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There's a real risk of the next version update in December being the final community pool expansion to 75 Million Link. Therefore you better get your ducks in a row and make sure you have a wallet that qualifies for Early Access. Last December, Early Access filled up in less than 5 hours last with the expansion of ~20M Link tokens and General Access currently has to resort to scoping out for a spot or using a bot to snipe or having to go through stake.link. You don't want to wait for General Access.

If your stuff is on a centralized exchange, then you're shit out of luck for the hodler criteria; you need an externally owned account (EOA) wallet that you control the private keys to. You guys obviously don't give enough of a shit to be an educator, so your best bet is being a builder. Chainlink's hackathon is going to go on this month.

> That's your ticket in to getting a qualified wallet.

And remember the reason why you want to enter the community staking pool; the BUILD airdrops. Chainlink's startup program currently has over 90 startup companies at this point with new companies joining every week. Let's assume no more will enter the program after 100 entries, If they all make it to product launch and each airdrop is worth $1000, that's $100K right there. If only half make it to product launch, that's still $50K. A quarter have airdrops released? $25K.

They're not going to release the airdrops till v1.0 the earliest. And we don't know how the tokens will be distributed. Will it be per token staked? Per wallet? Per length of wallet being staked? Everything is up in the air. But you want to still have SOMETHING in the pool which is better than nothing.

> Even 10 Link will make this a worthwhile endeavor.

If you don't have a wallet ready or you just bought link in the past couple months, don't take a chance. Be proactive and GET READY NOW. Subscribe to Chainlink's youtube channel and enter the hackathon and make time for the events.

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>And remember the reason why you want to enter the community staking pool; the BUILD airdrops.
Apparently not LOL

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>still limited
this is fucking bullshit just let me stake all the LINK I want whenever I want fucking christ

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get those ducks in a row
get those ducks in a row
quack quack quack

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And note that this is merely a quarter of the battle. The true test is this December, around December 6th or 7th, make sure you're not doing anything of note around then.


If you're committed even to schedule the day so that you're at your computer ready to stake the literal SECOND the pool opens up and have at least $100-$200 worth of ETH for gas to compete with everyone else rushing to the pool.

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Are you ready to swallow black man's cum?
THE cuckolds of crypto

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Next staking update is December? Lmao

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Anon, there are only so many airdrops and this is the official community pool, a more privileged pool than any other pool that would come forth in this network. It was always going to be capped at 75M Link. Wait for full staking to come out and stake with some other node operator to stake up to whatever max they set, but know that comes at the cost of not being able to participate in air drops or whatever perks they have planned in the future.

Even Stake.link, we don't know how the airdrops will be distributed on that platform or how much they'll get. It's safer to have your own wallet staked than go through them and have to share your airdrop with everyone else on that platform.

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You mean v0.3

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anon what makes you think the community pool is going to be 75m and not more?

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so, between Link rewards and BUILD rewards, what are the tokenomic implications of every staker dumping these on market ASAP?

Is that part of Sergey's holistic, mutually beneficial development cycle? Or just the unavoidable outcome of a hyper-PvP oriented "market" predicated entirely on digital tokens representing the stinky farts of second generation scammers?

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why is 7 the number of link needed to be held? who the fuck is staking such low numbers?

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you don't understand how poor most of the world is, or that crypto is majorly touted to be a solution to their lack of access to capitol markets - do you?

You don't understand anything about finance, markets or blockchains... Do you?

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This reeks of ponzi bullshit. Where are the airdrops? Haven't linkies just been waiting in the dark? How about an actual plan of releasing them from the team, Chainlink - the company about verifiable truth and transparency can't even give a ballpark estimate on when and in what amounts airdrops will be given. What is the staking pool even doing? It's securing a price feed or some shit? 4 percent APY to lock up your tokens and miss selling the bull run top, if some miracle pumps the token. Linkies are down so bad... lmao

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Stinkers are GME tier cultists at this point. You people are pathetic.

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You're a linker yourself, why do you keep insulting yourself?

