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Slurpers get your cash ready

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I'm bullish on nvidia over the next two decades but in the near future the entire market will shit itself and try to take the only company actually making something americans buy and isn't an overpriced piece of aluminum, eventually with enough graphics cards I could replace a woman

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Are they going to make an AI pocket pussy that complains all day?

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It begins. The bubble is finally popping.

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Nvidia is easily going to 3-4k before popping. Look at stocks during the 2001 bubble. We haven't even come close.

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I lost -58% on NVDS, inverse ETFs are the worst because there is much more limited space and time for grains.
At this I'm just waiting to a point to sell with out much loss.
hopefully soon.

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I was really expecting NVDA to stock split prior to devaluing...or is that to still happen?

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AI was a meme after all. Best treat it as such and keep it on sol. AI x Anime 25f4SEFpExeZTmorMvDi7zWAx9h2zxM7Q7SgkSra9mYz

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I play all my games on my 4090 I bought on credit. Don't be dumb like me and our retarded dev. Be smart and get rich with GamerCoin so you don't have to buy your Gayming PC with credit.


Tg Gamer_Coin

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gaymer coin, the more i see copy pasta shilling of this trash the more I know to keep my gains away from it