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What's the most you've lost in a rugpull?

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tree fiddy

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Initial investment around 5k. Total devalued: 50k

I just bought my first honeypot token on Base. Only put in $40 and it hasn't rugged yet but it's painful watching it go up and being unable to sell. Better luck next shitcoin I guess.

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200k. Now I feel nothing.

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jesus christ....

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I've actually never lost money in a rug pull but I've gotten 29000$ stolen from me through a phishing site posing as traderjoexyz.com in the last month

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apu was the only rugpull I've been in and I held so I didn't lose anything

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Not a literal rugpull, but I lost $350,000 last year on a single trade.
I'm completely dead inside.

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Not a rug but I've lost 120k worth of ordinals and BTC this run (I am still above 6 figures on other investments) because I didn't do an xverse hot wallet backup (I have external backups). My distro on my fucking mac crashed and i configured it to inherit secure boot so now I literally can't crack it open, I would need the fucking CIA to do it for me

First day, and also before checking backups, it felt like my entire life was lost. Told myself had I not had in order backups, would have thought about killing my self

Hard lesson learned

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Are you back?

You too, are you back?

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used leverage?

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Nope. Wasn't even crypto.
Most expensive lesson of my entire life.
Nobody in my life even knows about it outside of one close friend.
Bright side is I don't have to pay taxes on any of my crypto gains until I make that back, so there's that.

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Can you explain what happened?

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the opportunity to finish paying for college
losing that was what hurt me the most, I didn't make it on time with my jizzlord, even if I have the money now, I will have to use it to pay other bills

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lost $1000 in Lady Luck

it was a lottery style gambling coin but it was retweeted from Chainlink's official account because of the use of Chainlink VRF for the random number generator so i figured with that "endorsement" it wasn't a rug

it ran for a few cycles, paid out a few winners then rugged and Chainlink deleted evidence soon after out of embarrassment

It was part of what helped me realize Chainlink probably wasn't going anywhere - I started selling soon after and in hindsight the whole Lady Luck scam was a top signal taking place almost exactly at the ATH of Link

Ultimately I'm glad I got rugged because $1000 was nothing in the end and saved me from bagholding Link all the way down and losing a lot of profit

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Like 5k in slowrugs, 2017-18 utility coins that went nowhere

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everyone has been rugged by the US dollar

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>What's the most you've lost in a rugpull?

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Based for exposing the cuckolds of crypto

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I made $10,000 on APU

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failed businesses aren't rugs

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zero. been in crypto for 13 years. people are fucking retarded.

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lost $300 in a slow rug

lost $12k on truebit

lost $80k on moonbirds slowrug

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Radiant Island

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$20 back in 2018. I learned my lesson

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$6k. I bought the top of Luna Inu. I don't play around with shitcoins anymore.

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Lol idiot, you should have held that one, you will want to kys in some months for selling

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500$ to a pajeet rugpull.

Now I stay on ETH and BTC to to be immunized to pajeet shit.

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25k on linkpool rug

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Why would I be suicidal? I like my job.

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Had two or three dogcoins in 2021 rug on me. Lost $1500 at the most on a few.
While that sounds retarded I had also turned $98 into $83,000 in 5 months in SHIB so the whole thing was fucking stupid anyway

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Europoor by shit south country here.
In 2000 i have loss 100k in crash top10 dotcom single silicon valley.
All my 10 years Save money.
My Life is ruined for 15 years.
But God Save me and now, 52year, i miei in my 2 bull run
I turn 15k in 140k last run.
Now i have 350 e turn 140k in 1,2-1,4M € next year
I pray for you fren.
Stay strong

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100 dolla
I got almost a stroke only to think about to lose 200k
This gives me a stroke and a ictus, what is happened?
Goddamn guys you lost so many money that I can feel the pain for you

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Actual genuine rugpull? only 400 bucks but that was actually like 1.3 eth so it would be 4000 bucks if I had held. /biz/ "rugpull" where you make a horrible decision on a company or asset that lied about their bull case and your investment goes down enough to make you wake up angry every day? More than that.

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FTX, quarter mil
But I'm getting most if not all of it back.

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haha same here, also threw in 6k at the top
turned to 1.5k which I used to buy Apu
so not a total loss

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5k. I dont know if it counts, but i lost my chance of making 300k out of the eRSDL scam.