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i understand all of that just fine. why should these poors be allowed in? you're one of them, aren't you? stinky stinky get away

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friendly reminder that the idea that build rewards mean that every staker gets an airdrop of tokens under his control is a fiction entirely made up by desperate /biz/raelis based on the very limited and vague information about staking released in november 2022
cll never confirmed anything of the sort and everything they have done since is be more vague and obscuring in their posting about it

it makes sense tho if they do an airdrop like some on biz think they will then they qualify the whole lot of it as securities
screencap it here for future reference the build rewards are just a fake administrational gimmick where the linktokens given out as staking rewards from the premined pool are supposedly financed via the build tokens but that is just bullshit as the link tokenomics arent effected by this
sergey has always been scared shitless of the sec so no he isnt going to risk it all to give a few /biz/neets who he hates with a passion a bit more gains

now cue all the screechers calling me a fudsister
note that nothing i say has any impact on the market valuation of the link tokens at all, which i think will be going up next year
the staking build rewards could if they existed only go to ancient hodlers so they have zero impact on link price appreciation
screech fudsister all you want but screencap this post for when it eventually becomes truth

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pool's closed though, fudsis

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reminder that Truflation pledged 4% of their token supply to chainlink as a BUILD partner. Currently that 4% is worth 24 million dollars. I wonder what percentage of that will go to us stakies?

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First of all, you’re a samefag.

Second of all, I will not stake only for Sergey to use me as a tool to reduce the circulating supply in order to make his token dumps more efficient.

Staking gives you a 4.5% APY and build rewards will be ~$1.07 per link per year.

No thanks, here’s the logic:

You’re risking selling a 10x pump (if link goes to $150) for a measly 0.04x from the 4% APY and $15k max per year from BUILD rewards ONLY if the chainlink team decides to give them out this year, which I don’t think will happen to be honest.

For the build rewards:
>80 projects are working with chainlink
>assuming high valuation of 100 million market cap
>3% allocated per project over a period of 5 years
>rewards spread across 45 million link staked

That’s $48 million dollars per year across 45 million tokens.

That’s $1.07 dollars per year per link staked.

Assuming none of the build projects rug, and there’s a big chance of that happening. There’s a reason they joined the build project after all, if they were so good they’d have enough money to pay for oracle fees.

There’s also the concerning topic of these projects needing to release a token at all, when they’re already working just fine without one.

All in all, I don’t think staking is worth the risk, better to sell link when it pumps.

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sorry I'm not going to give you a (you) but
>assuming high valuation of 100 million market cap
TRUF just launched and has a market cap of 600 million already
>3% allocated per project over a period of 5 years
chainlink got 4% of TRUF and many other BUILD partners pledged 7-8%. 4% is one of the lowest. BTW that 4% of TRUF is worth 24 million. So your estimate of 48 mil seems completely wrong considering that one single project gave half that amount to chainlink and there is like 100 others.
>There’s a reason they joined the build project after all, if they were so good they’d have enough money to pay for oracle fees.
They are literally paying chainlink for their services by joining BUILD and pledging a big chunk of their total equity. Try writing some actual decent fud next time and maybe I will give you a (you) so you earn an extra Lev.

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Yeah agree. Even if there were some outliers like truflation, the vast majority of build projects are shitters that won’t go past 10 million market cap. Just look at these build projects:
>Pacific Meta - Web3 consulting firm
>Blue Kraken Online - Play-to-Earn NFT Game
>Konnect - A lifestyle-membership project

Kek. $1 per link staked and 100 million mc per project sounds fair, if not extremely generous.

Locking your tokens and risk missing selling a gigapump for 4% APY and $15k in build rewards TOPS if you stake the full 15 thousand link is such a retarded idea that it could only come from the minds of financially illiterate cultists.

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I'm staking Link for staking rewards which are only going to increase as the token accrues value. If i get $100 from Build i'll be happy. It's pure fud to attempt to shift focus to Build as though it were the raison d'etre for staking Link. I happen to think it will generate way more than $100 but it was never the reason for being involved.
Fudders will try all angles.

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>Locking your tokens and risk missing selling a gigapump for 4% APY
I remember hearing this back in late 2022 with anons choosing not to stake at $5 LINK because "what if it gigapumps, I'll just hold and sell the pump!"


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Can someone explain this to me like I'm a literally retard?

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Even if you did buy in and staked in late 2022 when link was $7, that coin has had a tremendously bad opportunity cost and a horrid performance even versus bitcoin.

To put things in perspective, if you had just purchased bitcoin in dec 2022 vs link in dec 2022, your btc would’ve outperformed even staked link by 55%.

If you had invested and staked $1,000 in $7 link in December 2022. You’d today have $2,592.

If you had invested $1,000 in $17k bitcoin in December 2022. You’d today have $4,029.

At this point, I just don’t see what’s the benefit of holding link.

If you’re a hardcore believer? Sure. But I’d rather make money in this market while the getting’s good. As such, I will disregard chainlink.

