon, you just have to know how to manage your investments correctly. If you buy KASPA or LINK you are obviously going to lose everything, you have to think ahead and buy tokens that have a real utility like for example:

SOL = Solid alternative to ETH
SUPER = Coin created specifically for the NFT market.
XRP = The official token of the African continent

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op just doesn't understand markets anon

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>SOL = Solid alternative to ETH
>their network collapses

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I also learned the hard way not to bet against the market, so now I prefer to spot buy and hold.
Hopefully the likes of Hydro Online and the other new projects will help me make my retirement money

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Long term hold is the key, I did that for DOT and SOL and it worked out perfectly. Now I recently bought AAST and am waiting for the pump

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Hydro is also on my watchlist and I like its recent growth

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>if anyone here is new to crypto
>buy shitcoins
that's literally the worst advice you could give a newfag and the reason why i think you're utterly retarded anon, buying alts is the way to go, why? because buying and holding is a far easier strategy than telling a newfag to do dca on shitcoins (the ONLY way to make money out of those curry scams) so idk senpai, the linkie or agrsfag telling anons to buy are far less shitty than you are at giving advice

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is there like a /biz/ dictionary somewhere that'll teach me the local lingo? I'm picking it up little by little from lurking but it's kind of slow going

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DCA is dollar cost average... It means you regularly buy a certain amount of something in dollars (inline with what you can afford to do and your risk tolerance), so your purchase of it is distributed over time.

Alts is short for altcoins. Original definition for altcoins was "everything that isn't bitcoin". Some may choose to not view ETH as an altcoin so they will exclude it from the definition as well.

A more recent distinction is people separating "altcoins" from "shitcoins". Originally I'm pretty sure "shitcoin" was a term bitcoiners used for all altcoins. But on current year biz, shitcoin typically means things like meme tokens which may have lower market cap and liquidity. So altcoins are the higher marketcap cryptos (other than bitcoin) which are pretending to have some sort of utility other than pure short term speculation or gambling, which excludes "shitcoins" (by some people's definition) or "memecoins". The distinction between alts and memecoins can be pretty arbitrary and fuzzy sometimes, so you just gotta interpret what one particular anon might mean by those words.

Biz isn't actually a good place to learn about "crypto" btw even if I am being nice and answering this. I got into bitcoin in 2015 through my interest in monetary economics / sound money, and I kinda feel bad for new people enter into "crypto world" these days through degenerate social media circles, simply because it often leads people to confusing places where they become more cynical and nihilistic from being unable to navigate all the crypto narratives well.

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If anyone is new
Buy MAGA TRUMP before elections
That's your wisest decision

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buy low buy high never sell

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>invest in shitcoins
I boughted SNNC and UNI, so not shitcoins but instruments used for people to trade shitcoins with. Good strat or trash strat?

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most of my profits came from those things cuh
by managing my money and time I was even able to make things like retardio give me more than my fucking job

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what's a good place senpai?

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Solana so good sam bankman fried had to manipulate a competitor's price on launch - ICP


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Similar situation OP. The most profitable move has been to buy and hold (and stake). Source: been in crypto for 12 years and still not made it.

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It's best to buy altcoins with great fundamentals like RIO, ADA, NAI for long term hold instead of leverage trading

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Then how do you make money?
I can see that you have a good list

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I've been in crypto 13 years now. I never traded much, except to get rid of some forks and airdrops.
I can confirm it works. My only mistake was not getting rid of everything that wasn't BTC. I have a bit of ETH, BCH, etc, that used to be a significant part of my pie chart. I haven't sold them, yet they're just a sliver nowadays, Bitcoin essentially became the whole pie.
After 2013, we started hearing folks claiming the Bitcoin's crazy price growth was mostly done.
After 2016, we were told that the future gains would all be in ICOs, and Dogecoin, and whatever the fuck else.
And now we're being told that Solana or Base shitcoinery is where the profits are.
If you are reading this, don't fall for it. Listen to OP. Set it and forget it. Don't FOMO when you see $SHITCOIN pumping and all of /biz/ gloats at their collective investing acuity. Just get whatever Bitcoin you can, and learn to sit still.

