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What went wrong?

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they call it wormhole because it sucks up all your money.

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>coin appears randomly
>instantly shilled everywhere
>24 hours later
>trade bots turn off
>people that bought 24 hours ago sell
Wow how can this keep happening

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it's like when ICP debut

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what kind of NIGGER
buys into a COIN
that launches at 3 BILLION market cap
are you fucking RETARDED anon

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How's the weather in Mumbai?

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newfag mistake thinking anyone gives a fuck about bridges
nobody provides liquidity to bridges because its not worth it, they barely even have the liquidity to keep up with operations
nobody has ever given a shit about bridges

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are you malding because you bought the top?
i have been laughing at this coin's chart for 3 days straight
because ive seen people buy the coin otc for two fucking dollars
this shitcoin WILL go to 0.1$

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it's so true. we're already seeing it now. the main liquidity coins are usdc and usdt and they are both centralized, printed by their fucking multisigs, the sole purpose of a bridge is to burn the stable on one chain and mint it on another

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Bridging from your wallet to theirs.

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Even like 95% of memecoins are like this nowadays. Just outright VC scams with prepped marketing and the chart makes it very obvious that they start slowrugging when the market cap reaches a certain set point. The only exception that isn't already worth billions is Apu and that's only because it was homegrown here

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Damn, so glad i sold this airdrop immediately. Bagged over 14k free USDC. If I had got up before the sun when it first dropped it would have been 18k, but i guess I can't complain.