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>Tho lately I've been feeling like a stink marine
>But just think, marine;
>Even though the price is acting like a sub-marine,
>The product is ultra pristine,
>Gotta come clean,
>It's something the world has never seen,
>Maybe it's not a dream,
>Maybe it's Maybeline,
>Fud never knocks my esteem,
>So I've been holding my beans,
>Like my friends on this team
>Till we make a scene,
>Till we're in the green,
>Cos that's what it means...

To be a Link Marine.

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I wonder what sergay is getting from the breakfast menu

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why does this kinda slap

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Fucking kek

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thats fire

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Literally imagine it’s 2024 and you’ve been holding Link for more than half a decade. You have big stack of link, and you always thought to put 2% of it into some ultra low cap meme, but you never did it. You watched some winners and losers go by, glad you missed some, and regretful that you missed others.

Then, you see Apu, and you miss it. 200 mil mc, you think, “Too late for any meaningful gains”. Then you see DOGHOLE literally all over biz for a week just like Apu was. But DOGHOLE is only $139k and seems literally on the verge of going parabolic.

You go to the DOGHOLE TG, and you see that it is all biz bros. But for some reason you don’t ape a small bag.

2 months later you’re in a missed DOGHOLE cope thread, expressing how link his done nothing for you.

Now imagine you don’t make that choice. And DOGHOLE goes to millions.


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and make sure to check out my other Bangers


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>Linkenem featuring emenlink

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very cool, but I still need at LEAST a 5x from here

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yoo that was fire. based and saved

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Do you think oatmeal anon made it yet? Or is he dead?

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i wrote a rap about link too:

>i hate stinkies
>i loathe stinkies
>i hate stinkies
>yeah yeah
>fuck all stink marines
>they belong in the latrines
>smell like shit and gains are shit too
>fuck em
>i hold doge and im a billionaire
>poor ass linkies look at my lambo and stare
>fuck stinkies

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sad story, by the end of it he was so poor he was only eating white rice, and then he died of malnutrition

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general rule of thumb is that biz personalities ceasing to post are either dead or they fucked up swing trading/ leveraging and are too defeated to show themselves.

Most 2011 BTC maxis did not make it. There are just too many traps to fall into. It's not as simple as buy n hold.

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i heard he staked his whole stack. he was starving so much that he tried to sell some link but died before the cooldown period for staking

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Oatmeal anon sold 100k in 2020 and bought a sick apartment

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sure he did, stinkie
everyone knows you stink marines just le helded forever
thats what you do
le hold
like le cucks

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