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about $250 on earnfi lol

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Lost around 25k from a meme rugpull and about 2k from one shardy launchpad 2years ago. Swore never to engage in any IDOs except on reputable launchpads like Apeterminal or Weway

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Started the 2020 bull with around $3000. Managed to trade up to 40k mainly because I lucked out with GRT. Switched to almost 100% allocation to DOT and staked everything. Watched 40k bleed to $5000 before I could sell. Socks but I viewed it all as fake play money anyway at the time.

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$1k on BELL today.

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Lost more than 1k dollars but pick up yourself and invest on hydro online before it's late.

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Maybe like $1000 because I don't invest more than I'm willing to lose

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Are these ones really reputable? Maybe just for now

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just lost .66 ETH on bellcurve
fuck ruggers

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dont even know the real number
high 5-figures in some scam where the ceo was a pillhead dumping tokens to buy swimming pools and coke
recently wasted a ton of time in toad but i actually made money, wouldve lost about the same on that if i hadnt learned from last time.
close one!

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are they going to get me kicked out of there too?

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all slowrugs btw
actual rug is probably only $50-$100

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200k went down the drain in 2022 Lunacrash. Now I'm focused on MMON to build my networth. Solana Memecoin is likely the fastest gainer rn.

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nothing because i just invest in normiecoins and shit
i even swapped all my EVMs to BRC20 with satoshirouter, i'm not falling for shitcoins like APU

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Of course! Apeterminal especially didn't Start operations yesterday. Expecting the IDO of at least 3 A-list tokens including Xcad, Nuklai and Sharpe in the next few days.

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$0 because I only buy Bitcoin

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Now I hold digital ivory, to fend off the jannie poachers

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im about to make everything back with the help of a certain elephant

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Lost 3.5k in a 2021 coin called BRRR, and prolly close to 2k this year in solana and base shit coins. I bought EARNFI the night before it rugged

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£500,000 before the rug in APU, although I count it in the millions as it continues on without me

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2.5k on SLERF

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Your loss... just broke a new ATH

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Lost ~$200 on deep brain chain in 2017 at the height of the bull
Lost ~100 in 2 other rugpulls in 2021
Won a lot more than that though. Such is the shit coin casino

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True. Some of them were actual slowrugs tho since it turned out there was zero intention to actually release a product.

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>Elon tweets about Tesla not allowing Bitcoin anymore in 2021
>Cites environmental concerns
>swapped everything I owned for NANO at $14
>-30% in a few days
Ended up just dumping it then back in for ETH and just waited for 3 years until I made profit again.

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I don't invest in rugpulls

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Seems like IDOs are the goto for now after memes have calmed down

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I have never lost money in any rugpull because I don't get into crappy projects, I look very carefully where to put my money and that's why my portfolio is full of SOL, DAI and SUPER.

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lost 20 bucks on this bellcurve.money rugpull
it was artful really
anybody have archives of the telegram seething or anything before they baleeted? it's like it never existed on the internet

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I lost about $3600 on twetch NFTs. Bought 15/600 TACOs and bought an EGG. Bought a really low user number as well. The devs lost a fortune on BSV and decided since they were scammed, they would become scammers. Kind of a shit rolls down hill scenario.

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Put in $200, that turned into about $150k in few months. It's now worth like $4.5k

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Made at least 5x from SSNC, BONUS, BEFI and ORB on Apeterminal. You can understand why I'm super bullish on the ones lined up

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Anyone remember RVP? I had like $40k in it.

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13k in FTX rugpull

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My joy.

My girlfriend rugged our relationship and I have never been happy since.

From crypto? Like 6k to 8k. Only been in one rugpull. I've definitely also lost gains from being dumped on.

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Whatever 5B in APU is now worth

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~$150k on COSS two cycles ago. I had my coins on hitbtc and their transfer capability was "down" for a month during the crash, and my coins were stuck in transfer the whole time. When it finally moved, I lost about that much value.

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still hurts to this day, i kept it all on anchor during the crashing thinking things would be okay again soon. the worst is that anons on here were saying get out asap even taking heavy losses

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I lost 4 SOL on Barron Trump. I know it's not a lot, and most of it was profit from a 10x, but I had already cashed it out, then I fomo'd back in just before it rugged.

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damn pajeetus orlando needs to be poached

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Shoulda downloaded your coins to a paper wallet.