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>collecting neetbux
>just got under the table job pays in cash
>making bank
>putting it all into DOGE

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>hes living the NEET dream

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Doge is last bull cycle narrative.

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what is your under the table job?

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I badly need $1.4k for my university admission fees. Today is the last date. I am totally helpless. Anyone feeling generous today may help me out with $1.4k?

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DOGE is the next DOGE

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>>putting it all into DOGE
I would have bought SUPER but well this is a more decent decision than buying APU,

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Most of Dexview forgot about it, so stop yapping about Elon's memecoin

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I had to say goodbye to the yellow dog cuz I got tired of waiting, although now I have VINU, it's the same but without fees
I needed something to replace the emptiness in my heart

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Watching the trades and wondering what those 500 doge buys happening each second is all about. It was 1000 doge buys 2-3 weeks ago.

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>collecting neetbux
>just got under the table job pays in cash
>making bank
>putting it all into TRUF