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I've already bagged TAO, AGRS, RLC, WLC, THETA, GRT and WLD. But i need more, shill me your best bets for post halving pumps

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Get Fetch.AI and it will soon be converted to ASI. Remember this post because /biz/ is again blind to the reality of what is going to happen and of course nobody on here is talking about this. You have been warned.

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as a rule of thumb /biz is always blind to the reality of what's going on tho

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ai bullrun already happened blud, you missed it

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Ai this Ai that, why don't you Ai some bitches and stop with all this shit? If i have to read through another 60 page logics manual of boolean algebra just because you retards suddenly think a technojargon project is the next coming of christ im going to kill myself

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then why do you even read it in the first place

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Worldcoin mentioned

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man robocop was such a good fucking movie i cant believe it didnt become much more of a franchise considering all of the implications of that fucked up world

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I asked a similar question here awhile ago. I landed something called Node AI (GPU) which looks promising & bought a bag of that. Also already hold RLC.

Also thinking about ChainGPT (CGPT). This and GPU are my high risk high reward AI plays. Safer bets obviously Render (RNDR), Bittensor (TAO), and one of my favorites as previously mentioned, Fetch.ai (but I’m not buying this until after the merger).

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also holding rndr and tao but moved away from fetch.ai since i dont think anything the devs have made warrants so much trust on the potential of the merger, im thinking it will be a huge dissapointment
im kinda impatient though since no news from agrs since the patents is also driving me mad

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hot take but the new one was infinitely better no matter what the oldfag chuds will tell you

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The only correct answer, ASI has already won the AI coin race.