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So is ~$60k the permanent support now? It's tested that level 3 times now and bounced off every time. Can we safely assume it's never going to go below $60k again this bullrun?

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Wait till israel responds and see what happens i expect will go below 60. Whether we hold 53-55 will be interesting and how fast we recover. Seems like we are mostly in a black swan thing right now so not sure how useful ta is.

I doubt we'll have a big pump up until the situation is resolved more clearly and shows it won't get worse, and if it doesn't resolve who knows this is kind of unprecedented territory. What happened to scarce assets during ww2?

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What does another war in the middle east have to do with the price of bitcoin? Biden already said he's not going to get involved so it's just going to be a war between two retarded countries like we have every few months in the middle east.

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lol, sure thing bud. It's either going to turn out to be nothing or it's going to be the start of something kind of crazy. Most of the worlds energy/trade goes through water ways there, there are a ton of different interests in play, and the us gov is owned by zionists who will do anything to defend israel even if it puts everyone else against us.

Jews also buy into a weird prophetic thing about no jewish kingdom lasting > 80 years
that's why they've been so comfortable going all in in gaza, they are going to go hard. 80 years is just 4 years away.

things are motion, the impact it has on bitcoins price is hard to say. I imagine there will be a pretty giant pullback if things kick off but it may eventually lead to a pump unlike something we've seen before as well as people try to protect their money from the state. Wouldn't be shocked if we get a 6102 situation re: gold.

nothing ever happens until it does

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Chinks are in fast track to approve btc and eth etfs. I hope we get a touchdown to 53-55 during the halving, the bounce back could be very good, specially for eth. We will see how bad Israel's answer is. Have your tether ready.

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testing support multiple times is bad

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i mean it kind of does, but the other way. governments need TRILLIONS to fund their wars and they are gonna get it at current levels. soon begins the most mind-numbing money printing effort the world has ever known. get in for the ride, and be sure and get out and enjoy the world with your found riches while there still is one

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Refer to my TA

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we could go all the way down to 46k (200sma on the daily) and wed still be bullish

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We saw this in december-january during the etf approval jerk off

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it's trying to break through a ceiling retard

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Check my TA

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Cant say op but its alt season.

Did you guys buy alts? I did buy $truf just look at that chart fuckers.

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>Did you guys buy alts?

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for me, it goes 30k and then schizobumps to 80k

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Truflation data is not accurate at all :^) just a tip haha

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just buy and wait until israel does something

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I dont 'safely' assume nothing ever when it comes to bitcoin to be perfectly honest. It's a mistake. I safely assumed 18k was impossible and there you go.

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he asked for alts, not for use cases.

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refer to my cock and suck it bobofag

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so much pointless yapping lmao

yes or no faggots

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make a decent triangle next time instead of just drawing lines

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alts are the only crypto asset worth buying anymore btc is merely a store of value now so enjoy holding it for 20 years to see a x3

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order set down at .5, see you there :^)

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not even alts bro, MUMU is paying my rent nigga