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yeah and get this, a lot of people hold LINK since $7 without even staking kek

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>fuddies writing out 500 word reddit spaced concern trolling about how linkies just aren't up enough over (cherrypicked timeframe)
kek it's getting pathetic, really

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If chainlink ever IPOs I will be sure to invest in it with size. I will just not touch the link token with a ten foot pole, unless I am running a node, which is where the real money lies.

That man Sergey is a genius.

One could almost understand why his kind call themselves “God’s chosen ones”.

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>Shills and advocates already building the v1.0 scam plan

Nope. They had a chance to reward us and they killed their good graces with poor messaging and v0.1 stakers should've been getting build rewards by now. This team owes us all but they're going to alienate everyone but paid shills. I look forward to their FTX-like downfall

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>They had a chance to reward us and they killed their good graces with poor messaging

So you unstaked and sold right.
Right, anon?

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link marines are his slaves

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Could be, but they planned out for the pool to be 75M max from a couple years ago. At v1.0, other nodes should have their own staking pool to vie for jobs as the staking protocol should be at 1.0 and the industry should be mature enough to demand the security it provides.

More importantly, the community staking pool itself was a complete surprise. So I wouldn't have greater expectations than what they've announced.

>so, between Link rewards and BUILD rewards, what are the tokenomic implications of every staker dumping these on market ASAP?

There were 8K addresses that staked during Early Access and the migration period. Maybe at most a couple hundred (being generous here) more between then and now, If Uniswap's token had no problem rising despite people dumping it for a PS5, the other projects should be fine with a way smaller, more devoted and loyal pool of airdrop recipients.

That would defeat the purpose of crypto as a whole if only the rich could get in. Despite Chainlink being the "banker's token" it still has to be decentralized and accessible. Thankfully they're carrying that mantra in all their aspects. Plus it would do them no good to alienate their Indian developer community and other countries lower on the economic scale.

In either case, you have zero chance of participating in the BUILD airdrop if you don't stake in the community staking pool (or in stake.link's pool). So either you stake and find out you have to do extra steps to qualify for the rewards, or you don't stake and not be able to allowed the opportunity to follow those extra steps to qualify. There's only one logical option here.

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so the current state of paid link fud is:
>here is some math using atrociously undervalued numbers to say that stakers will only get a $15,000 airdrop
Kek. BTW, notice how they're trained to never respond to actual refutations like >>58352420
they just ignore it and try a new angle. It's interesting to observe how paid shills follow the same playbook, whether they are trying to push a political narrative, spread propaganda about wars, or convince you to sell your chainlink.

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>so the current state of paid link fud is:
>>here is some math using atrociously undervalued numbers to say that stakers will only get a $15,000 airdrop
>Kek. BTW, notice how they're trained to never respond to actual refutations like >>58352420
>they just ignore it and try a new angle. It's interesting to observe how paid shills follow the same playbook, whether they are trying to push a political narrative, spread propaganda about wars, or convince you to sell your chainlink.
Nice job advosister! +1 link has been deposited into your account!

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Send yourself to hell quicker by killing yourself, no one loves you kek

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lmao kill yourself

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>notice how they're trained to never respond to actual refutations they just ignore it and try a new angle

it makes you look bad when you do exactly what I said you would do. BTW notice how I left off the second carrot so you didn't get a (YOU)? That probably cost you about 25 cents, didn't it. Sorry hehe

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You first sis, you will never be a real woman and your shitcoin will never be a real cryptocurrency. You are an insult to bitcoin and Satoshi nakamoto. You are an affront to everything crypto stands for. Dilate

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Give that man a you right now!

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sorry anon I am going to mercilessly deprive him of his rightful 25 cent (YOU). He worked so hard but I just don't care

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Oh as soon as he finishes switching ID’s and coming up with a new fud angle to accuse you of what he is doing, you are SO in for it!

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Kill yourself, no one loves you

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In cooldown period right now, but yes anon. I am not in this for the tech. Fuck you and fuck Sergey

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Thank you anon.

At this point nulinkers and poorfags can barely afford a stack and feel no incentive to put in $1000 worth of link for 40 bucks a year on and deal with gas fees on Ethereum to make it worth their salt. While that's a safe play in the long term, they'll get too distracted by degenerate meme coin farming to care about that.

Hence why I'm selling to them the BUILD airdrops.

Chainlink is going release the biggest Airdrop in the industry that dwarfs all airdrops 100x over. But you need to be in the community staking pool at the absolute minimum to qualify. But Pool's closed. It will open up for an expansion in December.


