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Earn sisters, not like this!

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Oh no, my free money! You guys are retarded.

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Feeling rugged? There’s a coin and group for you. Formed by rugged Anons just like yourself hell bent on a mission to make an un-ruggable coin. Let me introduce you to GMC, gamercoin.

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lmao is it truly over?

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What killed the hype?

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wow i cant believe a clear ponzi turned out like most ponzis do

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wasn't it supposed to be early mover
feel like statera v31.6

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same guys behind earnfi also made surge?

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I'm so glad molly is not awake for the shitshow that is on the tg right now

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Wait, why am I still getting eth payouts?

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This was the last TG post before it rugged kek

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would've succeeded on Eth, but retards just had to do it on Base

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>"not a scam even though he's been exposed as a serial scammer!"
>gets scammed

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Serves you mongs right for shilling this scam nonstop.

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>bought a lazy copy of previous ponzis
>get rugged
deserved, should have just bought Circle like you were told 100 times

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This guy is a turbo coper

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I don't understand, all my tokens are still there and I'm still getting eth payments, what's the issue?

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No refunds! FWAHAHA

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you think there will be any volume left after today?

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community takeover wif tat project wen
wat is tat
so wagmi sers

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Why not?

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can't the staking dev just rug again later down the road?

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who would have thought that "raining_shitcoins" would do this?

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There's still a "friendly" dev in the TG who wasn't in on it kek! Funds are safu! Community is strong

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I don't get what he has "stolen" all the tokens are still there and still earning eth.

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He stole the rewards pot for the staking part of the project. Allegedly that's all the rugger controlled and was the only contract deployed by him, him being the dev of whatever previous shitcoin people we're going on about before. How this wasn't known to the team idk, it's all pretty shady and I don't see it coming back from this.

t. 40k Earnies

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Don't worry apes, the lead dev is looking into it! Everything seems legit now

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Pending earnfi rewards are still there, still receiving eth rewards too.

So what did he steal?

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Now they turned off messages in TG kek

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This coin really is an investment 101 comprehension test

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God's be praised. It is a good thing scammers can't help being obnoxious, it makes life easy.

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The EarnFi tokens pool you got for staking your EarnFi on their dapp, nothing to do with the ETH rewards part of the project.

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time to $COPE anon..

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Was that this 300% apy on stables side?

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lmao base starts to become as jeety as solana

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Pending earnfi rewards are still there too

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The same exact bullshit happened in payday...suddenly there's a bunch of other devs in the background which aren't even in the chat doing some form of rugging. The "lead" dev only deploys the contract and its renounced! So the project must be safe, right? haha

I hope you anons who shilled relentlessly and called me "tom" learn from this. His tweets may have been crazy but a broken clock is right twice a day.

Before you know it, it will end just like $PAYDAY did - the dev "figures stuff out", only for nothing to be figured out.

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>free armor trimming

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The tg is comedy central

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Meds, Tom.

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LMAO :D looks like we bothneed em at this point

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He just got muted fuck me that's a bad look, who is this Molly troon?

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jej, poor guy

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Wait, no, this is actually crazy. Who the fuck puts 70k into a ponzi shitcoin?

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This "Molly" is a cunt

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He probably made 70k unrealized, no way he actually put that in we might have survived kek

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Wish they didn’t ban me after questioning the connections to previous projects now, but at the same time I’m vindicated in being right lol

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Guys I'm earnnnnning so hard rn....oh yeahhhh I'm gonna EARNNN-ack!

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I might be fucking retarded because I just bought 40000 of these.

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I fucking told you idiots again and again and again and again to buy aero. I have no sympathy. Hope the eth rewards were good.

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Anyone impacted by this rug should come to the gamercoin telegram and get their rugpull recovery airdrop

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>People will actually send their tokens to the dev
Fool me once...

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>So you sold?

Jesus Christ.

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so everyone who had their tokens staked in the dapp lost them or?

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The dev has the opportunity to do the funniest thing of all time

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What? There was scam code in a closed source smart contract? Who could've seen the dev scam like this? That scoundrel. Though well done tricking with the "no locking needed"-staking.

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Pictured here: the EARNFI dev holding up their other phone to the microphone mid twitter space playing baby crying sounds so the community makes excuses for them being gone.

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No, everything is still there, I'm starting to think this is the most elaborate fud I've ever seen.

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Nothing has actually happened, staked tokens are all still there, earned tokens are all still there, eth rewards still coming in.

Is this literally just whale games?

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Retard nigger https://basescan.org/tx/0xe2b7b82f6f2e8401e3d2347764380b826d285a8921e6d0f9e16d4e33b9079a73

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kek cope baggie

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you're actually so fucking dumb and deserve to lose all your money

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>Nothing has actually happened

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>the tg is deciding how the dev rugs them a second time
This space is literally full of retards

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oh no, let's make it a community token!!

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This coin in particular though was specifically designed for maximum left curve retard baggies though

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Okay, is that just staking rewards that hadn't been claimed?

Fucking nothingburger, wake me up when it's back at 10¢

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Yeah just some cool 500k of staking rewards draining the entire contract dry. You are a mongoloid.

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B B B BUT MUHHH TOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lol, $7500 dollars worth of a token was stolen, surely this will be front page news!

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(You) are a coping baggie

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it was 500k tokens at 10 cents

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Molly fuck you for banning me you dumb slut! A crypto tool token can be revived but not a ponzi!

Reflections is launching not too long after that poll time runs out and the token will be abandoned shortly thereafter.

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Please tell me you're trolling. Those 500k tokens are worth $7.5k after dumping them the price dropped 90%. You've gone so far you can't be this retarded.

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So when this goes to 0, it's like nothing has been stolen at all.

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>obvious ponzi was a ponzi
No refunds

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This shakeout was a really nice midwit massacre, thanks bros.

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>-80% 7d

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Holy cope

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It's okay bros, CIRCLE still spinning

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I will AWLAYS be poor
Its simply too late to escape

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i bought at $200k, i sold today at $200k.
im not good at this whole trading thing.

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why didn't you sell when it crabbed at 1-2m after the payday exposé anon?

also, the payday chat got deleted kek

this is playing out exactly how they did it on payday - first, blame another dev on the team causing a rug

then, the lead dev becomes overwhelmed from the fud regarding the project he mutes the chat for a bit, unmutes it again, then mutes it and seals the deal and abandons the project

GG to all! the signs were all there after schizo tom exposed them all

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buy dog with bat

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>person who uses the term midwit is the real midwit
every time

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If you had been watching Themis you would have seen this coming. You were all very much warned here on /biz/

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Following up on this. Transfer is now pausable. Please do not buy the dip like a mong.

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just buy toby you dumbshit newfags. i post it here and it pumps every other day, meanwhile you dumbasses buy total garbage and lose all your money. try to actually understand what you're buying, or just listen to people smarter than you. 100mil mc for toby is fud.


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earnfi posted on rektplebs now
t . me / rektplebs