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It really do be like that sometimes

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WTF happened? Dev exit? Or just rug pull?

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kinda looks like a slow rug to zero terminating in the final liquidity provider's capitulation, sending it to zero.

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paper hands selling.
meanwhile I've gotten 6x ethereum payouts so far today.
I say keep this fud coming, amazing opportunity

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yes ser, very organic post. keep hodling apes, keep earning the needful

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nvm, it was a slow rug ending in a real rug lmao:

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have fun missing out

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Literally nothing, coordinated sells and then some weird fud campaign.

I wish I'd been in on it desu.

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It was one of the projects with the most annoying shills. Wtf, where is your sense of danger.

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>name is EARNFI
>not a scam
kek bizlets fell for it again, better wage for 6 months to afford another entry into another crypto scam, nerds!

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>getting cents worth of ethereum
>token itself down 90%
nigger you are down guaranteed

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I've earned over $10 in the past 3 weeks.
keep fudding

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>up $10 from rewards
>down $1000 from price action
nigga its down 90% on the 7d. there is a 0% chance you are up

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hes obv trolling you dumb nigger

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I thought that too about eesee but in the end after main net launch and $ese thing runs pretty smooth over there, I'm testing what of tokens sell fast and which ones sell higher. over all a pretty good experience so far.

also fuck seascape

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Technically, all crypto are big scams but I don't care if I can profit regularly from this
I can play Blocklords all day while I swap shitcoins between wallets and daytrade

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>lets see how it goes
>"thing" has been going for months
>yeeeeeeeeeaj its doing awesome.
>literally closes on red
kys faggot

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if they make me money, then not a scam
just like the if it looks stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.

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(Cry)pto is a scam
biz is fake
btc is a laundry machine
you should know all of this by now

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>biz is fake
biz is actually like a AA meeting with lots of copium

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You faggots are like "OHHH EARNFI A NEW WAY TO MAKE MONEY BULLISH BULLISH BULLISH" each time that a shiller comes here trying to scam you in another roundabout way but when i tried to tell you about AGRS you told me "show your hand nigger faggot im not feeding your village" at this point you deserve the scams

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Holy kek

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I thought it was over after the first drop, I thought the dev was already basically out...

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>ponzi scheme was a ponzi scheme
no way

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Just get into $PENIE it has better reflections and the dev is confirmed white. Started his own exchange, and this is his first coin.

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KEK the earnfi dev was white too, fuck off

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>Grom in ID
sorry my mother told me not to talk to ogres

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its ME !


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who cares, Toby is pumping, get in:
>t. guy who bought and sold earnfi before it was popular, and didn't buy back in because i went almost all in on toby because it's so good lol
low IQs/newfags, you will just watch it keep going up, while you wonder why your picks bleed out and die...

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If only you'd buy something real for once and not a preprogrammed rug.

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which one of you made this kek?
fuck these devs though they should not be allowed to fuck people over again

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Digits made me buy. I already had a lil bit from the airdrop. The twitter is is schizo shit and I’m down for that too.

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Double posting to make sure anons check the stacked 2s in these post numbers goddamn.

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Ok idiots you’re sitting around wasting time thinking about some investment that went bad. Wow. Nice use of time.

Either ape $50 on DOGHOLE or go to the TG: DOGHOLECOIN and see that it’s all biz bros. At $40k and 108 holders that are all biz bros, I’d be worried about being the author of a cope thread in a month from now.