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Why does the market look so boring? Nothing new and no narrative trending. What happened tp RWA? Can we still buy sone coins? Let me know what you are buying. No shitcoins.

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BTC is the only coin. Others are shitcoins!

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Buy now moron. don't wait till everyone and their mom's get in.

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Fuck! I've been making much gains with alts while BTC was still sleeping.

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Wtf is RWA? You not gonna make it. AI, GameFi, sportFi and oracle have been trending and this is where to spend your broke ass dick on for a huge cum

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Best time to buy is now as the halving is by the corner

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Is that a gaming project?

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>Tokenomics are awesome.
>community has unwaivering resolve
>base bluechip
>Double rewards
>Proffesional autist Devs
>great entry right now b4 pump

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DePIN nsrstive is still unerdervalued. RWA general mcap looks so small. you just don't research.

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Earnfi on Base Network

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Oracle is way bigger than both RWA and DePin.

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Every narrative will send. oracles like redstone and supraoracles are in the pipeline.

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just make the money anon. no one cares about the tech.

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You left memecoins out of this poorfag

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>no one cares about the tech.
You can't do without SUPRA's tech, smart contracts totally rely on oracles for faster execution and spot-on feeds.

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kek, I thought LINK is dea because the noise has reduced.

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Photon messaging exists and you're just here...questioning what's new? Pffft what a chump.

Anyway, I hear $NGL is doing some...new things.

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MMON is on the trend and looking to be the next DOGE. Keep an eye on solana memecoins, that's the gamechanger.

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Maybe it's because of the incoming takeover by SUPRA and PYTH.

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>why does the market look so boring
lol you're the boring one if you don't know the amount of shit that's currently going on most chains
>what happened to rwa
strategy hasnt changed
>can we still buy some coins?
faggy the uptrend finished because we were compensating on btc's prices for the previous high, the bullrun hasn't even started yet, current narrative is AI (since january) and most alts are stupidly undervalued (agrs, tao, xrp, even linkies are relishing on the potential gains)
so chop chop start accumulating, time is of the essence we have 2 weeks before the halving

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That's the time to sell.

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I'm so poor, the halving is already here and I don't have any crypto in my bag

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I already made 300x on KAS. That's my highest gain from any alt in a few years.

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There's never a right time to sell, not if you're a diamond hand

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If you have a list of promising narratives without Privacy, you are ngmi.

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I'd say congrats but who's to say you're not gonna gamble all on memecoins on base?

If you want to keep your gains and be a smart chad at the end of this cycle, keep an eye on Supra and ape in when it launches.

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shitty coin

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LINK is leading the oracle bandwagon desu

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privacy in this era? you must b joking anon.

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the oracle ecosystem is getting a facelift, plebs will fade on Pyth and cry later

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Dump that shit.

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plebs don't care about the narrative

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Monero maxxi, privacy in the era of AI and Arkham intelligence? tell me you're a retard without telling me you're a retard.

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Are you fading Oracles? Wait till SUPRA TGE goes live.

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zkbtc on zksync. it's a shitcoin but high quality. i think they are about to get listed on a listing site according to latest update from the main dev in discord.

it's mineable with gpu. you can buy it on syncswap.

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what the fuck is LINK doing in the oracle narrative in 2024? that shit is so 2017.

Linkies will wail, but that shit doesn't come close

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"shitcoin but high quality" go fys pajeet. Not touching this with a 10 foot pole

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How long is that gonna take? I see this everytime but it never launches. Is it until the bull market is over?

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Keep an eye on MMON as we edge closer to the halving, that's is an obvious Dogwifhat killer

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Q1 is not yet over so keep your fingers crossed.

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You'll die poor if you miss out on the ongoing blast-off campaign.

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Fantom is all I'm buying. Major update incoming, USDC (Black Rock) partnership, fastest cheapest most decentralized and scalable chain. EZ

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Gaming projects has a similar problem that only oracle can solve. Maybe that's GameFi is not hitting up the space too well.

