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>tfw no more biz coins
>tfw got the last and final ticket to the citadel before jannies closed the gate

See.you later frens

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>be me
>turn my 2 shitty min wage jobs into a little extra money after girlfriend costs and rent/utilities
>find biz in may 2017, one month after I bought ETH and BTC for the first time
>get in early on countless ico’s and early coins like antshar3s, Raiblocks, Omisego, Tron, Coss, KuCoin, BNB, even link 6 months later
>shill countless microcaps helping anons make huge gains
>launch burnt liquidity, renounced contract, memecoin here in November 2021 going from $3k to $750k mcap in 48 hours
>get phone posted coin from range banned
>constantly banned for posting in this threads

I’ll always be grateful for you retards no matter how bad Jannies nuke this place

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Your citadel needs work.

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that is one based citadel you got here

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Monero would have to be some ability to pump for you guys to not just be another group of delusional shitcoin cultists. You need to be spoonfed on how a crypto can actually undergo a process of monetization over time, because every time I've gone into the Monero general you guys seem as clueless as any other shitcoin group. It's cute you spend all your time ankle biting BTC though even though you can't even compete with other altcoins. I'm not feeling so charitable that I'm willing to spoonfeed however, since you probably have a learning disability anyways if you haven't processed things by now

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>A shitcoiner claims to be able to advise the community with the only coin that is actually used to exchange goods and services.
please tell us more about it

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new biz coin possibly dropping today

t me degenconspiracy

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They believe functional utility is necessary to be a store of value, just like silverchuds and their industrial metal.

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Why no link citadel?

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BEPSI is biz's official coin sir.