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Friendly reminder

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For you...linkbaggie

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We have a memecoin season instead.

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tfw when I hold link AND apu and I'm going to swap my apu for an assload more link at 1B cap, just in time for the link run to $240

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that's smart, it's always a good idea to secure your profits in a stablecoin :)

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correct. A good rule of thumb in crypto is that as soon as the crowd is barking about some pattern or phenomenon in the market that must play out, it doesn't. Midcurve shit. People literally think that we can all just hold alts perfectly waiting for them to pump like musical chairs from bitcoin. Some will pump, sure, but there is no more "alt season" like in previous cycles. That era has ended.

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Stablecoin? LINK lost $21... then $20... then $19... then $18... and it's losing $17 today. What's stable about it?

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a rugpull season mor like KEK BAGGOTS

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Fuck you nigga. There WILL be an altseason. Gravity labs WILL release, I WILL BUY A LOT OF BAGS AND I WILL BE HAPPY YOU HEARD ME?

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what do you mean? altseason aleady happened
already made several 5x - 20x

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Agreed... anyway check my chart and TA

lol nah but fr this one is meme potential based on the US election with a gambling game which is basically all of what crypto is

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alt season officially started. Testicular Torsion just went live on Base!


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>altseason aleady happened
Not really , I mean sure some have pumped already and 5x is always nice gains .
But many alts did not performed that yet .
I think it's soon yet , well not to soon , but till end of year many things can go up and down

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The crypto industry has fully optimized into Bitcoin and memecoins only, as capitalism intended.

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>memecoins pumping left and right
>no alt season
inb4 meme coins are not alts

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thats like saying there wouldnt be an internet company stock boom after the dot com bubble and yet the internet business sector came back bigger and better a couple decades later.

Like it or not the crypto space is now an established sub-category of the tech industry. Buying alt coins for serious projects with legit use cases is basically like investing in these projects stock. many alts will be around for decades to come. why else would Blackrock create their real world asset tokenization fund on the ethereum network and buy alt coins in over 10 different projects they think will have a promising future.


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>I'm going to swap my apu for an assload more link at 1B cap,
why would you sell a legit project for a shitcoin like link? if anything you should just wait for apu staking and make apr on your stack, and if needed when you need money in the future use your Apu as collateral on an AAVE loan

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this, and more investors now compared to 3 or 4 years ago .

The market is right now better than ever

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$DOGFCKR coins =/= alt coins

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>NN) 04/10/24(Wed)23:20:53 No.58352899▶

the real testicular torsion was launched on solana retard


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actually it launched on solana