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Are we gonna get another alt season this summer?

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almost feel like the memecoin run was the alt season but well see, i was hoping to accumulate bonk and pepe a bit more but of course the nigger whales decided to pump them 20 to 40% today

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Yes, but there will be one more flush first.

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why have the whales started pumping alts again
are they trying to lure the normies back

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Only with Food.

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i hope so cuz right now my pinksale coin depends on it, i didn't put so much money and hours of illustrator tutorials for nothing

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This wasn't really an alt season. We had meme season, but not all alts pump much. I succeeded in getting 10x from STBO, RIO and QAN but with everything else 1-3x. When you see every piece of shit goes 10x plus, then we will be in the altseasion.

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I need one right now since I sold everything, Im still looking for something good on dextools to start over from scratch, so yeh
an alt season would be great

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yes but a smaller one I'd say.
But the most exciting thing is erc20i desu.
It's like being super early on the nft craze

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>bonk and pepe
NGMI only low IQ retards knows rojakbased in tg is the new shit

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Whatever Dexview says it's going parabolic green, I'm buying

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of course we are faggot, time to shine for all the alts actually worth like truflation and eth. just wait for btc to get to 150 eoy.

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no meme coins I tell you.

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not enough to dip on btc? before it skyrockets?

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that shit barely held the first year.

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doesn't smell to you all that biz is like fucking dead? same threads all weekend.

I miss the pajeets.

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sounds about right, even if bears get mega greedy and gatekeep btc from going higher institutional boomers and governments mining it make it feasible

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>I miss the pajeets.
I fucking dont, dheli is on fire. So its all good karma in the end?

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Shut up nigger you turned a funny meme into a disgusting shitcoin
Shut up nigger

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biz is ded

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when will you people understand that tech/serious projects are worth shit nowadays just buy shitcoins holy fuck can't be that difficult. you lost.

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yeah starting over from scratch with some unknown shit in the worst most pajeet infested dex on the entire market. good choice.

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Ethereum is on its way out.

If you know, you know.

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We had one? according to me the only thing pumping this year has been the BTC. If it wasn't for me selling my LTC and buying some SSNC I would be broke right now.

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ICP fucked me over so fucking bad I really really hope there is no second chance for anyone to redeem yourselves. I sincerely wish for nothing but misery in your immediate, medium term and long term strategies within crapto. I do wish web3 gets more love, again. My blocklords bags wont get filled otherwise.

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just buy and HOLD apu, or if you must gamble so you can make more money to buy more apu

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of course we had one, just look at SOL kek

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even BTC is dumping rn

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Do you have a different chart to what we have now? btc is pumping arsehole. take a look at chart.


definitely. Keep bagging more alts. I started the week with Dua and LMWR. Hopefully, more will come in.

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Surprisingly QAN is my biggest bag right now, it has pumped 7X since I bought it

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Yes I think so, but I believe that new projects like NAI which has been pumping for some time now won't get affected

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It's still consolidating faggot

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I'm also holding that token and I'm 5x up since I bought it

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Based, the scammers will be all washed out. Then and only then the AGRS supremacy will reign, good prediction boy sminem