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What the fuck is this sudden volume on the LTC/BCH pair on OKEx? Not the first time this has happened as well. Not like the price is crashing as we're only down 3% in the last 24 hours.

Whales accumulating on insider news?

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Meme lines predict it will go $300 dollars plus. If it didn't go past down $200 it was ripe to go to $350. If it went down past 200 it was suppose to go beyond what I listed, to around $400+ but with a massive correction. The reason is that LTC is super undervalued.

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Agreed. Only coin to be functioning properly L U L

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Like when it bounced off of 210, it got contained. People sold, weak hands, wanting to get rid of it, whales are accumulating that. It's just a matter of time before it explodes to x2, and that is really easy + safe, profit. Millionaires don't need to play with shitcoins and have walls for days, they want something safe and mainstream. KTC isn't going anywhere, just like ETH or BTC.

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how the fuck they can move that volume without moving the price?!?

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people wonder why Lee put out so much FUD against his own coin. Theres your answer bud

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HAHAH he sold for 240 or something, he's probably buying this shit up on the low.
People are selling it for less and people are getting out of BCH because of the news of liquidation of BCH by (I think Gemini) which means that BCH reached its ATH for a while.

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