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Get your funds off Uniswap, the SEC is about to freeze them

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The first time I tried using uniswap I was charged a $35 transaction fee and it failed so I lost my money

I hope the SEC hangs all those fucks. Fuck uniswap.

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I wonder how many retarded fiatcels would actually believe OP and not realize the sarcasm

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>shuts off uni AWS
Uh oh sorry cryptobro

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please also be sarcasm

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If someone is using the uniswap wallet app they're basically fucked if they don't get their funds off of it soon

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They could pressure the manager to shut it down. They always find a way

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That's an ETH problem not uniswap you dingus.

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>Back in the cage, wagies. Better luck next time, goys.

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I hate niggers and I hate jews

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I am about to FOMO into uniswap

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Defi was a mistake. Only decentralized POW coins are even worth consideration.
>kek baggies

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what? how do i get my tokens off of uniswap, there is no withdrawal option??

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is this why all my uni shitcoins are shitting the bed?