To get access to the staking pool, you need a wallet on Metamask (or an equivalent) that fulfills one of the criteria in the OP. So your best bet is to join the hackathon and attend the workshops to mint a POAP NFT to send to a wallet so you can qualify for Early Access.


The pool will be open for just a few hours in December, either on a day in the first or second week before filling up to the brim.


> Join the hackathon
> Do a workshop (aka have a youtube video running while you do some other shit)
> find a link to mint an NFT
> send to your wallet so it can qualify to stake in December
> stake 10 link when it opens up in December for a few hours
> ???

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So you're saying CCIP will capture fees? Sure, when it releases in 2030

>> No.58353879

where can I read about the next version of staking? Did they just announce this december date? I haven't seen that yet. I have a maxxed out slot in the pool right now, hopefully that means I get early access to migrate and maybe get to add another 7k or 15k?

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dude, you might wanna chill out a bit for your own sake

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This advocate nigga finally snapped and now he's committing crimes to own da fuuuuuds. I hope you don't actually believe you're anonymous here...

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>im…I’m gonna call the sheriff!

>> No.58354376

It’s too late fuddies. That anon knows its over for him so he will probably take out Adem with him as one last oorah. I know you are scared for your buddy but let this be a lesson for when you push someone too far. Your precious leader will perish for his actions.

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>>im…I’m gonna call the sheriff-AAAACCKKK

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>be deranged bagholder
>mentally snap because of bad price action
>constantly attack, threaten and goad fellow deranged bagholders on an anonymous forum known for harboring mentally ill people into hating your guts
>get doxxed
>triple down
>be amazed that mentally ill people are now threatening you
>t. Adem
Not the smartest tool in the shed, are we?

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Thank you kind anon

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because... because i'm scared, okay??
i'm scared that i'm not going to make it, so i lash out
this world we live in is so cruel, the inflation is out of control... i just want to make it... i just want link to fucking go $50+ again.... please....... please...........

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>get so buttblasted and unhinged you start unironically threatening to kill some guy and his family over 4chan trolling about a stagnating shitcoin
It's not like adem is even the one causing the price to go down. Now this idiot is probably gonna be sitting in prison for a couple of years and won't get to watch link pump.
This is like a low impulse nigger throwing their life away and killing someone because they called them a nigger.

>> No.58355000

For what it’s worth, I do think $50 link is a real possibility once/if bitcoin is trading above $100k.

Both full time fudders and deranged shills are being retarded, link did a 3x in a year with massive liquidity which is a pretty good return.

Let’s see how the rest of the year plays out. If we don’t see $50 at some point this year, THEN I would consider chainlink an investment failure.

>> No.58355048

>For what it’s worth
Imagine thinking your words hold any worth, you're in a link thread pretending to be a professor of crypto, my daily link rewards are you entire crypto folio Ranjapradash

>> No.58355097

Kill yourself, no one loves you, and go call the international sheriff on all the anons posting your address lmao get fucked you brought it upon yourself you fucking faggot

>> No.58355127

Damn, at this point I have no idea if you’re shilling or fudding.

I told you $50 link seems realistic this year. What more do you want?

What a toxic community. I’ll just go back to Solana.

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Dont be so angry, it looks like you're finally about to lose your virginity to Jamal :)

>> No.58355168

this makes you look like a huge faggot thanks for the screencap, fuddies look big and bad right now gonna get sheriff atwood to defend them LMAOO

>> No.58355201

you dun goofed son

>> No.58355277

Can you leave the door ajar on the way out, please? The stench is overpowering.

>> No.58355320

>throws a hysterical fit because someone pointed out his cult is scamming him (which it is)

>makes empty threats for years over a twitter personality who mocked his cult

>”the other guy looks bad”

Yikes… this is what rock bottom looks like

>> No.58355336

Anyways back to thread—how do I claim my build rewards? Not seeing in my wallet

>> No.58355364

chainlink will release "Staking v1.0" v0.1 this year (at the end of december of course). it will consist of a new logo and limited invites to an online seminar where you can enjoy the same slides you know and love together with other token customers

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>> No.58355382

> tries to spark FOMO
> token dumps in price

>> No.58355385

delusional. bagholders have completely lost the plot.

>> No.58355424

Ahhh yes the old everyone in the thread is Thomas

I don’t know how many ways this can be told to you buddy, but…you’re just not hard. You’re just a fucking loser

It’s never too late to turn it around tho. Maybe start with a therapist that specializes in obsession with other dude’s jacking it?

