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This board is obsessed about buying a house and starting a family. I'm not saying it's a bad idea, but having a family vs. not having a family has its own pros and cons. Next time you say that people without a family are losers, think about the rich, famous and attractive people who have chosen never to get married or have kids: Leonardo DiCaprio.

You already know the pros of having a family, so here are my pros of not having a family:

1. If you want to achieve something more in your life, you will have to compete with younger people without a family and unlimited free time. Your chances of starting a successful business while splitting your time between family and business drop to near zero.

2. Your wife will look over your shoulder at your successes and failures. No more experiments. You will have to make conservative and boring decisions. Regardless if you are a wagie or NEET, you can't try any bold ideas.

3. If things change and you want to move to a different country, chances are your wife doesn't want to. Especially when you have kids that need to go to school. Most likely, you will be bound to one place for the rest of your life. Travelling is over for most people.

4. People are polyamorous. They get attracted or even fall in love into someone else while being in a relationship even with their best intentions. If you made a bad choice, you or your wife will cheat or you will be forced to stay in unhappy relationship for decades just because it's best for your kids.

5. Within a few years, your wife won't look at you in the same way as before marriage. Sex always goes down after marriage. This is unavoidable even for celebrities and billionaires.

6. You will become a normie, because you want to avoid anything that puts your family at risk. No more rebelling. You can easily get threatened and also corrupted. Your wife will make you look stupid if you want to stay "poor" and honest.

7. More stress and less free time. You have to ditch some hobbies.

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look bro I'm a near 30 year old kissless virgin but even I can tell you that you just wrote a cope incel manifesto, get real

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I kind of agree. I’m chilling without kids at this point in time.

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The whole Leo lifestyle only works IF youre rich and handsome. 100% no one here fits either one

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Nothing is stopping you from achieving extraordinary things if you are comfortably financially independent. This is why we have crypto.

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You're not doing that lifestyle if you're an ugly rich guy

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I know a few people with kids who are sexually frustrated because their wifes are no longer into sex or they are no longer attracted to each other. They cheated a bit, but their wifes found out and it was a big drama. They decided to stay until kids grow up. This is more common than everyone thinks and it's definitely more common than incels. They have to cope even harder.

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This is why swinging was invented

monogamy is just not from this time, its boring af

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Imagine being him when he's on his death bed and realizing how insignificant his entire life was and then feeling sad and alone with nothing left behind of your legacy except some movies people will never fucking watch again.

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I hope someone plots my life like that in some 20 years, that would be based

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His lifestyle is not something most people want. My goal is to be able to retire from salaried work while supporting my family and working on my own projects / businesses without financial pressure

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this, a life defined by vanity

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4chan was infiltrated by tradcucks and white nationalists nearly a decade ago and is filled with glowies trying to pump up the birth rate, don't pay any mind to it

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>think about the rich, famous and attractive people who have chosen never to get married or have kids: Leonardo DiCaprio.
Losers. End of the bloodline.

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Humans aren't monogamous which is why tradcuck shit doesn't work unless there are extreme punishments and social conditioning to force monogamy to work

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What if your kids end the bloodline? Or grandkids? The universe will collapse for sure. If you think it's all about the bloodline, it's a dead end either way.

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having a familiy or not is very situational dude, and maybe also owning a home, but if you have the chance to get a nice home, I'd take it anon, you can later sell it (truflation research points to a heavy increase in home prices in the future) and recover your investment, but yo cant sell your family, at least not legally. Just my grain of salt

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say whatever about me but I rather live the fuck alone as an adult than share with other people.

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I rather stay single forever than sharing.

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what te fuck did your family do for you to think like this,

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no one cares about your grain of salt you fucking faggot

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not anon, but, my family was a typical normal family, never had any major problems, just normal stuff and I still wont live with them, as soon as I was able I moved out, I just like my space.

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My fucking sides

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bit butt hurt much aren't we?

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You guys are closet cuckolds. I get a raging hard on when my gf of 4 years walks in the room and have been consistently giving her 2 rounds of ass clapping 4-5 times/week. Cope

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You don't want to live >>58354500 with three kids and a fat wife who nags you constantly? Oh and you have no money leftover each month and one week of vacation a year

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>this dumbfuck thinks there are FBI agents pretending to be White nationalists who "infiltrated" 4chan to encourage White people to have babies
how are you so fucking stupid? are you mentally retarded while being a nigger or something?

i bet you gamble all your 3rd worlder money on scamcoins, stupid faggot.

