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Bros, I'm really struggling. It's so fucking difficult being me, I think I'm cursed.
Everything I do takes a ridiculous amount of effort. Everything is fucked.
I am constantly being tripped up by completely random shit that never happen to others.
Just now I tried purchasing BAPU and my card got declined so I couldn't purchase any crypto.
Then I tried moving money back onto my Skrill account and Skrill says that money transfered from a MasterCard can't be withdrawn to a crypto wallet.
Does anything know of any way that I can buy crypto with a janky shitty fucktarded mastercard? I'm really starting to lost it, bros. I'm going mad with rage.
This kind of shit always happens to me, no matter what I do.

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poisoned milk

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It's over. It recovered. APU won't stop pumping either... and I still can't find a way to buy. It's just completely fucked.

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What country do you live in OP?

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>buying a rugpull

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>APU won't stop pumping either
rugged, go to the ORB department to get your money back

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just know, you are not alone. shit sucks.

don't give up.

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Anon, it is your fault. The saving grace is that this is easily fixable. You need to find a way to on/off ramp and test it out. Make sure that it works. Then you should have some crypto sitting in a wallet, ready to spend when the opportunity presents itself. If you live in America, the you can actually buy crypto at a fucking coinstar. There are even Bitcoin ATMs. They are all KYC compliant, so get that shit done so you can jump on the next opportunity.

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You're trying too hard.

Try this. https://www.youtube.com/live/E_3eYSxn3VU?si=NsSZTMUL3AJwRcm-

Yes it's 2 hours. Just do it once. That's all I ask. You don't need to thank me, it's only for your self.

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Broooooos I can't take this shit no more, I don't know what to do everything is so sketchy the pumps are way too long It's all gonna come crashing down the moment that I buy in. What the fuck do I do how do I navigate.

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You lack risk taking and are a panicking animal. We love you fren but the sidelines are meant for you

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We’re in the same boat brother
>Finally decide to buy APU after years of my portfolio crabbing or being in the red
>Buy ETH on CEX
>Use Optimism to send to Uniswap since I know the ETH fees are crazy
>I go to swap but it turns out I can’t swap Optimism ETH to APU because I need normal ETH instead of a side chain version
>Go to swap Optimism ETH to regular ETH
>Cant do that because reasons
>Go to send Optimism ETH back to CEX so I can swap it to regular ETH
>”Sorry, we’re currently not taking deposits for this crypto. Please try again later.”
>Go to another CEX that I signed up for years ago
>”Input details”
>”Incorrect information, please reset password.”
>Please input the number sent to your phone
>I got a new number since then
>Please verify with email
>Go to check email, nothing for 2 hours
>Email finally comes in
>”Please verify identity with drivers license.”
>It finally lets me in
>I go to get the address so I can receive Optimism ETH
>Punch my wall
>It finally let’s me in
>”New accounts have a 48 hour waiting period on deposits”
>Apu skyrockets 200% in this time period
It’s all so tiresome bros

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Dude I wanted to sell ftm yesterday and buy jasmy when it was 206, and I didn't. I want to fucking rope right now.

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There is a lesson to be learned here

Always keep a ETH on metamask ready to buy something

Bonus: Use your metamask with a hardware wallet so you don’t have to learn the other lesson

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Easy for you to say, you don't know how much I have on my plate right now. You don't know how hard it is to even find the time for this just to have to jump through 10 hoops before I can even get something so simple done.

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You are never gonna make it with that attitude brudda

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it's still early to buy the base(d) biz trio..
1m in each will basically gurantee that you'll make it (as long as you aren't a paper-handed jeet)
eIepepe, pwif and monkey peepo
thank me later.. with a donation preferrably

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I'm literally not doing anything right now. I'm just suffering. I can't work, all I can think about is these trades that I'm not doing. I can't buy, all I have is some crypto leftover in a smart contract that I want to save. All my payments are being declined. I should go and ask for a loan then purchase on a fucking ATM. Except I gotta work. When the fuck do I do that. Fuck me it's excruciating

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Anon, many of us have felt that way at some point or another. The only way through is to put your feelings aside, and work through it logically. You may miss out on this one opportunity now, but there are new opportunities all of the time. There will be others. Prepare for those.

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Should've held AGRS like i told you cowboy