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Only copping ETH for now. Restaking on Yield Nest and Etherfi for that passive hustle. Next bull run, I'm printing billions, watch me.

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>Then how do you make money?
Because the price of the coin trends up relevant to your starting position.

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Crypto is the endgame. You spend the crypto. The gains you get in crypto just by holding are greater than you can even get with leverage in cash. Its stupid to add risk when it is such a well performing market

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More people jumping in means less staking yield. I'd rather hit up restake protocols to earn without sacrificing liquidity.

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Used to be staking on blockfi. A lot of people are still waiting for their money back, so not surprised you've been in for 12 years

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I'm a proud owner of substantial investment in RWA bags, and hey anon thanks for the advice

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He's probably bagging the wrong gems or just selling low and buying high like a typical noob. Alts like METIS, AAST, and SOL have been making moves in just a few months.

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Machine RWAs gonna rule the RWA markets, mark my words. Anon, do some digging on this concept.

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basically you are asking me to stay away from cryptos, and maybe I would if it weren't for the fact that I still have 6 bags in dextools waiting to be sold

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You should add DePINs, AI, and GameFi if YWMI. I'm just waiting for the launch of the token that has over 30 DePINs building on its L1 blockchain.

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>selling low and buying high
Is there a reliable way to avoid this? It seems like whenever I do either because it looks like the price won't get any higher/lower than I'm waiting for, THAT'S when the price invariably goes where I wanted it to and screws me over.
Shit sucks, man.

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Shitcoins are for retards. I'd rather buy Dua, Nai, Nxra, and than waste my money on shitoins.

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Smart fag. I also hold some huge RWA bags and plan to transfer them to Brillion since it is a go to wallet for tokenized RWAs.

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Lowcaps gave me the highest gains. Particularly KAS, I got it early. I'm also anticipating Supra TGE now.

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If you have a bag in dextools, then it's probably shit; so you've got 6 shitbags then. Just sell off now before the stench gets worse; you're better off putting whatever you get from that sale into alts in AI, RWAs or trending memes. Opting for the former will pay you better and for longterm too

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This is good advice.
The best thing to do is to just DCA into low-cost ETFs. I personally have almost all of my net worth in Chainlink, but I wouldn't recommend risky behaviour like that unless you're absolutely 100% about something.

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>Opting for the former will pay you better and for longterm too
Apart from the obvious large caps, OCEAN and FET, everything else in there is shit

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>I personally have almost all of my net worth in Chainlink
Jump ship now before it's too late.

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Have you ever heard about AIOZ or NAI? These are much lower caps doing really well; as a matter of fact, the latter went live last week; it couldn't have become a high cap in just a week plus it has been holding up well since launch.

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Never seen a newfag admit to be one. That's a first.
Welcome to your most rekt journey ever.

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What's a good entry price. Just had a look at the charts and it's looking good.

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You can make money on trending narratives like RWA, and that's why I hold DUA, RIO, and NXRA. I also hold DePIN gems, including IOTX and RNDR.

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Any price you see now is actually a perfect sales price. Its staking just went live and you know what that means; more utilities and more demand. Price is about to shoot up.

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>My arcane soul returning from the astral planes of orb fighting and returning to my body to defend the honor you've besmirched with your words against our lord and savior the pondering orb (im coming here to call you a nigger faggot)
Nigger faggot

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This is why I will be holding my Qan bag for a long time.

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I invest on oracles. got some LINK and PYTH. will add SUPRA when the token launches.

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My main issue with crypto has been overtrading. I was in LINK at 0.3$. Eth at 90$. BTC at 250$. Is there an app or a wallet that makes you unable to trade/move funds for a certain amount of time?

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The market is too volatile at the moment. I have made more money from holding CREDI, RIO and QAN than I have from leverage.