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Imagine the jews literally made you sell your bags the day before halvening
>ultimate kek
I know at least one of you paperhand fags sold at 59k.
Jews win again

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i bought there lmao

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Sames nigga. Congrats

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I held there

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The secret to not falling prey to Jewish manipulation is to have a comfy stack of cash that way if crypto goes to zero you are still in the green, you win no matter what happens. All stress is eliminated.

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You're starting to feel a lil something, ain't cha.

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Daddy chill

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Same lol. Praise kikes for the discount

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>I know at least one of you paperhand fags sold at 59k.
I bought the near exact bottom with market buy

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>All stress is eliminated.
I am playing with gambled money with leverage without stop loss and sleep like a baby

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either the war is priced in or this is a dead cat bounce

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last Saturday night wasn't exactly Operation Barbarossa

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Everyone seems to think israel/iran is de-escalating, acting like each side "didn't really do anything"
seems like it's over/nothing is going to happen.

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they don't share a land border and naval invasions are just lol

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doesnt seem like de-escalation at all, but a really really slow escalation.

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I shorted there

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I refuse to believe someone actually shorted the all time bottom

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good thing satoshisync had a awesome run before this halving, and I'm staking hard most of my alts, in one or two years I'll be ashing out for good.

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how does it fell now anon? is that hard to hodl?

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sand people are killing themselves and ware here dancing round fake coins?

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yamete kudasai

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I would put any coin near any jew, I'm not stupid.

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I sold just to change to jizzlord, considering how all the dogs are currently I prefer to go with the most ridiculous so at least the bears just laugh at me and leave

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