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There are only two types of people in this world: those who are based and those who are not.

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Based on what do you make this distinction?

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Based on if they think there is a second best

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Those who rent and those who are based

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After the end of World War Two, the world was split into two. Based and cringe.

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>how can you tell
You'd just know

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This who are buying Truflation at this very moment and those who arent.

The token is rising up like crazy after the post listing dip, in a few weeks this will be bananas. It's backed by coinbase and chainlink, part of the RWA narrative. Like buying link at 8 cents. We all are early rn, im buying more today night after i get my paycheck.

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Based as in on base? Cause you can find a lot of interesting things on base. And off base too, if you touch grass. dropcoinproject1B

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I'm not based, I'm degenerate.

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If I drown myself in lye am I based?

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there's only two types of people in this world: those who are cringe and sage gravity labs

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>those who still have some basic free money knowledge to use gamefi as a parting point for 4fig earnings, just like farming Blocklords
>those who think LTC and link are somehow making it alive after this run

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>Bought btc for 30 and solded for 70
>Got into $LRDS release early, solded about five hours later, took in my x2
>Bought SOL for 70
>Solded all my eferreumz
Feels good to be based and not unbased

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that's how I started, used axie and sold at ath all those slps... then went and bought some meme coins and here I am... 5 figs.

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the only grass I touch is the one in my backyard and the one I smoke

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the devils luck I think

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>proud stoner
all we need is real faggots on biz to be truly fucking diverse now xdd

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Asuka, not again.

ibn4 my dick and I be like

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glad to see that ai can now properly generate plug suits from eva

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isnt it that game ripoff of aoe and civ?

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bro did you seriously post ltc hate cringe in the thread? really?

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yup, but is kinda fun actually. with lots of bugs but fun still

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Based..? Based on what?

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I'm not based or redpilled
I respect women, I believe in my MUMU bag and I pet stray dogs to give them some love, it's joever

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Hello JlDF.