Bahahahahahahahahahah…THE Cuckolds of crypto

>> No.58355455


>fbi, yes, it’s me, adem, anons on a shitcoin trading forum have threatened to fornicate with my mother and beat me up for daily spamming…yes sir, I get paid to spam chainlink fud…no sir I don’t pay taxes but listen they found my govt. subsidized shack in the Netherlands and I’m determined to protect my mothers vagina and untaxed cryptocurrency…please send sheriff Atwood


>> No.58356492

>I told you
the thing is no one cares what you say Ranjay

>> No.58356624

>>get so buttblasted and unhinged you start unironically threatening to kill some guy and his family over 4chan trolling about a stagnating shitcoin
Not my problem. If someone wants to poke a hornets nest filled with medically ill people that's on them. I don't condone violence but you have to be a special kind of stupid to repeatedly put a target on your back after you've been doxxed on 4chan of all places. Even if the doxx turns out to be wrong, you're still putting someone's actual family in danger by "trolling" lunatics that are under the impression you are a certain doxxed person. Morally, and maybe even physically (depending on the veracity of the threats ITT and his actual identity), Thomas/Geoxadem is in a pickle I'd say. Entirely self inflicted.

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fwiw im looking forward to news of a crypto murder/torture/luggage stuffing in the Netherlands kek

imagine that the tunisian cockroach stops posting and some toothpaste anon posts a link to local news
>band of youths arrested after torturing and raping another immigrant for crypto stash"

>> No.58356910

its the netherlands anon, they dont have a functional police apparatus for plebian on plebian violence anymore
as long as you dont threaten politicians or the like nobody is getting arrested, the best anyone can link too is a video fragment on national newspaper sites of his mother begging for the location of the body

this isnt hyperbole or a larp, just look up yourself how many narco on narco shit happens in the netherlands without anybody ever found, victim or perpetrator

>> No.58357574

Why would we assume 1k per airdrop? We will be lucky to get 10 dollars if chainlinks current m.o. is any indicator. Also isnt this next iteration one where we can get slashed? Imagine staking and losing link for a 4%apy and some 20 dollars in airdrops that may not come for years.
Ill be in the pool but i wont be excited or let you advocates lie to people.

>> No.58357632

>even if the doxx turns out to be wrong
Reminder that Geoxadem changed his handle to cllmarketing77 but then ultimately decided to shut his account down for a few days the first time 'someone' posted about his embarrassing blog in full view of his friends on twitter.
When he reactivated his account he changed it to chainlinkthomas. Later in the year 'someone' posted his face and full name (Adem Kayser) on twitter under one of his posts and then he shut his account down a second time and decided to throw tantrums on biz for a few days.
Those are DEFINITELY his details lmao.

>> No.58357635

This made me laugh so hard I farted.

>> No.58358030

>Also isnt this next iteration one where we can get slashed?
can't wait for stinkies to get /slashed xD

>> No.58358399

this. Build hasnt even given out anything. always some next "big thing" to keep you strung along.

>> No.58358943

Strung along how? Im already getting 4.3% for doing nothing.

>> No.58358955

I was qualified to stake in the first few hours of 0.1, I will be qualified for all future staking versions.

>> No.58358999

yes but that's fake staking so it doesn't count, stinkie

>> No.58359286

I think the ability to qualify for a Early Access is even easier with messing around with the docs, specifically CCIP and functions, but that's not totally dummy proof despite it being copypasting.

>> No.58359331

Spark FOMO with telling nolinkers to buy 10 link? Come on bro.

Uniswap's airdrop was initially $400 and pumped up. We don't know when the airdrops will happen and we're at 91 or so BUILD participants. If we go to 200 participants by the time the airdrops happen, you can drop the value to $500 per airdrop for the same calculations. There's no limit on the BUILD participant amount. Even after we receive airdrops, new BUILD members can and will definitely come. I only chose $1K to make calculations easy.

And you have to delegate your tokens to a node operator and the node operator has to fuck up first in some capacity to get slashed.

>> No.58359340

Good anon. But keep what I said in mind in case you want more wallets in the pool.

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>only 7k links

>> No.58359662

Aren't they only on like, 0.3 right now? 1.0 seems pretty far away lol

>> No.58359678

v.3 will have same features as v1

>> No.58359727

or will it? :}

>> No.58359786

yeah that's gonna be a no from me dawg

>> No.58359858

i know talk about cringe L:}

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>> No.58360574


tokens were supposed to be locked up till V1.0 but people criticized CLL to get them to shorten the window to 12 months. That's why we have v0.2.

Reading the original roadmap, they are leaving the door open to increase the pool beyond 75M Linkies. Alright, so this isn't the last upgrade. But do you want to take the risk?