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What are your friends, family, coworkers and barber saying about crypto right now?

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absolutely nothing
i don't see normies talking about crypto, i did in 2021, now now

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Literally nothing. Everyone thinks it's still a scam (hint: it is).

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>writes "normie"
Go back.

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generally same as the others, but some of the more edgy normies are becoming interested

nothing near peak levels of last bull run, but i feel like its ahead of what the 4stats site shows.

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Only people I know IRL who bought any crypto are a 20 year old girl who was buying bitcoin at $20k and a degenerate Asian who gambles on everything from league of legends games to very low club level soccer matches in South America

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Take meds

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Small murmurs about the price of bitcoin when it make the news a few weeks ago, but it seems to me that most believe they missed the boat. We are far from fomo stages.

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haven't heard anybody mention it unless I bring it up
wait some boomers were talking about how the el salvadoran president was adopting bitcoin as a reserve currency
beyond that, crickets, it's like nobody even knows btc is ATH

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There's been alot of price action in around the $65k-$70k range which means this is likely the bottom of the next cycle. Prepare accordingly.

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Not a peep

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Some fucking peice of shit at work did a 200x with $500 on BABY or whatever and he's been blabbing his mouth off

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I talk about it to precoiners and they still don't know you can buy and sell fractions.

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Normie Watchtower 710 - Nothing to report.
Permission to speak. I don't anticipate seeing action until we pass a big nice round number, sir.

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Go outside you cringe loser

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stfu faggot this is the most useful thread on biz

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Normies will have to buy at 100k + kek

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Only people that talk about crypto now are zoomers. But they’re too poor to buy anything and too stupid to know how computers work