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People here just know white people are becoming outnumbered so they want people to have kids

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>Humans aren't monogamous
so fucking stupid. refuted by the last few thousand years. try using your brain, you stupid shitskinned 3rd world ape. actually the decline of civilization (you know, how we import idiotic shitskins like you and your stupid/stinky brown family) is correlated with a decline in "monogamy".

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Are you retarded? Leo is gay...

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>compares the average /biz/ user to Leo DiCaprio
Stopped reading there

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infiltrated lol its just the general consensus of white men now, me included. wake up.

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anyway, leo's life seems depressing, he should have moved on from this lifestyle in is early 30s at the latest

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Most niggers here that pretend to be super traditional masturbate on a daily basis to degenerate loli rape pornography they buy from obscure japanese digital doujin stores with their XMR bags.

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I feel like non-whites care way more than the average white guy does. Like I'm an injun (feather, not dot) and even I want them to at least put up a bit of a fight before going extinct, lol. Watching an entire race die while giving literally zero shits about it just feels weird

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this stupid graph a retarded r*dditor made in 2019 kicked off the whole "you can't date women under 25 they're brain isn't fully developed" trend. Truly one of the worst person in the world

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why would he settle down with a 30 year old women at 30?

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Yeah kids are a pain in the neck, but working in a nursing home I'll tell you there's many rich people who regretted not having any kids and now their main social interaction is talking to nurses for daily pills and senile people.

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You forgot the most important points:

You will be bringing kids into a declining society where they'll be surrounded by increasingly violent and poor brownoids, that is if nuclear war and climate change don't make life unliveable first.

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1: I get to spread my genes by making a family (hot af), and I use my girlfriends money to start a business if I want

2: Im not getting married, fuck getting divorce raped, nothing in it for me

3: my girlfriends does whatever the fuck I tell them to, at all times, and I fucking hate travelling fuck that shit. Theres negros and the water tastes like shit wherever you go. I've literally been to 30 countries and I hated every single one, especially america. I saw more negros in america than I saw in afrika. Only place I ever liked was bulgaria because I was drunk 24/7 and partying

4: I have 2 girlfriends and I can get more if I want. If women respect you and you can please them, they'll do whatever you want. You just need to actually demand things from them, and punish them if they dont give you what you want. You imbeciles want submissive women like the 50s, but you dont want to act like a man and smack her if she doesnt do as she's told (like they did in the 50s).

5: I'm never getting married, and I still get what I want, when I want.

7: I have way less stress. I get home from work and dont have to worry about cooking or cleaning. I have MORE freetime, because I dont have to spend 2-3 hours after work, doing those things. I never had any hobbies except partying, fucking and playing vidya, and I can do all those things whenever I want. Actually I can get my dick sucked for hours while playing vidya whenever I want.

But you're a low T male, so you wont get any of the things that I have. You will seethe on 4chan about muh women, while never acting like a Man whenever you have a woman.

Stop being a bitch and date whoever you want. Wtf is wrong with you? Act like a man

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that's enough daydreaming there wagie, back to work you are not being paid to daydream on company hours

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This is the most unproven most arbitrary shit ever pronounced. You are factually wrong

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hope she sees this bro

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1. Hasn't studies shown that men are MORE successful when the get married and have children? Almost as if having responsibility gives men more drive.

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>That's why you let niggers fuck your wife
Retard. What you do is just fuck your wife whenever you want.

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Based. Marry her and make babies

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So someone who made 10 kids in a ghetto is more significant?

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Yes, because they make conservative, boring decisions as stated in point 2. In other words, "responsible" decisions, not experiments. Young people who have a greater risk tolerance can afford to try and fail multiple times and therefore they can be better at STARTING a business. Married men can be better at RUNNING (and expanding) an already successful business.

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Don't bother arguing about this with retards on 4chan. They all suffer from severe tunnel vision and normalcy addiction.

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Whatever, if you rely only on the bloodline and think it's everything you leave behind, you must only hope that your bloodline will not end later by some other circumstances. Like not having grandkids, kids dying in an accident, a terorist attack or war or because of health issues, Sun life on Earth ends before we find another planet, Universe collapses, etc. If someone's children die of cancer or in a war, you think his life was for nothing? Without believing there's something else when you die, like a soul or reincarnation, whatever, you must rely on physical things that can possibly fail (your "never-ending" bloodline). I actually believe I will never die.