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Where were you when the bull run began?

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I was in the beach, January 2023
Good times

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I member it well. I was 'batin real good in the womens bathroom at the community rec center. That's when it happened. My phone was on do not disturb but i got a loud notification. My cover was blown. You see, my phone lets through one and only one sort of notification on do not disturb. The "bull run has begun" notification. So there i was, peepee in hand with a dozen angry women surrounding me and yelling at me. I had not a single negative thought. "Why are you smiling like a psychopath!?" They shouted at me. I was barely aware of the situation, for my mind was focused on the price of satoshis with glee. On the way to the police station, in the hand cuffs. The policeman asked: "what were you thinking!?" A quick response, I passed: "bihcoing gongo up." With a nod and a smirk, he pulled to the curb. Asked me if I had any sats to spare, and for that policeman it was christmas then and there. I was released into the wild, a free man again. The bull run was here and I had business to attend. I unboofed my trezor wallet and prepared my coins. I hailed a cab and caught a ride back to my home so that I could peacefully join so many of my friends in hyperspace where the soul of Nakamoto prevents double spends. Ahhh yes, the bull run of '24. I remember the score. I came out on top and now I'll never be poor. Now, my days of batin are over. I purchase latinas with crypto to be my personal whores. Never again will I be that grinning lad behind the womens restroom door.

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I was sat at home wen Solana cal

"Shinji is live"

- No

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This must be the golden bull run
He needs to verify email to pump
>reality poster
Delet before I have your email banned

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I was banging a Japanese escort

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in my goon cave

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And your email was OK with that?

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I was sat at home drinking BEPSI when pjtor ring

>bullrun is on

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I was here, smashing my head agains the wall I've been trying to move some assets on solana and transaction either fails or takes forever, I fucking hate raydium, shoudl have used 1intro instead. fuck my life

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you fucking screwed when you started using solana bro

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nice way of self roping before the halving

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>using solana
>not base

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pic or it dint happen....

does their lady parts are sideways?

I heard things bro.

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>self roping
who else is supposed to do it for you, you idiotic retarded poonigger?

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wtf does his email has anything to do?

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I too am waiting for the 1dex to fully work... 90% success rate is good, but isn't 100% better?

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and ppl complain bout eth fees

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>he doesn't know

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Fapping to her feet

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I was going hard on accumulating AAST cunt

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Quite busy, staking up my $LINK to get $super rewards, waiting post halving to actually get a heavy chunk.

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anon the bullrun is already over lmao, were you under a rock or something? surely you were masturbating, playing blocklords and eating trash food.

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>stacking up my $LINK
First mistake OP

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why is everyone waiting for the halving ?

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I was at kfc because it was my day off, so I felt like giving myself a little treat after a shitty week
I wasn't expecting the bullrun, I even considered doing my coin with pinksale, although it's a bit late for that now, good day ngl

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Buying and selling all kind of shitcoin Dexview said it was bullish

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I was poopin and fardin and enjoying some tostitos