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Having a cross-chain bridgeless oracle is a significant development and a game-changer in the blockchain data industry.

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Keep calm anon, the integration of SUPRA dVRFs and DORA oracle solutions will enhance the reliability of in-game data, ensuring a seamless gaming experience for players.

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digging for oil even in a bull market. Step up desu, the Oracle niche has shifted balance

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They don't teach you morons how to count quarters in your pajeet schools?

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search gravity labs and see if it interests you, its an idle rpg that has some of the devs of diablo and elden ring, could be fun if the devs dont turn it into another axie copy
aside from that, nothing much

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i would buy pyth instead. just look out for other oracles

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SurpaLabs offer dVRFs to gaming projects. That's solving more than enough already

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RIO did 100x. that was a big win for me.

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Keep an eye out on Redstone and Supra, both will melt faces when they launch. The pumpamentals are just great

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Only exciting thing happening atm is AVI

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With the TGE scheduled for Q1 or early Q2, it could be the next big thing in the crypto space!

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For starters, Q2 is here, should be about any fucking time now. Until then, this chad will keep stacking sats

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There will be correction after the halving. I will buy after the halving.

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Unfathomably based.

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LINK is the king of oracles, fucking retard.

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The community is shit with no hype. ngmi.

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LINK did nothing. what's more special about any other oracle.

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SUPRA will do 1000x after the TGE.

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I would take ARB. a very slow mover. CAKE would be a better one.

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Talking about Tech, fast and more reliable oracles are rising. The likes of SUPRA, DIA, and others are top notches.

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the correction is passing you buy. you just one of those capo plebs waiting for btc at 10K.

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good days of XMR on biz. i don't see anything privacy related anymore. i guess they all died.

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INJ, METIS, CAKE, and BAKE. Now go dyor and forget about what people say on biz.

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Just a little while LINK will be edged out by Supra's revolutionary cross-chain and bridgeless interoperability protocol.

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memes make me more money. presale are better regardless.

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sold all anon. not worth holding. linkies are retards.

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Talking about Tech, fast and more reliable oracles are rising. The likes of SUPRA, DIA, and others are top notches.

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I'm balls deep in RWA.


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I dumped mine for an oracle with cross-chain web3 bridgeless technology.

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wtf will supra do that LINK cannot do faggot?

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Slow moving crypto are gonna make you poor. quickly jump on MMON for a quick pump and don't ever snooze on solana memecoins.

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Revotionalises blockchain by eleminateing the need for bridges.

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BTC and BTC-associated tokens are the only coins in the market, you can't buy anything outside Bitcoin because it's probably a scam
Get your satoshirouter ready and start swapping to BTCFi

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You'll still need oracles in crypto, go all out for PYTH and ORACLE.

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Quantum is the next narrative. Get some Qanx sit back and wait for mega pump

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I slurped SUPRA during the crowdsale last year and I'm waiting to bag more during the TGE.

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AI coins on Ethereum. Ethereum is the only chain that matters, and AI coins will run this cycle. Roko is good, Spectre is undervalued, but pick any out of the bag and if they're legit they'll run.

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Suprisingly, SUPRA will make huge gains in the bullrun.

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I've gotten an eye on the oracle with bridgeless interoperability protocol

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No Oracle on your list? YNGMI without SUPRA after the TGE.

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Plebbits are retarded.


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Wen TGE?

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The bull market has not started.

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How to participate?

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You guys be out here naming SUPRA, PYTH, DIA etc. and this newfag has no idea how to identify them on places like dexscreener as there are several under every name. So annoying

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the new narrative is runes aka btc defi you fkn noob pleb nigger

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Rwa is good, same eith socialFi and DePINs

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probably, I bet it moons and makes chainlink holders giga seethe

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The chart on DIA actually looks bussin ong. I want to see wtf bitcoin decides to do before take a position though

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We literally have apps like kanaloa so niggers like you can launch their own memecoin, there is nothing boring about this market. At all.