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lowkey, are we still bullish on this?

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Thanks for playing.

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Zoom out, anon.

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Yeah, it's coming back up. $5m market cap by end of next week. $200m by June

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Depends on whether or not you faggots dump it anymore. This shit was like $150k yesterday so Id expect a sharp correction… too sharp and it starts to look like a rug though. We’re on the edge imo.

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Lmao smug low IQ Pajeets on suicide watch. They can never catch a break huh.

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Healthy 95% correction.

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>Yeah jeets are out
>99% correction

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I'm only bullish on Apu, everything else is a distraction.

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The Anons here think that this kind of dive hasn't happened countless times in Pepe, Apu.....? Kek

When the banana is at 0.006 you will really regret not taking advantage of this moment.

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Luke warm on this one. I have a small bag and will throw in more if it hits $.002

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I'll post this once more

The only reason I didn't buy this at the top was because it would have cost $666 to swap after fees

guardian angels are real, they can help you too if you let them :)

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Or you could just not consider buying a fucking presale at the top, retard.

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didn't that happen at like 500k mc?

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Yes it's found a hard floor in the mid 6 fig range and the largest buyer wallet is out meaning we have much better distribution. If you need further proof that we will have another leg up in the near future go to the tg. Aside from a few panicky jeets sentiment is still great.

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well, it was at the top but yeah good point

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>largest buyer wallet is out
>we fly now
>second largest wallet dumps
>how could this happen

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I bought more on the dip. I have been burned on biz base coins enough to be weary though. Got rugged for over $3k on bell just yesterday. Respect the chart friends and we will all be better off for it. Monke has legs, let it run.

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Kek, was at the top before it pumped 3x from that top. Come on guy…

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>Got rugged for over $3k on bell just yesterday.
>Bought the dip of another rugcoin

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I’m up like 100x this year already dude. Don’t talk to me like a regular poofag. I threw $3k at a gamble because it doesn’t mean a lot to me. Base is becoming a shit chain though and I’d rather not abandon it yet. Def doesn’t make sense to keep doing this though if we can’t even get an organic pump above $2m on anything anymore

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What is the tg?

I'm seeing a lot of banana fud. This is positive. The APU suffered the same FUD several times. I'm going to meet tg and I'm certainly going to buy a bag in 30 days.

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I have a similar feeling about monke that I did when buying Apu. It’s a good meme and really has potential. I want it to succeed.

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>I’m up like 100x this year already dude
Have you sold?

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>the shit rugs
>le fud is bullish

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>someone sells
>le rugpull meme
Zoomers are incapable of critical thinking

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It didn't go in a straight line to 100M in 3 days, you got rugged pal.

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we're back?

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I'm still very bullish on this banana coin, as well as the 3 other related fren tokens.

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Holding up even through the war fud… maybe i actually made it early this time to a good meme!!! Lets send it frens

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Bullish af on this and webistics.

You faggots giga fudded both since launch